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Introduction To Events Jobs At Stadiums And Arenas

For students and young people looking to do part time jobs where they can work flexible hours, events jobs can be a good way of doing this type of work. For a general overview about the types of jobs in events you could do, you can read the E4S dedicated article on events jobs .

There are lots of different types of venues where events jobs could be available but, in this particular article, we will concentrate on the types of entry level jobs and more specialised roles that could crop up at stadiums and arenas. And, if you imagine the types of occasions that occur in these places, you might also be able to imagine that working in these venues could be lots of fun. Some of the most iconic stadiums in the world are in the United Kingdom - and you, yes, you, could find yourself doing events jobs at any one of them. A huge, international event with the hottest tickets in town and you could not only be present at this event - but also earning money at the same time!

And, even if you are based in a smaller town where there isn’t a large stadium or arena, chances are that there is a local sports stadium where sporting events and other occasions take place. So, you could do events jobs at one of these smaller stadiums, too. And that’s one of the great things about events jobs at stadiums and arenas; wherever you are living or studying, there should be a venue close to you where you can work flexible hours. Stadiums and arenas are usually built-in areas that make them easily accessible, so, even if you don’t have your own car, you can often get to them by public transport.

Of course, another advantage to events jobs at stadiums and arenas is that many of these events are going to be taking place at evenings and weekends - this is ideal for students and young people who might have study commitments or other commitments during the daytime.

What Types Of Events Jobs Are There At Stadiums And Arenas
Naturally, stadiums are usually home to major sports teams, so, if you are liking the idea of sports event jobs, then these are the types of venues you can take a look at. Arenas also host indoor sports events, but of course, these days, larger venues like this are not just about the sport. Many different occasions are hosted at stadiums and arenas such as shows , conferences, weddings, award ceremonies and Christmas parties . Not all events jobs at stadiums and arenas will necessarily have tens of thousands of people in attendance. Function rooms and other areas will also host more intimate occasions where you could be doing jobs in events. The SSE Arena (Wembley Arena), for example, has many bars, restaurants and kiosks where you could be working.

Merchandise And Retail Jobs In Events At Stadiums And Arenas
Events jobs at stadiums and arenas could be merchandise and retail assistant jobs where you might be selling match day programmes or brochures. If you are familiar with large events, you will know there are always t-shirts and other souvenirs of the occasion for sale. If you are interested in retail, selling, meeting the general public and don’t mind handling cash and credit cards then doing retail assistant jobs at sporting events, or at other occasions such as music concerts, might suit you down to the ground.

Hospitality And Catering Jobs In Events At Stadiums And Arenas
There is a lot of scope for catering and hospitality jobs in events at stadiums and arenas because there are many different roles you could do within this type of work. Students and young people looking for entry level jobs might be able to find a role within catering and hospitality as previous experience is not always necessary. Catering assistant jobs can entail long hours and you will be on your feet for most of that time; but you could also be working at major events - or for your favourite sports team - so these jobs are often lots of fun, too.

Waiter and waitressing jobs - Catering jobs waiting on tables are often a popular choice amongst students and young people wanting to earn a bit of extra cash - and stadiums and arenas employ many waiting staff to serve food on match days and other special occasions. This could be serving food to many people all at once in a stadium’s or arena’s conference and banqueting facilities. Corporate hospitality creates lots of jobs at stadiums and arenas. If you are interested in finding out more, click here to read about conference and banqueting jobs .

Retail catering assistant jobs - Stadiums and arenas often have kiosks where supporters and event attendees queue up to buy drinks or hot and cold takeaway snacks. As well as preparing food and drink and serving it directly to the customers, these types of catering jobs will also involve handling cash and working the stadium’s till system.

Bar jobs in events - Bar work in stadiums and arenas can be working as part of a small team in kiosks serving supporters on match days or concert goers. Other bar jobs could also be in VIP or conference areas where you could be serving fine wines, champagnes and cocktails. Those doing bar jobs in events often need to be able to lift crates of beer and such to restock fridges and shelves - so you need to be relatively fit and capable of work long hours. Remember with bar jobs though, there is always the possibility of those extra tips to boost the pay packet at the end of your shift.

Kitchen Assistant jobs in events - If you are studying catering subjects or are hoping to build a future career around food, then part time events jobs working as a kitchen assistant in stadiums and arenas can be perfect work experience. From gourmet meals to buffets and snacks, the variety of foods can stand you in good stead for future careers in catering and hospitality.

Kitchen porters - Catering jobs as kitchen porters or washing up staff are all about getting stuck in, helping to keep the kitchen areas clean and tidy, as well as moving kitchen equipment and foodstuffs from kitchen to kitchen. These types of events jobs can be good if you are looking for entry level jobs - but, again, you need to be physically fit and strong as there can be lots of heavy lifting involved. If you like the idea of catering jobs at events, there is a dedicated E4S article that can give you more information about the types of roles you could do, the venues where you could work and also useful links to companies that could be recruiting events catering staff. Take a look at catering jobs in events .

Facilities Management Jobs And Cleaning Jobs At Stadiums And Arenas
Entry level jobs that could suit students - or school leavers looking to do events jobs at stadiums and arenas - could take the form of facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs. Cleaning jobs might not be the type of role that first springs to mind when thinking about earning some extra cash with part time jobs but, when it comes to events, cleaning jobs can actually be a lot of fun.

On match days, cleaning jobs can see you working in the stands, cleaning up spillages, picking up litter and emptying bins. You’ll still need to be of smart appearance because you will be working with the public - and, think about it; you could be working at a sell out match or rock concert and viewing it all for free and getting paid at the same time. All of a sudden, cleaning jobs could make you the envy of your friends. Other cleaning jobs in events at stadiums and arenas could be big clean ups after an event once everyone has left the event.

In corporate areas, facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs could be all about keeping the areas clean and tidy - and also about setting conference rooms up in accordance with health and safety procedures (amongst other things). There are lots of aspects to facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs...such as the possibility of working with specialist machinery and also working with heights. If you think you might like these types of events jobs, take a look at our article for more information and useful links to facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs .

Event Security Jobs And Event Steward Jobs At Stadiums And Arenas
Have you ever imagined you could have a part time job at evenings or weekends working at some of the United Kingdom’s top sporting events or shows, working with the public in event steward jobs? If this sounds good to you then you will be pleased to know it’s actually possible. There are tons of entry level jobs out there for students and young people who want to do this type of work.

Event steward jobs can be in a variety of roles. You could be working as a traffic marshall, for example, especially at larger stadiums and arenas where there could be more than one event taking place - or different parking areas for different sections of the venue. Other event steward jobs could be checking tickets or wristbands to make sure everyone is in the correct area of the stadium. And, if someone is looking a bit lost, they will also need showing to their block of seats. So, if you’re an Arsenal fan and you’re based nearby, Arsenal steward jobs at Emirates Stadium might be perfect for you. Likewise, for really big sporting events, Wembley Stadium jobs or Twickenham Stadium jobs are going to suit those who love match day or music events.

Some event security jobs and steward jobs at stadiums and arenas can require special qualifications or licenses - but some staffing companies will provide training for you. Crowd control or first aid positions will require previous knowledge, experience or certificates - but, if you build up this experience, then your pay packet could rise accordingly.

For more information about security jobs and event steward jobs and the qualifications necessary for certain roles, click to see our dedicated article on event security jobs.

I Like The Idea Of This Type Of Work. How Can I Find Events Jobs At Stadiums And Arenas?
Well the good news is, you can make a great start for yourself by checking out some of the companies and event staffing agencies who advertise their current vacancies through E4S. Because they offer their jobs through E4S, there is a good chance they are looking to actively employ students and young people in entry level jobs. Some of the events jobs advertised are seasonal roles which is good for those of you looking to do summer holiday work or Christmas jobs, for example.

Some event staffing agencies will have the contract for stadiums and arenas all over the United Kingdom, while others will cover venues in a particular region. Some events jobs could see you working at different stadia and arenas. This could be the case if you are looking for steward jobs in London, for instance. The capital and surroundings obviously has many venues which may be easily reachable for you. If you are prepared to be flexible in where you work, this could be an advantage for you in landing events jobs.

Ideas for where to find event security jobs and event steward jobs
  • Sword Security - If you like the idea of being a part of the team that makes some of the United Kingdom’s (and the world’s) biggest sporting events run smoothly, security jobs and event steward jobs could be available with Sword Security. To give you an idea of the types of events you could find yourself working at, Sword Security have had the contract to look after the security and crowd control at both the London Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.
  • Carlisle Events - For Arsenal steward jobs, Wembley Stadium jobs and Twickenham stadium jobs, Carlisle events have provided security staff to all these stadiums as well as other sporting venues around the London area. Carlisle Events employ staff looking for temporary jobs and also those who want to work flexible hours.
  • Combined Services Provider - Combined Services Provider could be worth checking out if you fancy the idea of Wembley Stadium jobs. These guys hold the contract for car parking management at the stadium, so event steward jobs in traffic marshalling could be available with them. This company also provide security staff - and staff to fill other roles - to stadiums and arenas around the United Kingdom, not just in the London area.
  • Armstrong Security - For event security jobs and event steward jobs, London based students and young people could take a look at Armstrong Security. The company covers specific London postcodes and might be worth considering, particularly if you have any previous experience in security jobs or bodyguard jobs.
  • Phoenix Group - If you are based in Birmingham or elsewhere in the Midlands and are considering event security jobs, then Phoenix Group could be well worth a look. As well as lots of other venues, Phoenix Group have provided security to football stadiums around the region - and the good news is, if you have no previous experience, full training is provided so that you are officially qualified to do football steward jobs and other events jobs in security.
Ideas for where to find catering and hospitality jobs in events
  • CGC Event Caterers- Good news for students and young people based in the Yorkshire region of England! CGC Event Caterers are based in Leeds and, as well as lots of other sporting venues, provide catering and hospitality staff to football stadiums including York and Barnsley. Hull Kingston Rovers rugby league club also use these guys. So if you are looking for bar jobs, waiter and waitressing jobs or other catering jobs, take a look at these guys. Christmas jobs and other temporary seasonal jobs are often on offer.
  • The Resource Network - These are the recruitment arm of the Compass Group and they provide catering jobs around many sporting venues across the United Kingdom.
  • Delaware North (UK) Ltd - Don’t let the ‘North’ put you off in the name of this company. Wembley Stadium jobs, Emirates (Arsenal) and the iPro Stadium in Derby use Delaware North UK Ltd to fill catering jobs. Delaware North UK Ltd also provide catering jobs for those looking to do events jobs at rock and pop concerts. Take a look at their company profile to find out more about the company and what type of temporary work could be on offer. If you are looking to build up a long term career with events management jobs in the catering and hospitality sector, this company could be a good one to start with.
Facilities management and cleaning jobs
For events jobs at stadiums and arenas, facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs could be available with The Resource Network, mentioned above, and also Combined Services Provider. Combined Services Provider could be worth considering for students and young people who are particularly looking for cleaning jobs in events.

What Types Of People Do Events Jobs In Stadiums And Arenas? Do I Need Previous Experience?
As we mentioned above, events jobs in stadiums and arenas are a great option for those of your looking entry level jobs. Previous experience is not necessarily required - and some of the firms mentioned above offer full training, too. If you do have previous experience in catering jobs or steward jobs, for example, then there could be a chance of getting a higher wage if you take on more responsibility.

To do events jobs of any type in stadiums and arenas, you need to be demonstrate that you are super enthusiastic about big events. If you get a buzz from them then that is going to pass on to the people attending and this will help them to enjoy the experience more. So, a willingness to work flexible hours, a willingness to work evenings and weekends, smart personal presentation and a confidence in working with the general public and a commitment to exceptional customer service; those attributes will go a long way to helping you land events jobs in stadia and arenas.

Will Events Jobs At Stadiums And Arenas Look Good On My CV?
Events jobs at stadiums and arenas are always going to look good on your CV when you are trying to impress possible future employers. Maybe you are hoping to get into events management jobs as a graduate career or you are looking to do apprenticeships in a particular area of events jobs.

And you don’t even need to be applying for jobs that are to do with events. Whatever type of roles you are applying for, work experience with events jobs at stadiums and arenas will always give you transferable skills that you can take with you elsewhere. Let’s take a look at just a few of the transferable skills that can help you towards your future career:
  • Working well under pressure - Whatever role you are doing, events at stadiums and arenas are often attended by thousands of people, meaning you need to be able deal with any situation that arises as a result of so many people being together in one space.
  • Working to deadlines - Events take place at particular times and everything needs to be ready for opening time. If you have been part of a team that has prepared everything on time - even if things have gone wrong during the process - you have shown you can meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent customer service skills - People go to events to have fun. And the staff they come into contact with, whatever roles those staff are in, need to make sure the event attendees have an unforgettable experience. Being able to deal with people in a professional manner is an excellent transferable skill to be able to take with you into your next role.
  • Working as part of a team -Teamwork is essential to the smooth running of events and also to the smooth running of any company.
  • Working under your own initiative - Events jobs at stadiums and arenas are going to throw up occasions where you might need to think on your feet and make decision about how to deal with a particular situation. Employers are impressed with staff who can make quick and effective decisions and act upon them to ensure a positive end result.

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