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Entry Level Jobs

About Entry Level jobs
Entry level jobs are basically jobs which you do not need any professional qualifications to do, so you can go into them straight after leaving school or college. Graduate entry level jobs are slightly different because you need a degree level qualification to be considered. There are 3 main types of entry level job that you can do when leaving school or college:

Traineeship: Traineeships are a new programme designed for young people which combine education and training with work experience over a short time frame of up to 6 months. Traineeships are meant to bridge the gap between education and the world of work by providing work preparation training with hands on work experience and result in either a job offer with the company who provided the work experience element, or a job reference.

Apprenticeships: An apprenticeship combines study with paid work which culminates in a formal qualification such as an NVQ. Apprenticeships last anywhere from 1 to 4 years depending on the qualification obtained. Find out if an apprenticeship is right for you.

School Leaver Programmes: Generally aimed at students with A-Levels who do not want to go to university, school leaver programmes are designed by individual employers and tend to incorporate paid work for the employer while also undergoing some kind of training and often include a year studying at university, so you finish with a professional qualification or degree. Find out if a school leaver programme is right for you.

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Direct Entry: Any job that does not require prior professional qualifications, so you can do it armed with nothing more than your school qualifications. There are a surprisingly high number of direct entry level jobs available which offer good career progression.
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