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Mastering your first day at work: A guide for success

08 Apr 2024

Starting a new job is like opening a fresh chapter in your professional journey. The excitement, the nerves and the anticipation – it’s all part of the experience. Whether you’re stepping into a corporate office, a creative studio or a bustling startup, your first...

Be your own boss – a guide for UK school & college leavers

13 Jul 2023

Do you really want to spend the rest of your life working for somebody else? Why use your own valuable time and unique talents to make somebody else more wealthy? Wouldn’t you be better off using all of your assets to further your own...

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6 Great Questions To Ask In An Interview

05 Apr 2023

If you went on a date with someone and all they did was talk about themselves and not ask you any questions, would you go on a second date? It is likely that the answer would be no! So going into an interview, how...

Top Student Jobs for 2023 – Help with the cost of living crisis

13 Jan 2023

What are the ‘top student jobs for 2023’ is a question we often get as students across the UK are eager to find new opportunities to earn more money and fund their education and lifestyles. The cost of living crisis has been affecting students...

Top skills To Put On An Internship, Placement Or Graduate CV

19 Dec 2022

Applying for an Internship, Placement or Graduate role can feel difficult if you feel you lack important experience needed to gain top skills for such roles. However, it is worth highlighting that many skills you gain from Part Time jobs are transferable and recruiters...

How To Answer 9 Difficult Interview Questions

12 Oct 2022

Difficult interview questions can make entering and leaving an interview a daunting process. You’ll either find yourself dreading going into the room, or frantically questioning yourself over how you answered the interviewers – typically going over different scenarios in your head. But forget that...

A Level Results Day 2022 – Planning and What to Expect

16 Aug 2022

When and what time are A Level results released? A Level results day is Thursday 18th August 2022, with results typically being released at 8am with UCAS Track also opening around 8am too. Preparing for A Level results day A Level results day can...

Remote Working Tips for Students

14 Jun 2021

As the academic year begins to wind down, many students both in school, college and at university will be turning their focus to the next steps in their careers – whether that be an Apprenticeship, Full Time Job, Internship, Placement, or Graduate Scheme. And...

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