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About Internships
Internships can act as an important stepping stone from your studies at university to a full-time job in your preferred industry sector when you graduate. Also known as work placements, internships enable you to gain valuable work experience that can be advantageous when applying for competitive graduate vacancies. Internships are generally undertaken whilst candidates are still studying and run during the holiday periods. Summer Internships make up the majority of all internship opportunities with the length of schemes varying between two and ten weeks to ensure they do not interfere with term-time studies. Recruitment for summer internships in particular, begins around September of the previous year and therefore it is important not to delay your search to ensure you find the right internship for you!

Some companies also offer internships for first year students which tend to run for a few days over Easter to give university students an insight into what it is like to work for the company as well as advice on job applications and assessment days.

Some degree courses require students to do a placement year (generally in your third year) so a wide range of companies offer industrial placements lasting 6-12 months which provide hands on practical experience as well as training.
Internship Job Search
To help you find the most suitable internship, the Internship Job Search provides a variety of criteria by which you can filter our database of internship programmes to give you the most focused results. We also keep details of internship programmes that are currently closed on the database so that jobseekers can view the relevant internship details prior to the application process opening.

If you're not quite sure about which company or sector you would like to apply for an internship within then why not check out our A to Z listings of companies with internships available on the Top Internships page.

The best way to make your internship search and application process easier is to sign up for a jobseeker account. With helpful features such as job alerts - which send you an email with the most suitable jobs that match your requirements, saved jobs - enabling you to save your favourite vacancies to your job file, application history - so you can keep track of past job applications and the job forum to discuss issues and get helpful advice from other jobseekers, it is an invaluable tool that will help get you the perfect job.

Top Internships - There are a number of internships in the investment banking, finance and legal sectors that have been well established for many years. We have reviewed these top internships in order for you to get a feel for what each entails and how working for a major international company during the summer period can further your career prospects in the future.
Apply for Internships
Finding you the right internship programme is only half of our job. Helping you apply for the vacancy and giving you the best chance of winning the internship position is just as important to us. Therefore we have put together a number of guides that will aid you in the internship application process and get you that valuable work experience.

Internship CV Advice: To ensure you portray yourself correctly and get across the right information to the recruiter, the layout and content of your CV needs to be spot on. Read through and apply our helpful CV advice to give yourself the best chance possible.

Internship Cover Letter Tips: It can be equally important writing your application cover letter correctly as constructing the perfect CV and it may make the difference between a recruiter deciding to read as far as your CV or not. Read through some of the helpful tips that we have compiled to make this part of the processes more straight forward.

Internship Application Form Hints: There are even ways to make your application form as clear and recruiter friendly as possible. The easier it is for them to see the answers they want, the simpler the decision they have to make.

Internship Interview Tips: How you present yourself and come across in an interview be it for an internship position or any other employment opportunity can be key to getting the job or not. Even though recruiters from different companies may be looking for different qualities in a candidate, there a few general rules that you will always want to follow.
News & Advice
Stay up to date with the latest developments in this area by checking out our Internship News section. With news on internships and placements across the UK it is a great way to stay one step ahead of the competition. Alternatively you can get helpful tips and advice from fellow jobseekers and share your past experiences in our new forum.

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