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CV Tips For Part time Jobs & Holiday Jobs

When applying for part-time work, you may be surprised to find that you are faced with even stiffer competition than when applying for full-time positions. The demand for flexible working hours is on the increase, not only for students but also for others, such as parents wishing to return to work on a part-time basis, etc. As a result, your CV is a vitally important document and you need to make it work for you - effectively selling your skills and your personality so that you stand right out from the crowd.
What to Include
Your CV should be a clear and concise summary of your qualifications, skills and experiences but one which also allows key aspects of your personality to shine through. Although there is great variety amongst CVs, there is a generally accepted standard of what a CV should contain and this information is usually separated into distinct sections:
  • Contact Details - these should be up-to-date so potential employers can easily reach you by phone, email or even post
  • Personal Profile - some say this is the most important part of the CV as it is a summary of your individual qualities and attributes whilst others prefer not to include such a section. Our recommendation is to include it.
  • Objective - this should clearly state that you are seeking part-time or holiday employment only - make your intentions clear to the reader
  • Education and Qualifications - details of all academic qualifications since secondary school in reverse chronological order
  • Additional Skills - an optional section highlighting your proficiency in the use of computers, your knowledge of foreign languages, etc.
  • Achievements - another optional section detailing academic, sporting or professional achievements
  • Career Summary - include all part-time, full-time, temporary and voluntary employment, again in reverse chronological order
  • Personal Details - your date of birth, your nationality and whether or not you can drive can all be included in this section
  • Interests and Activities - although some argue that this section is not necessary - and it is generally omitted in the US - it is a good opportunity to reflect something of your personality, showing that you can maintain a healthy balance between your work, your studies and your personal life
Layout and Length
How you present your CV is clearly of vital importance and the key points here are to:
  • Type your CV rather than handwrite it
  • Use good quality paper that is not flimsy but not too thick either
  • Be creative with your presentation and choice of font
  • Keep it to a maximum of two or three pages
  • Put the most important information on the first page
Top Tips for an Interview Winning CV
Working part-time is an ideal way of earning money whilst still being able to fit in plenty of study time. Competition for part-time vacancies is often fierce so, in order to stand out, you need to make sure that you have highlighted all of the skills you have acquired, both as a result of your studies and your previous work experience:
  • The ability to effectively manage and prioritise your workload is a key skill as the part-time hours you work may present you with tight deadlines that have to be met
  • Good communication skills are imperative for part-time workers as you will need to make sure you keep up-to-date with everything relevant that has happened during the hours or days you have not been working
  • Team working skills also reflect your ability to integrate into a team, which is essential when working part-time, so that the relationship between you and your colleagues remains strong even in your absence

Remember that part-time work and holiday jobs add significant value to your CV as they show that you are willing to work hard to gain professional experience and also demonstrate your ability to multi-task to ensure that professional and academic objectives are fulfilled.

These CV tips were put together with the help of The CV Centre to ensure only the most useful and up to date advice was provided.

For more detailed student CV tips, watch our student job hunting video series episode on CV's above or take the 7 day CV Challenge with career coach Susan Burke.

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