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Chef Jobs - From Entry Level Kitchen Jobs To Head Chef Careers

All You Need To Know About Working With Food

Are you a foodie who loves to learn about different foods and host dinner parties for your friends? Do you love to watch Masterchef, secretly thinking you could win the competition for yourself one day? There are many of you out there who love to be in the kitchen, experimenting and cooking and, if you are one of those people, why not think about doing chef jobs?

Whether you are a school leaver, a student studying full time or you are on a gap year, there are cook jobs and chef jobs at all levels where you can indulge your passion of being in the kitchen and earn some money at the same time.

So, no need to worry if you are not quite up to the level of becoming a Michelin starred chef just yet. This article and list of different types of chef jobs is packed full of ideas for roles where you can dip your toes in the water and test whether kitchen staff jobs are for you.

For students with commitments, kitchen jobs can be ideal. Whether it’s to earn some extra cash to keep the bank balance replenished or whether you are seriously thinking about a career as a chef, the kitchen is ideal for those of you looking for part time and temporary jobs for students.

For school leavers, there are lots of types of entry level cook jobs where you can learn more about what it means to be a kitchen team member. And if you decide you would like to work your way to eventually become a chef, you could apply for trainee chef jobs and complete Chef Apprenticeships.

These Apprenticeships will give you nationally recognised qualifications so that you can go on to build a successful career with some structured training and experience under your belt.

For gap year students, kitchen assistant jobs and cook jobs can be perfect for those of you who have itchy feet and are looking to go overseas. In this article, we will give you some ideas about the types of cook and chef jobs abroad with accommodation that you could do. These types of temp chef jobs in the kitchen will give you the opportunity to save some money to do future travel after your work is finished and, of course, you will gain valuable work experience and transferable skills that you can highlight on your CV.

Chef Position Chart
What are the different types of chef jobs out there? For some employers, you might have a different job title to someone working elsewhere but who has similar duties to you. Let’s take a look at the different types of kitchen staff jobs.

  • Executive chef / Head chef jobs - these are the people who are obviously fully experienced and control the whole kitchen and menu. At this level, you might not do very much cooking. Rather, it is often a more managerial role.
  • Sous chef jobs - Directly responsible to the head chef, when you are doing sous chef jobs, you will be in a position of responsibility. Depending on the size of the kitchen you are working in, you could be the sole sous chef or part of a team.
  • Chef de partie - These roles are also sometimes advertised as line chef jobs or station chef or line cook jobs. A line chef can have various duties depending on the establishment you are working in. You are responsible for your station and making sure your food goes out on time and in tandem with other meals that have been ordered. As a line chef, you could be be a griller, a fryer, pastry chef or vegetable chef.
  • Commis chef jobs - These types of roles are basically trainee chef jobs. If you are serious about wanting to become a chef, you can apply for roles as a commis chef. Commis chef jobs are all about learning how the kitchen functions as a whole and you will do this type of role if you are doing formal chef courses or Chef Apprenticeships.
  • Kitchen assistant jobs - The kitchen assistant job description can be broad, depending on the type of eatery you are working in. Kitchen assistant jobs can involve being the dishwasher, too, but a larger restaurant would have a separate dishwasher. The kitchen assistant job description might involve duties such as prep cook jobs where you are washing and peeling vegetables and preparing salads. You might also be asked to do bits of cleaning and basic cooking if you are in a fast food eatery. Kitchen assistant roles make ideal entry level jobs for young people who want to work with food.

So, let’s delve into the exciting and fast moving world of kitchen jobs. We’ve split this article into three sections so that you can find out more about the types of chef jobs to suit your circumstances. Within each section, anything from entry level jobs to executive chef jobs could be available. So, whatever your level of experience, let’s see what types of full and part time kitchen jobs you could be doing.

  • Kitchen and chef jobs with accommodation
  • Flexible and temp chef jobs and kitchen jobs
  • Full and part time chef and cook jobs

Whichever type of chef jobs you are looking for, bear in mind that kitchen jobs are, more often than not, varied working hours. If you are looking for a 9-5 job then it is not a good idea to become a chef or do kitchen assistant jobs. You will need to be prepared to work weekends, holidays, evenings and weekends. Of course, this is perfect if you are a student looking for entry level jobs with varied hours. It is also perfect for those of you with a passion for food but who don’t want the rigidity of a 9-5 role.

Live-in Chef Jobs

Chef jobs with accommodation come in all shapes and sizes and, as with many roles, have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages with cook and chef jobs with accommodation is that you will have no accommodation fees to pay. Some companies may charge a nominal rental fee but most of your salary will be yours to keep. Your living costs will be drastically reduced.

The downside to some types of chef jobs with accommodation is that you could feel like you are tied to your job. Also, some companies offer communal accommodation so you might have to share a bedroom or common space such as the lounge area.

If you are a fully trained chef, you can command a high salary, especially if you have particular skills that are in demand. This could be expertise in a cuisine from another country or nutritional knowledge so that you can cook for people with particular food intolerances and allergies.

If you are looking for entry level jobs in the kitchen that also include accommodation, these types of chef jobs can be hard work but rewarding. They can give you the opportunity to travel, make lots of new friends and contacts and, of course, make lots of memories.

Here are a few chef jobs with accommodation that you might want to consider.

Gastro Pub And Hotel Jobs With Accommodation
Whether you are looking for general kitchen assistant jobs or head chef jobs, there are opportunities out there for pub and hotel jobs with accommodation. These could be UK jobs - or you might want to apply for hotel jobs with accommodation in overseas locations.

These types of kitchen assistant hotel jobs would suit students on a gap year or those of you thinking you might want to become a chef in the future.

Chef Jobs On Cruise Ships
Did we just mention working overseas? Well how about doing chef jobs abroad on the seas? Whether you are looking to do kitchen assistant jobs, helping to prepare food and keeping the kitchen clean and safe; or you have some experience and want to do commis chef cruise ship jobs right up to executive chef jobs, a role on a cruise ship would suit those of you who love to travel.

Cruise ships offer cuisine from all over the world so you will need to be able to display knowledge of different cuisines and any experience you might have when applying for chef jobs. If you are doing kitchen assistant jobs or commis chef jobs, working on a cruise ship can give you the opportunity to get valuable work experience working with different cuisines and learning from top chefs.

If you are looking for temp chef jobs with accommodation and you have an urge to travel and meet new people from around the world, then working on a cruise ship for a season could be right up your street.

Chef Jobs In Ski Resorts
Okay, so you might not be the next Gordon Ramsay just yet. But, you do know your way around a kitchen and you bake a mean cake to boot. Couple your kitchen skills with a love of snow sports and you could find chalet jobs in ski resorts. Perfect if you are looking for temporary jobs with accommodation.

When you are doing these types of cook jobs, bear in mind that you will also have to carry out other duties such as cleaning and dealing with your guests. This is not the type of cook job where you can hide yourself away in the kitchen. You need to be friendly and outgoing.

If you are looking for entry level jobs with accommodation in a ski resort then applying to be a chalet host is a great way to find work. Competition for roles can be stiff so if you do a short cookery course before you apply, this can help to prove your commitment to the role.

Cook jobs in ski chalets are often made slightly easier with the fact that the company you are working for will often provide you with a menu for your guests. This removes the pressure of having to think of different meals each day.

If you are looking for chef jobs with accommodation where you can use your experience to design menus and cook for private families in luxury chalets then work in ski resorts is still a good option. Depending on the resort and the style of accommodation, you will need to have experience at least as a commis chef. Some roles will require head chef experience and even Michelin stars.

As a chalet chef or fine dining chalet chef, you will be responsible for designing menus and also controlling the budget and kitchen stocks. Menu design will be within company guidelines.

Activity Centre / Summer Camp Jobs
Activity centre and summer camp jobs with accommodation are a popular option for young people so you need to make sure you are aware of recruitment dates for these types of roles so that you don’t miss out.

Cook jobs in these places mean you will be preparing meals for children and young people on a large scale. You will also be cooking for your fellow workers. Meals need to be nutritious for the children and usually consist of breakfast, lunch, evening meal and, sometimes, an afternoon snack.

Military Chef Jobs
Enough food to feed an army? If you want to travel and see the world - and keep the armed services well fed, why not become part of them? It is possible to do Chef Apprenticeships and, of course, you will have accommodation.

Chef jobs in the armed services are not just about feeding soldiers canteen-style meals on a daily basis. You will also learn about fine dining and cooking for banquets and silver service functions.

Live-In Personal Chef Jobs
Personal chef jobs are, by and large, for those who are well qualified with lots of experience. However, there could be some personal cook jobs that would suit younger people hoping to land trainee chef jobs in the future.

Personal chef jobs with accommodation can be in manors, stately homes and private estates. They can also be in luxury holiday accommodation, too, where wealthy families have someone to cook for them.

The advantage of personal chef jobs with accommodation is that they can suit those of you looking for temp chef jobs or part time roles. You might be working for someone who is only in town for a few weeks per year, for example, on business.

For full time roles, you could be required at all times of day and night preparing and cooking food for large dinner parties as well as family meals. Some personal chef jobs with accommodation can also require you to design healthy menus or prepare vegetarian and vegan meals.

There are pros and cons to personal chef jobs with accommodation. One of the advantages is that you are released from the stresses of working in a busy restaurant. However, you do need to be able to set boundaries as to what you are willing to do as a personal chef. Are you prepared to do kitchen jobs only or are you also prepared to help with other household tasks? Make sure your employer is fully aware of your limits and expectations.

Events Agency & Temp Chef Jobs

Are you looking for kitchen assistant jobs or temp chef jobs where you can work flexible hours and work with food for a whole host of different special occasions? If so, then events jobs could be ideal for you.

Events agencies around the UK often hold the contract for various occasions and require kitchen staff to do anything from kitchen assistant jobs right up to executive chef jobs.

The types of events you could be working at include:

  • Weddings and other private parties and special occasions.
  • Sporting events - these could be one off events at large stadiums such as Wembley or it could be regular events such as club football matches and race meets.
  • Large business conferences.
  • Expos for various sectors such as the travel industry or property sector.
  • Music concerts and shows. You could be working at an event where your favourite artist or band is playing.
  • Awards ceremonies. You could be preparing anything from buffet and finger food to five course banquets.
  • Festivals. Working at music festivals can be a great way to attend the event and earn money at the same time. The great thing about events like this is that you don’t need to be applying for fully qualified chef jobs. If you are looking for entry level jobs then you can do cook jobs and catering jobs working in food trucks around the festival site.
  • Theme Parks - if you are looking for temp chef jobs and other kitchen assistant roles, theme parks employ a range of people who like to work with food. This could be kitchen jobs in the theme park restaurants and function rooms. You could also work in food stands around the theme park.
  • Zoos - Yes, zoos. Zoos around the UK employ chefs and offer catering jobs to people at all levels. These roles can be in cafes within the grounds of the zoo. You could also be catering for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

The catering team is an integral part of any event. You might work for an agency and be sent to different venues or you might be employed by one particular venue and prepare food for whatever types of events they are hosting.

Larger venues often have one company providing the staff so you could be doing kitchen jobs as part of a larger UK team. This means you get to meet and work with different people.

Temp chef jobs and entry level jobs where you work with food could be found with companies such as Levy UK (part of the Compass Group) and Host.

Full Time And Part Time Chef Jobs

So far, we’ve looked at chef jobs with accommodation and we’ve looked at flexible chef jobs where you could be working at top events around the UK. But, of course, there are kitchen assistant jobs and chef jobs where you might just want to head out to work on a regular basis, to the same place of work.

Whatever your level of experience doing kitchen jobs, there is likely to be a role out there for you where you can either dip your toes into a world where you work with food or indulge your passion and be in charge of your own kitchen as a head chef.

Where Can I Find Full And Part Time Kitchen Jobs?
Obviously, restaurants are going to spring to mind when you are thinking about applying for kitchen jobs but there are lots of different types of roles out there. Let’s take a look at some of the places you could be working at when doing chef jobs at different levels.

  • School kitchens, hospitals, private care homes - these are often large scale catering operations where you can be doing anything from head cook jobs to kitchen assistant jobs. Food is often homemade and prep is done on site. In some hospitals, there might be a menu where patients can choose from a small range of daily dishes so these will need to be prepared and served.
  • Privately owned restaurants and gastro pubs - if you have a local restaurant or gastro pub, you might be able to find full time and part time kitchen jobs here. When places are privately owned, the menu is often created by the owner or the head chef. It could be a restaurant that specialises in particular types of food such as seafood, vegetarian or vegan. It might also be a restaurant that specialises in the cuisine of another country such as Italian, Chinese or French, for example.
  • Chain pubs and restaurants - Many of us have visited a chain pub or restaurant at some time in our life. These are the places where you know, wherever you are in the country, you will be served the exact same meals from the same menu belonging to that chain. Production chef jobs are the name of the game, here. Food is often delivered from the chain’s distribution point and often comes ready prepped. Kitchen jobs in these places can be for experienced production chefs to entry level jobs where you could train to be a griller or fryer once you get a bit more experience.
  • Fast food eateries - Fast food chains can be a great way to get some experience doing kitchen jobs. Whilst you’re not going to be trained in fine dining and gourmet classics by famous head chefs, you can get some valuable experience of working in a busy kitchen. For these types of food related jobs, your job title can be anything from griller to team member or crew member and, as well as working in the kitchen area, you will likely be asked to do front of house duties for some of your shifts. Types of foods you could be working with can include anything from burgers to pizzas, pasta and salads. High streets, shopping centres and airports are typical locations for fast food outlets.
  • Fast food and chain restaurant kitchen jobs could be with well known companies such as Wagamama RestaurantPizza HutNando’s, and the list goes on. As well as entry level kitchen jobs, these larger companies often have graduate opportunities and apprenticeship programmes.
  • Bingo halls and cinemas - Again, these types of kitchen jobs will be similar to fast food work where you will have other duties to perform such as serving customers. They can be great entry level jobs for students and young people who are looking to work flexible hours.

So, are you ready to test out your kitchen skills? Whether you are looking to become a chef in the future or you want to dip your toes into other types of kitchen jobs, apply for roles now and you could be on the road to an exciting career in the kitchen.

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Saint and Sinner

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£12.50 per hour, paid weekly

Roaming Event chef - 2024 season.

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Transport & accommodation provided

Chef De Partie - Matchdays

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Competitive pay. Starting from 14.56 up to 18.50

Tandoor Chef



£31,500 per year

Chef de Partie

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Competitive pay. Starting from £11.50 + £1.39hp....

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