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Introduction to student & graduate events jobs at sporting venues
When it comes to events jobs, there are many different types that would be suitable for students and young people who are looking for entry level jobs; especially those who would like to work flexible hours. With that, of course, comes a whole host of different venues where events jobs could take you. Depending on the company you work for, events jobs could see you working at the same venue all the time or, if you live in an area that sees lots of different events - such as London for example - and you are working for a staffing agency, events jobs could take you to lots different locations and venues.

Whichever type of venues you work in, you can bet your bottom dollar you are never going to be bored. Events jobs are hard work but can be great fun - and you are earning money at the same time, too, of course. One type of venue where events jobs are obviously going be common is within the United Kingdom’s sporting venues. If you are a sports fan, imagine doing catering assistant jobs or event steward jobs, for example, and earning money while you get to see perhaps some of the United Kingdom’s top sporting events. No queueing for tickets or even paying for tickets; you are a part of the event and you could be the envy of your friends.

What sort of sporting venues are there?
The United Kingdom is packed with sporting venues of all varieties and chances are, you either live close to one or more or you are studying close to one. These are all places where graduate events jobs, entry level catering assistant jobs, event steward jobs - to name just a few - could be available.
  • Racecourses: E4S have an in depth article about the types of events work that could be available at racecourses and also some tips about which agencies and racecourses could have vacancies for students. If you are interested in this type of sporting venue, you can read here about racecourse events jobs .
  • Football stadia: Got a favourite football team or do you just happen to live close to a local stadium? Maybe you live in London and like the idea of going right to the big one and getting Wembley stadium jobs. Or what about Arsenal steward jobs or West Ham steward jobs? And it doesn’t have to be London of course. Just about every major town and city in the United Kingdom has a football ground where sports events jobs could be available.
  • Rugby Union and Rugby League stadia: Twickenham is to rugby union what Wembley is to football. If you are a rugby union fan and live close to the ground, what better than Twickenham stadium jobs? Students and young people in the north, particularly around Lancashire and Yorkshire, could also consider entry level events assistant jobs or events management jobs at rugby league grounds.
  • Athletics stadia: Maybe you have a local athletics stadium close to where you live. As with other sporting events, athletics meets require casual staff to do event steward jobs, catering jobs and many other roles that would suit those looking to work flexible hours.
  • Golf clubs: As well as golf matches, events jobs at golf clubs could be for weddings, christenings and other gatherings.
  • Indoor sporting arenas: Indoor arenas tend to hold a whole host of different events and sports events can range from anything to indoor athletics to basketball, volleyball, badminton or snooker. If you live close to a sporting arena like this, sports events jobs at these places could mean you get a big variety of sports to see while you are working.
  • Tennis clubs: Well, of course, Wimbledon jumps straight to mind when we utter the word ‘tennis.’ If you are looking for event steward jobs in London, catering assistant jobs such as bar work, for example, why not consider tennis clubs?
  • Show grounds: Usually based in rural locations, show grounds host a variety of sporting events where students and young people could do events jobs such as catering jobs or event steward jobs.
These are just a few ideas of sporting venues where you can consider part time and seasonal jobs. If you are interested in events assistant jobs, or if you have previous experience in this area and you would like to events management jobs, sporting venues could present many opportunities.

What sort of events jobs do students do at sporting venues? It’s not just sport!
If you are a big sports fan then events jobs at sporting venues are going to suit you down to the ground. You may even get to meet some of your sporting heroes in person! How good would that be? But for all you students and young people out there who are just not into sport at all, does that mean you have to rule out sporting venues as places to look for events jobs? Absolutely not! Sporting venues tend to host a whole variety of different types of events such as weddings, corporate meetings, exhibitions, professional development courses and major live music concerts. Wembley stadium jobs for example could see you doing events jobs at the hottest gigs of the year.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of events assistant jobs out there in the United Kingdom’s sporting venues:

Event Steward Jobs and Event Security Jobs
Event steward jobs involve a variety of duties. At sports venues, you could be directing traffic to car parks, checking tickets when people enter the stadium, monitoring crowd safety, showing people to their seats. Steward jobs can be for one off events such as a cup final or a tennis competition, for example, or it could be a weekly job such as Arsenal steward jobs, where you would be covering regular match days and cup competitions. For some types of event security jobs, licenses are required and if you would like more details on these types of roles, click this link to read the E4S dedicated section on event security jobs.

Catering Jobs
Whatever types of events are taking place, sporting venues are always going to be serving food and drinks of some description. Catering assistant jobs at events can be perfect for students as many of them are entry level jobs.
  • Bar jobs - Bar work at sporting venues can be anything from serving the masses with beer-filled plastic glasses to serving VIP guests in private hospitality boxes.
  • Waiting on tables - Catering jobs such as waiting on tables can silver service for the more experienced or plate service.
  • Kitchen assistants - Events jobs such as kitchen assistants could be washing up, assisting with food preparation and keeping work surfaces clean and tidy.
  • Set up staff - Different events require different layouts so other catering assistant roles could see you setting up rooms and serving stations at various sporting occasions.
If you are keen to do catering jobs at events, you can read the E4S in-depth section about catering jobs and you will also find links to staffing agencies and firms which offer catering assistant jobs to students and young people.

Retail events jobs
Many events at sporting venues will have a retail section where those attending can buy programmes, souvenirs, memorabilia or other official merchandising. These types of events jobs will require you to deal with cash, operate the tills and restock shelves and other areas.

Cleaning and Facilities Management Events Jobs
Cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs could be available to students and young people looking to do entry level jobs. During the event, staff are needed to maintain and clean toilets and catering areas and are also stationed around the sporting venue to pick up litter and clean any spillages which might cause a danger to people’s safety. And after the event has taken place, all the attendees have gone home, the staff have left and the sporting venue is empty, what happens after that? That’s where the cleaning team come in. Events jobs such as this are often done by specialist agencies, many of which could have student jobs available in both cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs. Training is provided for those cleaning jobs where the use of specialist cleaning equipment is necessary.

If you think cleaning and maintenance jobs in events could be right up your street, whether at sporting venues or other venues around the United Kingdom, take a look at our dedicated in depth article. Here you will find more information about the types of facilities management jobs that could be suitable for students and young people looking for entry level jobs. There is also information about the types of venues where you could be working. Click the link to read more about facilities management jobs .

How much do you get paid for working at sporting venues?
Wages for events jobs at sporting venues will vary depending on the work you are doing, your previous experience (if any) and the company you are working for. Entry level events assistant jobs should pay at least minimum wage, depending on your age, and some events jobs such as waiting on tables and bar jobs could mean you get extra money in the form of tips. For graduate events jobs such as events management jobs, the salary could vary depending on the size of the events taking place.

Will sporting venue events jobs look good on my CV?
Well, of course events jobs at sporting venues are going to look good on your CV. By doing this type of casual work, you will have picked up lots of valuable work experience, developed transferable skills and also shown that you are proactive by going out and getting a job in the first place. Events jobs, whether they are bar jobs, catering jobs, football steward jobs or working in retail and merchandising, mean you have shown you can work as part of a team. Teamwork is essential in events jobs and this is a valuable skill to develop to take you onto your future graduate career.

Where can students find events jobs at sporting venues in the UK?
Students and young people who are interested in entry level events jobs at sporting venues around the United Kingdom can either find work directly with the venue itself or through staffing agencies who supply catering teams or cleaning teams, for example, to various venues.

And the good news is, many of these agencies and sporting venues advertise both seasonal jobs and also long term work with flexible hours through E4S - great for students who need to fit jobs around their studies and work extra hours during the holidays. Here are just some of the companies you could consider for events jobs.

Event security jobs and event steward jobs
  • Sword Security - this company provide security and steward staff to large sporting events and have recently provided security for the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.
  • Carlisle Events - For event security jobs and event steward jobs at racecourses such as Goodwood and Cheltenham and other sporting venues.
  • Combined Services Provider - For event steward jobs such as traffic marshalling at sporting venues, Combined Services Provider is an agency which provides security staff to venues such as Newmarket racecourse and Wembley Stadium. If you are looking for Wembley stadium jobs and event steward jobs, this company could have the answer.
  • Armstrong Security - For event security jobs and event steward jobs, London based students could consider Armstrong Security.
  • Phoenix Group - Event security jobs and event steward jobs for students based in the Midlands, and Birmingham itself, could work flexible hours with the Phoenix Group.
Catering and hospitality jobs
  • CGC Event Caterers- for students looking to do bar work or any other catering assistant jobs, CGC Event Caterers have the contract for providing catering staff to places such as York Racecourse, Beverley Racecourse, Redcar Racecourse, Pontefract Racecourse and other sporting venues such as football stadiums and show grounds. And the good news with CGC Event Caterers is, if you haven’t got your own transport, the company can transport you to the venue where you are staffing the event.
  • The Resource Network - Compass provide catering jobs around many sporting venues across the United Kingdom, including Epsom racecourse and Goodwood racecourse.
  • Delaware North (UK) Ltd - For catering and hospitality jobs at stadiums such as Wembley, Emirates (Arsenal) and the iPro Stadium (Derby), students and young people can apply to Delaware North (UK) Ltd.
  • Crown Golf- With golf courses based around London and the Home Counties, Cornwall and Merseyside, Crown Golf have a reputation of excellence for the events they host so catering jobs with Crown Golf could be a good stepping stone for future careers.
Facilities management and cleaning jobs
Students and young people looking to work at sports venues doing maintenance jobs and cleaning jobs could find work with The Resource Network, mentioned above, and also The Combined services Provider.

These are just a few suggestions of companies who advertise events jobs at sporting venues via E4S. Why not take a look to see if there could be vacancies close to where you live? You could be doing events jobs, meeting lots of new people and attending some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious events, sooner than you think...

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