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We’re doing Movember!!!!!

11 Nov 2015

Yes, the formerly-fresh-faced e4s team is looking to raise at least £2,000 by simply not shaving for a whole month. We’ve gone completely Movember moustache mad, so you’ll be seeing hairy top lips everywhere at e4s for the next few weeks. Even the e4s...

Social media in the student jobsearch – E4S video series 2

01 Jul 2014

We’ve just launched series 2 of the E4S video series on student jobhunting with the first episode “Social media in the student jobsearch”. Join Khai Trung Le as we discuss the importance of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn; not only the benefits students can...

Over Half A Million Visitors To The E4S Student Jobs Website In June

31 Aug 2013

Just thought we’d bring you students a quick blog post about our rather impressive website stats for June 2013. Our website traffic has recently been audited by ABC, an organisation which verifies and certifies that the e4s visitor figures we release paint an accurate...

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Shortcuts To Student Job Hunting Success

21 Jun 2013

One thing that we all love as we pass through our day to day business on this planet, no matter what walk of life we are from, is a good old shortcut. Why do things the long way round when there’s usually a much...

Why Students Should Join The Community On G+ In 2013

01 Jan 2013

Okay, so, we’ve all heard the reasons why you shouldn’t be on Google Plus… But, in this blogpost, we’re going to tell you exactly why students should be on Google+ in 2013…   People (who never actually seem to use Google Plus) say stuff like: “Google Plus is...

Keeping you safe

31 Dec 2011

We work really hard to ensure that all the jobs advertised on Employment4students are both real and relevant. Every client that registers with us is checked, and we look at every job that they post. Although we do everything we can to ensure your...

Introduction to Employment4Students

01 Oct 2011

Hi everyone, and thanks for visiting the e4s blog. We wanted to start by giving you a run down on where e4s has come from, to put what we are trying to do in context.   The e4s adventure started back in April 2000...

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