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Graduate Engineering Jobs

Introduction To Graduate Engineering Jobs
One thing is for certain, when it comes to graduate engineering careers, the UK government and professional bodies constantly refer to a skills shortage in particular engineering fields and they are increasingly working hard to address this. If you are considering engineering careers then there could be a whole world of opportunity open to you whether that is working here in the United Kingdom or doing engineering jobs abroad. The world revolves around engineering and both local firms and top international brands are looking for young graduates like you to fill their empty positions and drive innovation to the next level.

What Are The Different Types Of Graduate Jobs In Engineering?
It doesn't need us to tell you that there are many different types of graduate engineering jobs out there - from graduate civil engineering jobs to petroleum and graduate aerospace engineering jobs - so we are not going to go into detail about all the types of jobs in engineering. This article is a general guide to the exciting possibilities in engineering careers for graduates; a summary of engineering fields and the advantages of working in any of the engineering sectors.

So let's take a look at the different fields of engineering.
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Graduate Civil Engineering Jobs
Civil engineering graduate jobs will see you working construction projects of all different sizes. As well as your formal qualifications, civil engineers need to be excellent listeners and communicators as you will often be involved in discussions with professionals in other fields such as architects and construction managers. Some projects will also require you to be in discussion with members of the local community to keep them informed of how a particular project will directly affect them and their neighbourhood.

Graduate civil engineering jobs are usually offered by companies who have structured graduate programmes where you will be given certain areas of responsibility on projects and work under the supervision of a mentor. If you want to take your career further, graduate civil engineering jobs could allow you to progress in the future to gain chartered status.

Graduate Mechanical Engineering Jobs
As with other engineering careers, graduate mechanical engineering jobs require a person to be technically minded as well as having a flair for innovation. Those of you hoping to land mechanical engineering graduate jobs will be designing, building and repairing machinery for a whole variety of industries from the health industry to transport to construction and manufacturing. Mechanical engineering graduate jobs will also involve research around the projects you are working on and presentations to company management to either keep them up to speed with your project or even to sell your innovative ideas to them.

Graduate Chemical Engineering Jobs
If you have a passion for chemistry and for problem solving then graduate chemical engineering jobs are going to suit you. Chemical engineering graduate jobs will see you working with raw materials in labs and elsewhere to develop them into products that are safe for use in various industries. Graduate chemical engineering jobs mean you could be working in various fields such as food processing or waste management, for example, creating equipment and ensuring chemical plants and processing plants are running safely and smoothly.

Graduate chemical engineering jobs can also be in the field of biomedical engineering where you could be working in pharmaceuticals, developing new medicines.

Graduate Electrical Engineering Jobs

A strong academic record in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology and Maths) is a must for electrical engineering graduate jobs. Depending on who you work for, you could find yourself in a whole variety of environments from large plants to office blocks and superstores, to public buildings and also in private homes. If you have an interest in renewable energy, perhaps look out for graduate electrical engineering jobs working with solar energy or wind power.

Graduate electrical engineering jobs will see you working as part of a varied team, often with engineers from other fields as one of your responsibilities could be to make sure projects are meeting safety regulations. Designing, constructing and maintaining electrical products are also part of the role of electrical engineers and this will involve the use of IT and specially designed software, as well as drawing on your knowledge of electronics.

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Graduate Aerospace Engineering Jobs
If you have always been fascinated by all things aeronautical then what could be more ideal than dream graduate aerospace engineering jobs. Whether you are interested in aircraft or spacecraft, graduate aerospace engineering jobs can give you the opportunity to build and design air and spacecraft and all the components that go with them.

Depending on your specialist area and the company you are working for, graduate aerospace engineering jobs could see you working on helicopters, passenger jets, military aircraft and their weapons and flight simulators. Of course, working on spacecraft is also a possibility, too. Because of the sensitive nature of some roles, some graduate aerospace engineering jobs will require you to sign the official secrets act.

If you wish to specialise further and develop your career in aerospace engineering, there is scope for postgraduate study and qualifications.

Graduate Petroleum Engineering Jobs
Oil and gas fields around the world are going to be your place of work if you are hoping to land graduate petroleum engineering jobs. Graduate petroleum engineering jobs could be in one of our fields: Completions engineering jobs, Drilling engineering jobs, Production engineering jobs, Reservoir engineering jobs.

Graduate petroleum engineering jobs will see you working with specialists in areas such as geology as you ascertain where underground oil and gas deposits are and then work for a solution to drill for those deposits in the most cost effective way. Petroleum engineers also research and study new ways to drill for oil and gas so that less is left behind.

When it comes to graduate petroleum engineering jobs, UK companies drill offshore but there is also much scope in this field for those of you who would like to find graduate engineering jobs abroad.

Women In Engineering - National Women In Engineering Day
Did you know that the United Kingdom has the lowest number of female engineers in the whole of Europe? If you are a female and are thinking about engineering careers then you could be part of the numbers that can start to buck this trend. Why do you think it is that British females are not going into graduate engineering jobs (or apprenticeships) in larger numbers? Engineering UK are going to be doing research into this.

According to research cited by Engineering UK only 9% of UK engineering professionals are women. In comparison, that figure is 18% in Spain, 20% in Italy and 26% in Sweden. The UK figure has clearly got to improve if it is going to continue to meet future global technological challenges and on 23rd June, National Women In Engineering Day takes place. This is also an international event and it aims to raise the profile of women in engineering as well as focus attention on all the exciting engineering careers opportunities for women.

If you have an interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology and Maths) and are strong in this area, then you could consider future graduate jobs in engineering in a field that best suits your strengths. For NWED (National Women In Engineering Day) lots of events will be taking place around the country so why not try and go along to some to see what engineering is all about.

And if you are already doing an engineering degree or you already have graduate engineering jobs, there are other ways you can get involved, too. This could be something as simple as tweeting about your work so that your followers, and those people following the particular hashtag for the year's theme, can see what you do. The National Women In Engineering Day event will also have events for schools, colleges and universities where you could give talks to young students and encourage girls to consider engineering careers.

If you are interested in National Women In Engineering Day and want to see what it is all about and what events are taking place, you can find more information on the NWED website.

What Are The Advantages Of Engineering Jobs?
In all fields of engineering, bosses and CEOs are keen to highlight the many advantages of graduate engineering jobs and, indeed, apprenticeships, too. Many of the UK's top companies that employ engineers are increasingly trying to think of innovative ways to encourage more young people to embrace the exciting world of engineering. Some companies are looking at going into schools, including primary schools, to introduce children to the idea of engineering.

So, what are all those advantages of graduate jobs in engineering? Let's take a look:

You Could Find Less Competition For Graduate Engineering Jobs
Yes, for now at least, there is a skills shortage in the United Kingdom in many types of engineering careers. This certainly doesn't mean you can be complacent - engineers play a crucial role in making sure the United Kingdom functions on a daily basis - but it could mean you have a greater choice of roles as sometimes, vacancies for graduate engineering jobs can go unfilled. Many graduates of other subjects face fierce competition when trying to land their first role.

Graduate Engineering Jobs Can Offer You A Good Starting Salary
Graduates are attracted to good starting salaries because of the debts incurred whilst at university and many graduate engineering jobs can offer good starting salaries. This salary can also increase as you gain more experience and are given more responsibility.

Graduate Engineering Jobs Abroad
For graduate engineering jobs, UK companies have lots of options but your qualifications could also offer you the scope to work overseas, too. Graduate engineering jobs abroad are common with many international firms where you could be working on oil fields, installing communications or working with other teams to create a new infrastructure for different countries. For graduate petroleum engineering jobs, a willingness to travel is essential.

Personal Career Development
Once you are qualified and have experience under your belt, graduate jobs in engineering can offer lots of scope for personal career development. This could be promotion within the company you are working for or, if you are looking for more control over your work life balance, you could go it alone also do consulting and contract work.

Work For Top UK & International Companies
Graduate engineering jobs could see you working for some of the top UK and international companies, from well known household names to internationally renowned brands.

Develop And Design Your Own Products
Within graduate engineering jobs, you could be working on projects where you are developing a whole new product. Depending on the type of engineering careers you are working in, this product could be anything from home appliances to new innovations in aviation. As an engineer, you could have the satisfaction of knowing you were part of a team that changed the way we once viewed a certain aspect of the world.

Graduate jobs in engineering are never going to be boring, that is for certain. Engineers of all types work across a whole variety of sectors so you are not limited to one industry. You could be working for manufacturing companies, international power companies, communications or environmental agencies and, as part of your team, you could be working with engineers specialising in other fields.

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