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9 Chatbot prompts to help UK students land their perfect job!

31 May 2024

In today’s competitive job market, UK students need to leverage every tool at their disposal to secure graduate jobs after leaving uni – or even part time jobs whilst they are still studying. Over the last couple of years, chatbots like ChatGPT, powered by...

Mastering your first day at work: A guide for success

08 Apr 2024

Starting a new job is like opening a fresh chapter in your professional journey. The excitement, the nerves and the anticipation – it’s all part of the experience. Whether you’re stepping into a corporate office, a creative studio or a bustling startup, your first...

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5 High Paying Jobs Where You Don’t Need A Degree

12 Feb 2024

Did you know that the average undergraduate in 2023 left university with student debts of around £45,000? That’s a heck of a lot of money to pay back, especially if you’re not exactly sure what career you want to pursue. But what if we...

Be your own boss – a guide for UK school & college leavers

13 Jul 2023

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life working for somebody else? Why use your own valuable time and unique talents to make somebody else more wealthy? Wouldn’t you be better off using all of your assets to further your own...

10 Remote Part-Time Jobs for UK Students In 2023: Work from Anywhere!

31 May 2023

The Growing Trend Of Remote Work Remote work has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity worldwide, and this trend obviously extends to students living in the UK. With the advent of technology and the internet, more and more students are embracing the flexibility and...

Gap Year – Why Work Abroad? The Multiple Benefits For UK Students

09 May 2023

In today’s globalised world, working abroad has become an increasingly popular option for UK students who are looking to enhance their employability, develop cultural awareness and acquire language skills. As such, it can be an important potential path for students to consider, since the...

Taking A Gap Year – Our Top Travel Tips

05 May 2023

Taking a gap year to do some travelling can have many benefits. It can provide an opportunity to gain new experiences and skills – such as learning a new language or volunteering in a field of interest. This in turn can lead to a...

Why Working A Ski Season Is A Great Year Out Option For Students

27 Apr 2023

Working as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor is a fantastic way for students to spend a year out. By working a ski season, you get to travel to spectacular resorts, learn new skills, have fun and meet new like-minded people. Skills & Qualities...

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