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No 1 LinkedIn Blunder: Are you making it?

11 Feb 2015

Time and time again I see glaring mistakes on LinkedIn profiles. I want to make sure you aren’t making any of these mistakes and if you are, well at least you will know and you can do something about it – fast! I am...

A Cookbook For Student Job Hunters

29 Jan 2015

In case you haven’t heard of it, IFTTT can be a very useful weapon in many areas of life – and the team over there has just produced something which is particularly useful for anyone looking for student jobs…   (Apologies if you came...

Social media in the student jobsearch – E4S video series 2

01 Jul 2014

We’ve just launched series 2 of the E4S video series on student jobhunting with the first episode “Social media in the student jobsearch”. Join Khai Trung Le as we discuss the importance of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn; not only the benefits students can...

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Inspiring Quotes For Student Job Seekers

21 Feb 2014

It makes no odds whether you are looking for your first ever student job or a full time graduate career, sometimes we all need a few motivational quotes for work inspiration just to get us moving in the mornings. No aspect of finding a...

Tips for getting a social media marketing job

19 Sep 2013

Your Social Media avenues have most probably been used in a light-hearted approach during your student days. But there is scope to use them as an avenue for your professional and creative accomplishments. You will also find that many companies are keen to hire...

Why Students Should Join The Community On G+ In 2013

01 Jan 2013

Okay, so, we’ve all heard the reasons why you shouldn’t be on Google Plus… But, in this blogpost, we’re going to tell you exactly why students should be on Google+ in 2013…   People (who never actually seem to use Google Plus) say stuff like: “Google Plus is...

19 Ways To Get Student Jobs Using Twitter

30 Nov 2012

Twitter can be used as an amazing tool for finding student jobs after school, during college & university and even after you graduate. In this three-part e4s blogpost series we’ll give you all you need to know to use Twitter like a student job seeking...

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