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A Close Look At The UK Graduate Jobs Market In 2015

21 Jan 2015

Our blogpost last January – which featured predictions about the market for student jobs and graduate vacancies in 2014 – proved very popular with our readers (and even predicted lots of things correctly!), so let’s take a similar approach again to see what might...

Shortcuts To Student Job Hunting Success

21 Jun 2013

One thing that we all love as we pass through our day to day business on this planet, no matter what walk of life we are from, is a good old shortcut. Why do things the long way round when there’s usually a much...

Christmas Time, Mistletoe &….Summer Internships???

24 Dec 2012

We’re more than aware that many of our student friends will be feeling pretty festive right about now – and rightly so! But don’t let the Christmas crackers, the tinsel, the endless snacks and the unwanted presents make you forget that NOW is exactly...

What Rights Does An Intern Have? (and how can they be protected?)

17 Dec 2012

An internship is a fabulous way to get a flavour for a job, as well as demonstrating your motivation and experience to potential employers. In fact, it is almost impossible to break into some careers without having done an internship. The vast majority of...

would you do an unpaid internship

20 Dec 2011

Everyone is talking about unpaid internships – which ones are illegal, do they just exploit students or are there any benefits with them? If you look at the letter of the law – a lot of the unpaid internships offered are clearly illegal. If...

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