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Summer Jobs

Student looking for a summer job - what is out there? Summer jobs are one of the most sought after work opportunities in the UK at the moment. Nearly everyone still in education gets a summer holiday, and a huge percentage of you look for work during this time.

Summer jobs may conjure up images of serving drinks on a beach in the Med (or for some, in the Caribbean!) but in reality, most Summer Jobs are not quite as glamorous... but much easier to get, especially with www.e4s.co.uk!

We have reviewed a few great summer job options below, which will hopefully give you some more ideas about where to look, and how to go about getting you that 'ideal' Summer Job. Have a look at our "Outdoor Summer Jobs" page as well for more summer job ideas, or search summer internships here.
Top Summer Jobs
The following companies are recruiting summer staff now, so apply for these great summer jobs today!
  • Wesser - fundraise for St John Ambulance this summer. Full time position including accommodation and great earning potential!
  • PGL Travel - paddlesports instructor jobs, catering assistants and tour leaders in summer activity centres across the UK, France and Spain.
  • Levy UK - spend the summer working at top sports events, concerts and historic venues across the UK
  • DAD International Romania - Romanian summer camp programme in Transylvania. Help local children learn English and supervise fun activities.
If you want to escape the UK this summer then find more summer jobs abroad here!
Summer jobs at Wimbledon Championships
Recommended Summer Jobs
1. Summer Camp Jobs:
Enjoy working with kids? Spend this summer working at summer camps in the UK or abroad. There are loads of summer camps such as sports camps, adventure camps, special needs camps, educational summer schools, and many more, which recruit for roles including activity leaders, sports coaches, teachers, mentors, kitchen staff, and office staff. Most provide food and accommodation as well as a salary, so they are a great way spending the summer in a new town or country! Most summer camps need staff from April or June through to September, so it's a great summer job for students, and adds great experience to your CV.
Find summer camp jobs here.

2. Theme Park Jobs:
Give people the time of their lives this summer by working at a theme park! Help ensure that park visitors have a day to remember and leave with huge smiles on their faces. There are loads of roles to choose from including ride attendants, retail, food & beverage, sales, customer service, cleaning, warehouse, photography and entertainment, so there is something to suit a wide range of ages, skills and interests. Work the whole season (spring to autumn) or just during your holidays. Part time and full time hours are available so this is a wonderful summer job option for students!
Find theme park jobs here.

3. Summer Festival Jobs:
Between June and September each summer there are stack loads of festivals right across the UK, and they all have loads of summer job opportunities for students. You can do anything from security and stewarding jobs right through to bar work and selling merchandise. You will get free entry to the festival and some jobs will include accommodation and food as well. If you want guaranteed entry to your favourite summer festivals then why not get paid to go as well, with a fantastic summer festival job!
Find summer festival jobs here.

4. Charity Fundraising Jobs:
Earn some decent cash over the summer raising money for good causes. If you can work for most of the summer holidays either full time or part time then many fundraising companies will take you on and train you up. The pay is very good as well, so a full time charty fundraiser can earn as much as £4,500 over the summer holidays! So a summer fundraising job will enhance your CV and give your bank balance a healthy boost. Lots of fundraising work is based outside so you'll also get to enjoy any summer sunshine that shows itself.
Find charity fundraising jobs here.

5. Recruitment Agencies:
A few years ago a survey showed that the UK has the largest temporary workforce in the whole of Europe. Over 1 million people work for recruitment agencies, providing short or longer term cover in a huge range of industries. With this figure steadily increasing, there are always summer jobs working for an agency. The great thing about agency work is that availability is high in peak holiday seasons - including the Summer. Many full-time workers are keen to take time off during the Summer period, leaving offices and other businesses understaffed and in need of staff cover. Register with local recruitment agencies and they will call you when they have suitable jobs for you.
Find recruitment agencies in your area here.

6. Retail Opportunities:
More and more shops exist these days - and more and more staff are needed to keep them running. In the Summer, people shop more, staff go on holiday more, and so they recruit more! As Summer jobs go, working in a shop is a great way of earning money, knowing what hours you are expected to do, and build up experience. If you add to this the latest trend of extended hours shopping, even 24 hour shopping in some supermarkets, then you can see why they require extra staff. Summer jobs can also be found in out of town stores, and retail parks, which have more trouble recruiting people due to their location. If you are looking for a full time summer job then showing a commitment to the company over a longer period of time may well help secure the job. Many students start working part time in shops and other businesses and find that they can progress to full time, and return in the holidays. Once you have been trained and are competent many companies will look to keep you and use the skills that you have acquired - even if it means you only working a few months every summer during your holidays.
Find retail jobs in your area here.

7. Telesales:
If you need some money and have a good telephone manner, then this could be the way to build up your bank balance fast. Call centres are everywhere these days, whether it be customer service support or active selling. Although the work may be quite pressured (you may well be monitored), the rewards can be good, with high basic rates and in some sectors, very good commission. Summer jobs like telesales, or call centre work have high turnover rates so are fairly readily available. The hours are also not as constricted as normal shop hours, with many call centres open 24 hours a day. Don't forget, night work is usually much better paid than day work! If you are looking on your summer job as a means to an end - we suggest you do some more research into this option.
Find telesales and call centre jobs in your area here.

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Or work abroad this summer, and experience a new culture as well as earning money and boosting your CV!

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