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The impact of Coronavirus on student jobs

24 Mar 2020

The global situation is changing hourly, but Coronavirus has already had a huge impact on the type and volume of student jobs available this year. With bars and restaurants closing and major events cancelled, many employers have frozen recruitment. Which jobs are most affected?...

The Best Freelance Jobs For UK Students 2019

27 Feb 2019

A brand new survey from Protectivity Insurance has revealed some of the most popular and profitable freelance jobs and trends of 2019. There are now almost 5 million freelancers in the UK according to figures from the Office Of National Statistics. That’s up by...

Leading the Fight against Student Jobs Fraud

20 Jan 2014

SAFERjobs and Employment4students urge students to be vigilant against rise in job-related fraud into 2014 2013 showed signs of a recovering economy and the UK job market once again growing: excellent news for students considering their immediate and graduate future. However SAFERjobs, a non-profit...

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Christmas Jobs 2013 – The E4S Complete Student Guide

03 Oct 2013

It’s been a great ol’ summer, hasn’t it? The weather’s been unseasonably seasonal and it seems like we’ve only just watched Andy Murray lift the Wimbledon Trophy and the English cricket team retain the Ashes… But, we can’t stretch summer out for ever! Although...

Shortcuts To Student Job Hunting Success

21 Jun 2013

One thing that we all love as we pass through our day to day business on this planet, no matter what walk of life we are from, is a good old shortcut. Why do things the long way round when there’s usually a much...

101 Quick Student Job Hunting Tips

10 May 2013

100 tips are never enough when you are looking for a student job. So that’s why we are giving you 101 student job hunting tips in this new blogpost! From some of the basics you might have known but forgotten, to some of the...

11 Jobs Students Can Do On A Laptop

30 Mar 2013

Whether you live at home, in halls of residence or in a shared student house, chances are that while you are at university studying for your degree or postgraduate qualifications, cash is going to be tight. Many students take on part time work or...

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