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Events Jobs At Racecourses

Work at World Famous Horse Racing Events
Entry level events jobs that will suit students and young people looking to work flexible hours can come in all shapes and sizes - and you could also find that events work can take you to some of the nations most interesting venues. For instance, do you live close to a racecourse or are you studying close to one? Well, how do you fancy evening and weekend events jobs, or even seasonal work, at your nearest racecourse?

Some racecourses are small and intimate but the United Kingdom is also home to some of the most prestigious racecourses in the world. Jobs at Cheltenham Racecourse or Ascot Racecourse, for example, could see you being the envy of your friends as you work at the world famous Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot. And, up in the northwest in Merseyside, Aintree Racecourse jobs could see you being a part of the events team that makes the Grand National so special.

Events jobs are hard work but they can also be really good fun where you meet lots of new and interesting people. These can be workmates who enjoy the buzz of events jobs as much as you do and, of course, there are also the people who attend the event. If you enjoy communicating with people and ensuring they have a great time, then jobs in events could be great for you. And don’t worry if you don’t happen to be too close to a racecourse. You can find out more about other venues and types of work in events in our comprehensive article on events jobs .

But for this article, we are going to be concentrating on racecourses. So, let’s start off by taking a look at the types of events that could take place at racecourses around the United Kingdom.

What Type of Events Take Place At Racecourses?
Although it could possibly be a helpful addition to your application for a position, events work at racecourses does not necessarily mean you need to be a big fan of horses or of horse racing. Racecourses tend to hold just a handful of race meetings throughout the year, so racecourses host a whole range of other events where evening and weekend work could be available. For example, as well as looking after over 350,000 race goers every year, York Racecourse also host 700 + other events. These events can include:
  • Weddings and the subsequent wedding reception
  • Conferences and professional development training events being run by local companies
  • Private parties such as birthdays, hen nights and stag parties, and fundraisers.
  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Christmas and New Year dinners and parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Launches
  • Local events such as spring fairs and car boot sales
  • Concerts and live performances
  • Conference and banqueting events
Obviously, it depends on the size of the racecourse for the types and number of events it can hold, but, if you are looking to work flexible hours, any racecourse around the United Kingdom could have vacancies that will fit around your studies. And, during busy seasonal periods such as summer and Christmas, you could be given the option of working more hours to cover the extra events taking place.

What Sort Of Event Jobs Are There At Racecourses?
There are many types of event jobs that can be done at racecourses, and the good news for students and young people is that many of these jobs are entry level jobs that do not need any experience. The three main areas where casual work might be available is catering and hospitality, event security and facilities management. Let’s take a look at these in more detail.

Event Catering and hospitality jobs
Depending on the size of the racecourse and the types of events it hosts, catering assistant roles could include:
  • Bar jobs - Right from keeping the public bars functioning, serving anything from bottles of champagne to pints of bitter on a packed race day, to a more intimate affair, serving refreshments and cocktails at a private event or in the hospitality suites, bar work at racecourses could be more varied than you first thought.
  • Waiting on tables - This could be plate service or silver service.
  • Front of house - Think ‘meet and greet’ roles. This could be at weddings or corporate events for example where guests need to be greeted with a friendly smile and directed to the area where their event is taking place.
  • Kitchen porters - If you have no previous experience in catering jobs or are thinking about a career in the kitchen in the future, working as a kitchen porter can give you a good insight into kitchen life.
  • Set up staff - All events need setting up before the guests arrive. If this is more your idea of a fun job rather than constantly working directly with the public, then racecourses also need staff to do these types of jobs.
  • Event porters - Usually, a similar role to the set up staff. If you don’t mind work that requires a bit of strength for the fetching and carrying of goods needed for the events, this might suit you. Depending on the racecourse, event porters may need to serve tea and coffee and carry out other guest duties as well as making sure serving areas are kept clean.
  • Banqueting staff - Many racecourses will have banqueting facilities and will require staff for this. Working at banquets could be long hours but also fun, too. Find out more about conference and banqueting jobs here.
Find out more about event catering jobs here.

Event security and steward jobs
Although some event security jobs require special licenses or qualifications, there are some event steward jobs that are suitable for students and young people without previous experience. For example:
  • Traffic marshalling - On busy race days, traffic needs to be shown to correct areas of the car parks so that everyone can get in and out smoothly both before and after the event.
  • Checking tickets - On race days, those attending the event often have tickets for entry to different areas of the race course. Event steward jobs can require you to be present and the entrances to these areas and check people have the correct tickets to get into a particular stand.
  • Directing people around the racecourse - Racecourses are big places and guests can struggle finding their way around. Stewarding can involve you directing and guiding people to where they need to be.
There are lots of other types of event security jobs available at racecourses - crowd safety management and first aid, for example - and, even if you don’t have the necessary qualifications or licenses, some staffing companies offer full training. Read more about what could be required of you in event steward jobs here.

Facilities Management Jobs
Facilities management is crucial to the smooth running of any event and casual roles at racecourse include:
  • Cleaning jobs - This can be anything from housekeeping roles, to cleaning conference and banqueting areas to patrolling the stands on race days, picking up litter or cordoning off areas where emergency clean ups need to take place.
  • Maintenance jobs - You do not necessarily have to be an expert handyman. Maintenance could be maintaining entrance areas and garden areas around the racecourse for race days or other important events.
The area of facilities management is very broad and there are various events jobs you can do both at racecourses and at other venues. For more detailed information about the types of roles you can do and the companies where you might be able to find work, take a look at our dedicated article on facilities management jobs in events.

For students thinking about graduate jobs in events such as events management jobs, chef jobs, and team leader jobs, racecourses can be good places to build up expertise and work experience and, of course, maybe even continue to develop your career.

How Much Do You Get Paid?
For entry level conference and events jobs, you can expect to be paid at least the minimum wage, which may vary, depending on your age. In catering jobs at racecourses, especially in bar and waiting jobs, there could also be tips involved which will boost your pay packet. And, of course, you could have a lot of fun while also being a part of some of the biggest sporting events in the country.

Will Racecourse Events Jobs Look Good On My CV?
Yes, racecourse events jobs will definitely look good on your CV. Events are full on and require hard work and dedication from every team member involved. So, if you have done events work, and have enjoyed it, you can show to your future employers that you have proved yourself in a number of areas and come out smiling on the other side.

So, apart from potentially seeing some of the biggest horse racing meetings in the country and playing your part, you could also demonstrate these skills on your CV:
  • Excellent customer service skills - the vast majority of events jobs at racecourses will involve dealing directly with customers.
  • Qualifications and training - In some cases, you will also receive official training and qualifications which you can also add to your CV. Even if these qualifications are not relevant to the graduate jobs or other jobs you are applying for, they still demonstrate your commitment to your work and ability to do the job.
  • Working as part of a team - good teamwork is essential in events jobs so that everything runs smoothly. This will also develop your communication skills and maybe even draw out some leadership skills that you never knew you had.This can only be a good thing when applying for future jobs and graduate careers.
  • Working under your own initiative - because the nature of events jobs means there won’t be someone there all the time telling you what to do and when to do it. There will be times where you will need to think on your feet and take action on decisions you have made.
  • Time management and commitment - sometimes, you will be working under pressure to get jobs done before deadlines and this requires commitment and organisation. Working to deadlines, both as part of a team and acting on your own initiative, is a valuable transferable skill to take into any future workplace.
There are many more transferrable skills you can pick up from racecourse jobs and once you have that work experience under your belt, you will be able to list the new qualities you have developed on your CV.

Where Can I Find Events Jobs At Racecourses?
So do events jobs at racecourses sound like the type of part time or seasonal work you would like to do? If so, then you will be pleased to know that jobs at racecourses across the UK are advertised here. Most racecourses employ their own events staff year round and top up with agency staff for big events. If you have a racecourse close by, apply directly or find out which agencies supply them with event staff and apply there.

Hospitality and catering companies
CGC Events Caterers-For Pontefract racecourse jobs, York racecourse jobs, Redcar racecourse jobs, Beverley racecourse jobs, CGC Events Caterers are going to be worth checking out. CGC Events Caterers can also provide transport for taking events staff to and from racecourses which is great for students and young people who possibly haven’t got their own transport to get them to the racecourse.

RE Hospitality- Amongst staff many other prestigious events, if you are looking for racecourse catering and hospitality jobs in events, RE Hospitality have provided staff for the prestigious Epsom Derby at Epsom Racecourse.

Event security companies
CSP Combined Service Providers - Epsom racecourse jobs could be available around the Epsom Derby with CSP Combined Service Providers Ltd. This company provide stewarding and other services for Epsom racecourse as well as Newmarket, Sandown and Newbury. As well as racecourses, there could be event steward jobs at other large large sporting venues such as the Wembley Stadium complex.

Carlisle Events- For event steward jobs at Goodwood (where you could be working through the Glorious Goodwood events) and also for Cheltenham Racecourse jobs, students and young people can check out Carlisle events.

G4S Events - have event security and crowd management jobs at Aintree racecourse and Carlisle racecourse.

Facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs at racecourses
The Resource Network-The Resource Network is a division of the Compass Group and they recruit staff in both catering jobs and facilities management jobs at sports venues and other venues in thousands of locations all over the United Kingdom.

The Combined Services Provider Ltd- The Combined Services Provider Ltd employs staff in facilities management jobs for venues all over the United Kingdom so they could have some cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs available at racecourses, too.

Racecourse jobs can be great fun, both for race meetings and all the other events that take place. Take a look at some of the companies listed above to see if there are any events jobs at racecourses out there that might suit you.

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