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First Year Internships 2024

Insight Days
Internships have traditionally been for penultimate year university students, but in recent years an increasing number of companies have constructed structured internships for first year university students - often called "insight days".

These insight days tend to be for 1-5 days, usually around Easter time, to give first year undergraduate students an insight into the company and the work it does. They are interesting and enjoyable, consisting of team challenges and some mentoring. It is a great way to see whether a firm or industry is a good fit for you.

Do well during the internship and you will be invited to participate in the company's summer internship or industrial placement scheme at the end of your second year. This will be a paid programme with training, mentoring and a chance to put your degree theory into practice in a business environment.

We have compiled a list of companies below who offer insight days or summer internships to first year university students. There is a good range of companies across many sectors so hopefully something for most students. These schemes are popular so there are set deadline dates for many, which we have listed to make sure you don't miss the ones you want to apply for.



Insight Days

Deadline: Rolling, so apply early

1 day events at offices across England in February-July providing an insight into working at BDO with interactive sessions and presentations aimed at A-level students and first year university students.



Spring Insight Days

Deadline: Open 12th Nov - 31st Dec

2 day residential course at Edinburgh, Manchester, Reading and London offices in April for first year university students to get a feel for what it is like working at Deloitte.



Insight Day

Deadline: 22nd January

2 day experience at offices around the UK where you can develop commercial skills and learn more about your own strengths.




Deadline: Rolling, so apply early

2 week Easter internship in tax or audit with hands on experience and a mentor.



Insight Days

Deadline: Rolling, so apply early

3 day Talent Academy combining learning and assessments available in Belfast, Birmingham or Buckinghamshire in April and July. Insight Days available in offices across the UK throughout the year.




Deadline: Ongoing

3 month internship in Milton Keynes at Mercedes-Benz UK head office. Not specifically for first year undergraduates, but open to university students in any year.




Deadline: Various

1 day Discovery Days from April to September across the country provide an insight into various parts of the business from Geoscience and chemistry to engineering and HR. Discovery week in April offers an opportunity to get involved in the market-facing side of the trading business.

Bank of America


Spring Insight Week

Deadline: 31st December

1 week spring or summer internship for first year students at London office in April or September providing a great insight into what it is like to work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of England


Summer internship

Deadline: 2nd December

Paid 6-8 week summer internship working on an individual research project aligned to real-life issues within the Bank.



1 Week Spring Internship

Deadline: Rolling from November to 31st January

Spend a week in London in April doing work shadowing, workshops, interactive skills sessions and networking. Choose from a range of programmes across the businss including corporate banking, retail banking and global businss functions (IT, finance, HR, operations).



Summer Internship

Deadline: 31st March

7 week paid internship for first year students in any degree discipline, combining hands on experience with training and mentoring. Opportunities in retail branches around the UK.



Spring Insight Programme

Deadline: 18th January

Lazard is the world's leading independent financial advisor to business, government and investing institutions. The 3 day Spring Insight Programme is designed for students in the first year of a three-year course or students in their second year of a four-year course to learn, observe and to be part of a real deal team, working with and shadowing Analysts.



Summer Internship

Deadline: 25th November

Paid 10 week summer internships available for maths, technology or STEM / joint honours degree students in Cheltenham at GCHQ - one of the UK's intelligence agencies. Train with some of the brightest minds in the UK! Help tackle cyber crime and espionage. Accommodation is provided.

BNP Paribas

Investment Banking

Spring Insight Week

Deadline: 31st January

1 week introduction to BNP Paribas combining workshops and presentations with social events and networking.


Investment Banking

First Year Programmes

Deadline: 20th January

3 day Citi Scope prgramme to find out what investment banking is all about. 1 week Citi Quest programme for first year students who know they want to go into banking to spend a week getting an insight into a specified business area such as capital markets, coporate banking, sales and trading.

Credit Suisse

Investment Banking

Spring Insight Program

Deadline: 5th January

5 day spring internship in London for first year undergraduate students considering a career in banking. Options in the investment baking division or support functions (including operations, IT and finance).

Deutsche Bank

Investment Banking

Spring into Banking

Deadline: 5th January

1 week spring internship providing an insight into working in financial services and at Deutsche Bank involving work shadowing, skills sessions, social events and networking.

Goldman Sachs

Investment Banking

Spring Internship

Deadline: 24th November

2 week internship in London specifically for first year university students on any course. Work on real projects in the following divisions: finance, research, audit, investment banking, investment management, operations, securities, IT.

JP Morgan Chase

Investment Banking

Spring Internships

Deadline: Various around 8th December

Range of options in the spring for 1 week in London either on the trading floor or investment banking.

Morgan Stanley

Investment Banking

Technology Spring Insight

Deadline: 31st January

3 day IT internship in London in April including work shadowing, interactive games, networking and seminars.

UBS Warburg

Investment Banking

Insight Week

Deadline: 31st January

1 week internship for first year students comprised of work shadowing and training with opportunities in investment banking, finance, technology, operations, compliance and human resources.

Clifford Chance


Insight Workshop

Deadline: 29th March

1 day workshop in July aimed at first year university students on any degree, providing real insights from practicing lawyers.

Herbert Smith Freehills


First Year Workshop

Deadline: 31st January

2 day workshop at London office to give first year university students an insight into the firm and an opportunity to meet lawyers and trainees. Accommodation provided.

Walt Disney World Resort

Leisure & Travel

Summer Internship

Deadline: Varies up to April depending on segment

3 month summer internship at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida on the J1 Cultural Exchange program. Available to university students in any year. Wide range of roles available from merchandise to attractions.

Enterprise rent-a-car


Flexible Placements

Deadline: Ongoing

Open to undergraduate students in any year, Enterprise internships are available at over 400 offices across the UK and can be arranged during the summer holidays or part time during term time around your studies. Learn about marketing, sales, customer service and business management.

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