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Students' View

When it comes down to it, the only people who understand students are in fact other students. So we've got together a group from college and uni to share all their bargain hunting, trading, top tips and past experiences, to possibly save you a few pennies.

Discount Codes

Discount codes and student discount

discount codes

It has never been easier to save money online, with literally hundreds of retailers offering discount and vouchers codes, coupons and printable restaurant vouchers. Offers range from 2-for-1 meals at your local restaurant to 25% off at your favourite clothes store. So we're bringing you the latest and best voucher codes to help you save money on your shopping online.

Mobile Phones

Helping you find the best mobile deal

mobile phones

Mobile phones can be expensive but we all know they are increasingly important to talk, text and access the internet on the go. So we're bringing you some great ways to save money on your mobile phones by comparing over 400,000 deals daily to including the top deals on the latest student mobiles, phones with free gifts, free SIMs, SIM only deals and even free line rental

Broadband, Phone and TV

Stay online and entertained

Student life and watching TV go hand in hand. Get the most for your money by comparing the best cheap broadband, mobile broadband, digital tv offers and home phone packages. If you're looking for them all, why not buy from one provider as a bundle. More information on cheap sky deals and Virgin Media TV and internet service providers


Compare UK insurance providers

Compare insurance providers across a wide range of products. Whether you're a student looking for a policy that's going to fit your requirements whilst you're away studying in the UK or if you're just a young person looking for a good deal, there's something here for you. Take a look at latest car insurance, travel insurance, possessions insurance and breakdown cover


Banks, Loans and Credit Cards

If you're a student, then money is either something you think about quite a bit, or perhaps you should be thinking about! Trying to survive as a student is something that thousands struggle with every year. Student loans, student credit cards, credit reports and bank accounts can all be vital to get you through this stage in your life.


Best deals on UK and foreign travel

Travelling is fantastic but can be pricey. We have reviewed some great sites suitable for students to help get some great deals on cheap flights, gap year projects, travel insurance, last minute hotels and much more. Our travel pages also feature reviews of European travel, ski tips and great UK surf spots and surf tips


Compare other online retailers

Check out some of the best places to buy online and some great deals and freebies such as free gym trials and much more

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