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Postgraduate Internships

What is a Postgraduate Internship?

A small number of companies offer internship programmes specifically for postgraduate students. Check out the list below! Other companies allow postgraduate students to apply for their summer internship programmes.

A postgraduate internship is a top way to ensure you finish university with a good mixture of relevant experience and qualifications. Whether you are a master’s or PhD student, a postgraduate internship will help you stand out against other students and make you an attractive candidate for many employers.

As a postgraduate, finding an internship can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for a London Postgraduate Internship Scheme, or around the UK, chances are they are going to be competitive as typically there is less available on offer when compared to undergraduate internships.

When are Postgraduate Internships avaiable? 

Postgraduate internships typically take place in the summer, with the duration depending on the employer. Some popular choices for many employers include 8, 10 or 12 week internships, but you can do as little as 4 weeks, right up to 12 months+. 

When can I apply for a Postgraduate Internship?

For application deadlines, it varies. Although many businesses will open their applications in the Autumn (September - October) and will be open for only several weeks so it’s best to be active, there are still plenty who leave their applications open throughout the year. So, if you’re a master’s or PhD student looking for a postgraduate internship at any point in the year, there is still plenty of time and opportunities available.

What sectors can you do a Postgraduate Internship in?
Sectors such as finance, technology, business and engineering are extremely popular when it comes to postgraduate internships, thanks to the huge number of courses which focus on these areas - and below we’ve outlined a handful to help begin your search.  

Are postgraduate internships paid in the UK?

Postgraduate internships should be paid - although not all of them are.  All internships advertised on E4S meet the UK’s Minimum Wage rate. 

Is a postgraduate internship a good way to get a job?

Yes, securing a postgraduate internship is a great way to increase your chances of getting a good job. You will be able to add valuable experience alongside your qualification, which many employers would like to see. 

American Express


10 Week MBA Summer Internships Programme

Deadline: Rolling

Gain real life experience throughout a 10-week MBA Summer Internships Programme and get the chance to work on projects that significantly impact the business, while exploring your interests and enhancing your strengths.



Internships for Postgrad Students

Deadline: Rolling

A range of different Internships for Postgrad Students opportunities across in technology, ranging from 4 weeks to 3 months+, allowing you to get hands-on experience on an Apple campus..



Early Talent Programmes

Deadline: Various depending on role

Early Talent Programmes available for Masters, PhD and Post-doctorate students, with short or long-term rotational programmes on offer, including their popular Commercial Leadership Development Programme (MBA).

Bain & Company

Financial Services

Summer Internship Programmes

Deadline: Rolling

Prepare for a career in consulting with a summer internship, filled with training, networking and getting hands on experience. This is a great springboard for receiving a full-time job offer once you finish university if you meet performance expectations.

EDF Energy

Engineering (Oil)

Postgraduate Programmes

Deadline: Various depending on role

A summer internship working in EDF’s Research & Development team, where you’ll be given the chance to develop your academic qualifications whilst gaining experience in the energy sector on one of their exciting Postgraduate Programmes.

Fidelity International

Financial Services

12-Week Early Careers Programme

Deadline: Various depending on role

A 12-week Early Careers Programme gaining valuable experience in research into companies and identifying attractive investment opportunities for client funds.

Goldman Sachs

Financial Services

Summer Internship Programmes

Deadline: Various depending on role

A range of Summer Intern Programmes across finance, engineering and business, in addition to access programmes designed to equip students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds with employment experience and skills.



Postgraduate Internship Programme

Deadline: Various depending on role

Short- and long-term Postgraduate Internship Programme, starting at 12 weeks up to 1 year, in a range of different departments across the UK and the world, designed to help postgraduate students use their specialised knowledge and gain experience.

Intel Corporation


Intel Internships

Deadline: Various depending on role

Intel offers a wide variety of ‘Intel Internships’ in the UK and globally, starting at 12-week programmes and ranging up to 13-month fixed term placements in technology, finance, business and more. 

Science and Technology Facilities Council


ISIS Studentship

Deadline: Various depending on role

Discover a selection of schemes and research projects with an ISIS Studentship, offering the chance to further the development of your technological and scientific skills, allowing you to get hands-on experience in a summer internship..


Financial Services

JPMorgan Internship Programme

Deadline: Various depending on role

Typically ranging from 10-12 weeks, JP Morgan offers a range of internships in different business areas, in addition to longer-term and off-cycle internships, in the UK and globally, including Analyst, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Business Management and Software Engineer Internships.



10-Week MBA Internship

Deadline: Various depending on chosen sector

A Lilly 10-week MBA Internship gives you the opportunity to learn about the global pharmaceutical industry and gain insight into a range of projects across Research and Development, Finance and Marketing.



10-Week or 6 Month Ocado Internship

Deadline: Various depending on role

Secure a 10 week or 6 months Ocado Internship in their engineering department, working across either Software or Hardware and equipping you with the skills to excel after you leave university.

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