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At some stage everyone needs to get a job - you might hate the thought of getting one, and have nightmares about having to wear a uniform, be somewhere at a set time (usually at a silly hour in the morning or even worse, on a Friday or Saturday night) and sell your soul for a few quid, but pretty much everyone has to give in to the inevitable sometime. Incidentally - past experience shows that there is a strong link between job hunting and only being able to afford beans on toast.

This guide will hopefully stop you coming out in a sweat every time the dreaded student job words are mentioned. Student jobs don't actually have to be boring, badly paid and a pain. Below we have compiled a list of great jobs (the words "great" and "job" don't usually get put so close together), where you get paid to actually do stuff that is quite cool (or you at least get paid well for it!). If you are under 18 then check our top jobs for teenagers.

To say they are the ideal student jobs would still be a lie as most of us would probably agree that lounging around and watching daytime TV is still the best student job available.. but we hope you agree the following beat most other options hands down:
Clinical Trials
The words "clinical trials" make most people nervous - and inspires visions of being injected full of drugs which will come back to haunt you in later life when for example, a limb falls off, or something equally irritating. Unknown to many people, many medical trials these days do not involve anything that can be classed as even remotely dangerous. One of the best examples is sleep studies. Paying over £1000 for only a few days and nights in a hospital type unit, you may not even have to take any form of medication/drug whatsoever. If you bear in mind that you are spending a few days in a unit where you are fed, you have things like TV's, internet use, pool tables and more - then £1000 + for a few days "work" is pretty much the best way to earn money for doing nothing! A perfect student job! Clinical trials

Important things to bear in mind:
  • Check what kind of study you are applying for - not all are as easy as the one described above!
  • Ask the doctor exactly what the risks are - both short term and long term and how will you get paid?!
  • If you think of doing something like this as a holiday job make sure you know when the follow up visits are (if any).

More about clinical trial jobs
Promotional Work
Fancy working for Nike, working for The Sun? Unknown to many people, there are thousands of jobs where you have to work for a day here or there promoting a brand. Although most of this goes through agencies, they love having outgoing and confident young people on their databases. As a student job this is as good as it gets - work when you want, or turn it down when you want, and spend lots of time doing something out of the ordinary. Obviously, the more committed you are, the more jobs you will get, so if you are very keen you can do very well. In addition, the environment in which you work in is young and vibrant, a great place to meet people or work with friends.
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Working At Events
Working at an event is one of the most enjoyable ways to make money as a student. There are hundreds of events throughout the year across the UK requiring thousands of staff, and you could be one of them. Jobs at events range from catering or stewarding at top sporting events, working at Uk festivals and music events in various roles and even waiting on the stars at VIP parties and premieres. New events are announced all the time so view all current event jobs here
Fundraising Jobs
Want to be a part of something worthwhile? Want to earn an uncapped amount of money based on your ability and hardwork? If you do, then charity fundraising could be what you are looking for. Charity fundraising jobs are great for students as they offer a flexible way to earn money whilst studying with many fundraising companies allow you to work evenings and weekends. Fundraising is both challenging and rewarding and allows you to work within a team with fellow fundraisers and develop communication skills vital to most careers. If you want to earn good money whilst raising money for those good causes that need it most.
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Popular Student Jobs
Mystery Shopping
A real student job - going out and buying clothes and eating meals, with somebody else's money! There are more mystery shopper companies than ever before, with retailers anxious to find out and analyse all aspects of their business. By acting as regular customers, shoppers observe the level of service and write objective reports about their shopping experiences. And get to keep the objects purchased (or eat it if you go to a restaurant!).

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The options are endless - become a fashion model, a show model or a photographic model. Many people think that they are not beautiful enough to be a model so don't bother trying to get into this line of work, but the modeling industry is open to everyone, all body types, sizes, and of all ages. The world is filled with beautiful women and good-looking men, but the most important ingredients are confidence and to believe in yourself. That's what the agency says anyway!
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Working From Home
Students and anybody else for that matter, love the idea of not having to go anywhere to earn money. If you can do it from the comforts of your own home - then great! We've all seen the adverts for "Perfect Student Job - earn up to £500 a week part time for only a few hours a day..." be cautious! One of the main guidelines to go by is what the job entails. Many of these companies go to great lengths to NOT tell you what you are actually going to have to do to earn this £500. This is a bad sign - and should shatter your perfect student job illusion. If they are not telling you straight away then it's because they know you are not going to like it.. and will probably only enlighten you when you have handed over money. Oh yes, talking about money, NEVER EVER hand over any registration money until you are 100% confident it is not a scam.
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Summer Jobs, Or Any Other Holiday Job!
Although we all need money and a student job is sometimes a necessity many people go for the holiday option. With over 3 months holiday in the summer (and a bit here and there over Christmas and Easter) there is plenty of time to earn cash and not forfeit any nights out at uni or college. Combining a student job with an internship is the best way of earning good money and getting really good practical experience, and increasing your chances of a graduate job at the end of your studies.

Check out our Internship section, with details of summer programmes (holiday jobs!) and deadlines.
It offers everything, including a living for more than 10,000 people, millions are obsessed by it and if you are smart you can make some decent money from it.

eBay is The World's Online Marketplace for the sale of goods and services by a diverse community of individuals and businesses. Today, the eBay community includes 86,000,000 registered users (Yes, 86 MILLION) from around the world. People spend more time on eBay than any other online site, making it the most popular shopping destination on the Internet. Members from all over the world buy and sell on eBay. eBay doesn't actually sell any products of it's own.

Visit and you will find that you can buy and sell items in thousands of categories including antiques and art, books, business & industrial, cars & other vehicles, clothing & accessories, coins, collectibles, crafts, dolls & bears, electronics & computers, home furnishings, jewelry & watches, movies & DVDs, music, musical instruments, pottery & glass, real estate, sporting goods & memorabilia, stamps, tickets, toys & hobbies and travel.

This is a potential opportunity for those of you who are looking to start your own easy web business without having to know a whole lot of technical mumbo-jumbo. You could start an eBay business by selling items you find around your house. This wouldn't require you to have a web site or to spend any money in outside advertising to get started. All of the advertising would be done for you by eBay! Their web site already receives BILLIONS of visits.

What you should know
  • Know your market
    What are you going to buy and sell? If you have good knowledge of a market you are going to have a much better idea of what is a real bargain and what is not. Therefore you should be able to spot where there is a profit margin and where there isn't!
  • Don't get carried away
    Statistics show that a significant amount of purchases on eBay are above what they should pay, even though most people use eBay to get a bargain. Don't let the adrenalin of the auction get to you. Set a benchmark and stick to it.
  • Start small
    See how you get on. If you start losing cash you may be doing something wrong. Look in your roof, round your room and see if you have anything you don't need. Start making some money by selling unwanted items and see how you get on
  • Supply lines
    Do you have any LEGAL source of a product at lower than RRP. Can this make a profit
  • Do your homework
    If you see what you think is a bargain, check out where else you can get the product and the recommended retail price. Is it actually cheaper? See what other people are selling on e-bay.
  • Stay Involved
    The wacky world of eBay moves at an amazing rate. If you are buying through an auction, keep an eye on the bids. If you are selling, keep an eye on the e-mails, potential clients may need more information about your product. If you don't reply, you may lose out.
  • Get the rep
    eBay was set up by a guy called Pierre Omidyar back in the 90s and much of the genius of eBay was to use reputation, or trust. This way, you are rated by the buyer. If you get a good reputation by selling exactly what you said, disclosing any faults etc and deliver on time, the chances are you will get a good reputation and people will want to use you again. If you are slow and don't deliver, your reputation will be in tatters and less people will want to use you. Everyone can view everyone else's reputation, there is no place to hide on eBay!
  • Always use Paypal
    It costs a small amount, but it is by far the safest way to complete transactions without getting stung, a must.
If you feel that eBay may be the thing for you and have an entrepreneurial spirit, sign up to eBay. Registration is completely free so click this link and get started...

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