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About our Gap Year & Temporary Job Category
Our GAP Year job & temporary job category has been designed to help you search for temp jobs, part time work and short contract full time jobs that can be done in a Gap year. If you are looking to work and travel, spend a whole year working before studying, or find some temp work after graduation, this is the category for you! The Gap year work and temporary work in this category can be full time or part time but is all on a short contract basis of up to a year. So this is the place if you want to find a student gap year job, a college or school leaver gap year job, a graduate gap year job or you just want a temp job for a few months!
Gap Year Job & Temporary Job Search Tips
You can search for Gap Year jobs & temp jobs using the Quick Job Search at the top of the page or click on advanced search below:
Quick Job Search: Select "Gap / Temp jobs" from the category list at the top of the page, choose the county you wish to work in (e.g London or Manchester), and any keywords to narrow the results.

Advanced Job Search: For a more detailed search of gap year jobs and temporary work opportunities in the UK & abroad use our advanced job search.

Advanced Job Search Tips:
  • Use the job type list to select the kind of work you are interested in and only use the sector list if you are only interested in working for a company that operates in a particular industry. For example, if you want to get some work experience with a legal firm but are not yet qualified so are happy to do temp admin work, select "Admin / secretarial / clerical" from the job type list and "Legal" from the sector list.
  • Use the start and end dates for search for jobs that fit in with your availability. So if you are on a school leaver gap year and want a temp job before going travelling, set the end date for when you need to finish work to catch your plane!
  • We understand that when you are temping you may want a part time weekend job, evening / night work or a full time 9-5 day job, so we let you search temporary jobs according to the hours you want to work!
  • If you are looking for temporary summer jobs or are on a gap year working abroad, you may want to search for an outdoor job to catch some sunshine. We let you search for temporary jobs and gap year jobs based on whether you want to work mainly indoors, mainly outdoors or find a job with a bit of both...
  • We recommend only using keywords if there is something that is important to you in your temp job search that our other job search options have left out because keywords can really limit the results you get.
Job Alerts: Set up job alerts and let us email temp jobs and gap year jobs straight to your inbox. Tell us what type of jobs you are interested in and we will email them to you when they are posted on our site. Sign up for job alerts here!

Top Gap Year & Temp Jobs: We have reviewed jobs that are great for gap year and temp work. Have a look for ideas and inspiration on great gap year jobs and temp work opportunities. Click here for our Top Gap Year & temp jobs.

We have also compiled a list of Gap Year voluntary work organisations and gap year projects abroad. Search for gap year projects abroad here.
Apply for Gap Year Jobs & Temporary Jobs
As well as helping you find suitable, fun Gap Year jobs and temp jobs, we want to make sure you get the jobs you apply for! So we have teamed up with CV specialists to give you free advice and tips on how to put together your CV, what to include in a cover letter, tips for application forms and interview technique help:

Gap Year & Temp Job CV Advice: Top tips from experts on what to include in your CV and how to phrase it to give you the best chance of catching the eye of someone hiring temporary workers. Click here for CV advice.

Gap Year & Temp Job Cover Letter Tips: It doesn't matter how good your CV is if no one looks at it. Learn more about how to write a cover letter that forces the reader to open your CV to find out more! Click here for gap year and temp job cover letter tips.

Gap Year & Temp Job Application Form Hints: Application forms are a real art form. They aren't much fun but they are becoming increasingly popular so make sure you know how to sell yourself through an application form. Click here for gap year job application form help.

Gap Year & Temp Job Interview Technique Help: Interview skills are a real asset, even if you are applying for temporary job with only a few months work. It's worth knowing some of the big do's and don'ts! Get temp job and gap year job interview technique tips here.
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