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Summer Camp Jobs

What is a Summer Camp?
There are many types of summer camp. Traditionally, summer camps are places where younger children and teenagers spend a period of time away from their parents during their long school summer holidays and the term 'summer camp' is perhaps more famously associated with the United States of America and Canada.

The idea behind summer camps is that children and young adults get the opportunity to spend time with others of their own age, learning how to be more independent from their parents and learning about cooperation and teamwork through a variety of activities. In the past, these activities tended to be adventure or outdoor activities but in order to remain competitive and appealing to the younger audience, summer camps are now offering a wide range of activities and some summer camps specialise in particular areas.
Barracudas summer camps
As well as specialist camps, there are also summer camps where children and teenagers can attend just for the day. These are called day camps and the emphasis here is on the activities provided. Provisions don’t need to be made for the attendees to stay overnight.

Because of the variety of activities offered these days, students or graduates looking for short term holiday jobs in summer camps will probably be surprised by the variety of roles they could apply for. If you think your skills or specialisms may not be suitable for work at a summer camp, read on to see the types of roles available.
Who Stays in Summer Camps?
Summer camps are for children and young adults from all different walks of life and as mentioned above, these days, summer camps offer a variety of activities and specialisms so they attract young people with various interests.

Summer camps can simply be a holiday or adventure camp where, as a member of staff you would be in charge of supervision and entertainment of the young people in some way.

These days, some parents prefer their children to go to summer camps for a particular purpose. For example, children with special needs would benefit from time in a specialised camp where they are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and take on a variety of activities that they may not be able to try out in their home environment.

Some children and young people may want to attend a summer camp that specialises in particular academic subjects. They may be spending a few days there to catch up on studies or it could be a chance for them to study in a different environment where they are encouraged to excel in their subject outside the traditional school setting.
DAD International UK Romania
In many countries, there are also summer camps that are affiliated to a particular religion. The young people who come to these camps will learn more about their religion while taking part in activities with other children and young adults of a similar age who are also followers of that religion.

Taking on seasonal holiday work in a summer camp as a student or graduate, either in the UK or abroad, can be a highly rewarding experience. You will certainly come across children and teenagers from all different backgrounds who will challenge you on occasion, make you laugh, teach you new things, you'll work long hours - and students and graduates who have worked in summer camps in the past have said it is a fun and special experience that will stay with them for the rest of their life.
Which Countries have Summer Camp Jobs?
North America
Summer camps are traditionally associated with North America, so if you are looking for temporary seasonal international summer camp jobs, working in one of the many summer camps in the United States of America or Canada could be a great option. Because of the number of different general and specialist camps, there should be a summer camp job to match your expertise. Find out more about american camp jobs here and compare american summer camp jobs for UK students here.
Smaller Earth Summer Camps in Canada
If you are student or graduate who would like to work in a summer camp abroad but the USA and Canada seem a bit too far away or don't appeal, there are many camps all over Europe. Some of these are holiday and adventure camps or day camps, while others will be activity camps with English immersion. Try Camp Romania for work at a summer activity camp in Romania, Acorn Adventure for adventure summer camp jobs in France, Italy and Spain or PGL for activity centre jobs in the UK, France and Spain.

And for students and graduates who would prefer seasonal jobs in a summer camp even closer to home, there are a selection of summer camps in the UK and Ireland. Summer camps in the UK and Ireland tend to be based around adventure sports and other outdoor activities, so if this is your specialism, you could research some posts around your local area. Find UK summer camp jobs here.

Summer camps are gaining popularity in Asia. India has adventure camps centred around outdoor pursuits such as hiking, backpacking and rafting and tend to be in the more mountainous north of the country. Other countries on the continent have summer camps for short stays so that children and teenagers get the opportunity for English immersion. Seasonal jobs such as this would especially suit candidates with TEFL knowledge or experience. Travellers Worldwide have volunteer projects at summer camps in India.

Central & South America
There are an increasing number of summer camps in various countries around South and Central America, many offering young people the opportunity to have language immersion in English. Other summer camps are increasingly making the most of the natural surroundings and now concentrate on adventure sports such as mountaineering and surfing. Lifeworks International employ staff from around the world for teenage adventure projects in central and south america.

Not surprisingly, summer camps are usually known by another name in Australia. The weather is so hot during the summer months that many camps take place during the cooler months. This still tallies nicely with the British summer since it is autumn and winter in Australia during this time and so university students and graduates can still feasibly take some time out to do seasonal work in an Australian camp.

Since they're not known as summer camps in Australia, and since this is Australia, you may not be surprised to learn that 'Adventure Camps' are popular in the country. Expect surfing, scuba diving, bush walking. Temporary work in an Australian adventure camp is for the gap year student or graduate whose adrenalin flows at the thought of adventure, daring, wilderness, rapids, surf, exploration. Try Action Quest for sailing and scuba adventure project jobs in Australia.
What type of work can I do in a Summer Camp Job?
You've probably got an inkling by now that there is a huge variety of seasonal jobs that students and graduates who work at summer camps can do. Some of these may be general positions covering a variety of areas or your job description may require you to really drill down and specialise. It depends on the nature of the camp you are working in.

If you're thinking summer camp work isn't for you because you're not the sporty, adventurous, outdoors type, you may be surprised at the types of positions that are open to students and graduates. Yes, you could be employed as coach of tennis or football, as a kayak instructor, dinghy sailing instructor or horse riding instructor. But summer camps these days are now so much more than just 'the great outdoors' and your specialist skills could be used in many different ways.

How about teaching English immersion to foreign children in a camp abroad? Especially in the United States of America, camps come in all shapes and sizes and you could work as a teacher, helping children catch up with their maths at a maths camp. There are also other types of academic camps.

Or how about creating your own production and working with children and teenagers to perform a play or musical at summer camp that specialises in performing arts. Did you know there are even summer camps that specialise in the teaching of circus skills. If this is your forte - maybe you are a hoola hooping champion, expert juggler or even a trapeze artist - you could help youngsters in many ways, sharing your skills and teaching teamwork and cooperation.

If your specialism is nutrition or counselling, the US also has 'bootcamp' summer camps where you can work your holidays with overweight children and teenagers, teaching them how to eat responsibly and how to continue this once they leave camp. These camps also include lots of outdoor activities for the attendees as well as the nutritional education.
The Venture Centre activities
Maybe you love science, tech or conservation or are practising a particular religion. There are summer camps that provide opportunities for children to learn or increase their knowledge about all of these things and you could find a post in a camp like this.

As you can see, there are potential positions available for anyone who wants to work with children and teenagers in summer camps all over the world. These are just a few small suggestions of jobs at summer camps. Do your research and there is bound to be some seasonal work to suit your interests and specialism.
Who runs Summer Camps?
Summer camps are run by many different types of people: volunteers who, for example, work for the Scouts, Girl Guides, Venture Scouts or YMCA. Summer camps are also owned and run by private companies, local authorities, central government, universities or religious organisations. So, how do you apply for seasonal work in a summer camp if there are so many different organisations who control them and so many types of camp?

The good news is, there are many reputable agencies out there who can find temporary seasonal work placements for you in summer camps both abroad and in the UK. If you are looking for summer camp jobs abroad, these agencies can also arrange your work permits (if necessary), visas and some provide ongoing support whilst you are working in your chosen country.

E4S regularly advertise positions for students and graduates who would like to work in a summer camp. For those who want to work in summer camp in the USA, Wild Packs Ltd can take your profile and find you a position in a summer camp to match your skills. Manchester-based AmeriCamp also place many students and graduates into suitable temporary positions.

If you would prefer to stay in Europe, Acorn Adventure offer European summer camp jobs. They provide Adventure Camps in France, Italy, Spain and Wales and they recruit summer camp workers on a regular basis. If adventure is your thing, The Venture Centre on the Isle of Man also run adventure camps for children, teenagers and even families. If you want to stay in the UK, Super Camps and Barracudas run loads summer camps across the country with paid summer camp jobs.

These are just a few of the many companies that offer summer camp holiday work to students and graduates. Summer camps offer many exciting opportunities to students or graduates who would like to take a few months out and spend some of their time helping children and young people to develop their skills in a whole range of areas whilst also developing their independence and general social skills. Work in a summer camp can be very rewarding, so browse summer camp vacancies below now!
Wild Packs
ISIS Education
Churchill House
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