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Top student job tips and advice to help guide students through the process of finding, applying for, and getting a job. Improve your chances of landing a student job by following the advice in our guides! Is one better than the other? The pro's and con's of working a little bit during term time and having your holidays off, or spending the university vacations slaving away with a full time holiday job! As a part timer your entitlements are very similar to full timers. Many people are not aware of their rights, especially on issues such as holiday pay, sickness pay, discrimination against part timers etc. More information and ideas on types of opportunities available, ranging from recruitment agencies, telesales, retail opportunities and factory work. You're not in a steady long term job and you have no long term salary. Calculating your tax liabilities is hard! Many students end up paying too much - here's how to go through your earnings and see what you have to pay, or are entitled to! There's nothing worse than being stuck inside all Summer. We review a range of Summer outdoor jobs and explain what they entail. From Marquee rigging and Event Stewarding to Labouring and Farm Jobs. UNITE have published their annual student lifestyle report, and suggest that student debt may be stabilising, and that the number of students working during term has also remained the same since 2005. Where do you start? Finding a job is not easy, where do you look, how do you apply, how much should you expect. These are all questions we ask ourselves. This diary highlights a few of the things a job seeker goes through. Rebecca Frederick gives us more ideas on types of work available, including flight attendants, data input and even an account of what it is like to work at McDonalds. What kind of job do you really want, and what job will you settle for? Eno Ekpo talks us through initial desires and expectations and reality! Are students discriminated against just because they cannot work full time and consistently? If so, what can be done about it - and how can you maximise your chances of getting work?

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