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Events Jobs At Christmas Parties

Introduction to events jobs at Christmas parties
We are always saying at E4S that events jobs for students and young people can be really good fun and they are great for those who are looking for part time jobs that offer the opportunity to work flexible hours. Due to study commitments or other circumstances that might prevent you from committing to long term posts, some of you might prefer to look for seasonal jobs where you can work for just a few weeks in the year to earn some money and also build up some useful work experience.

If you think you are one of these people, then read on...because this article is part of the E4S events jobs section but it is completely dedicated to a particular type of seasonal work, Christmas jobs. As we are concentrating on events jobs, this article will look at the type of events jobs you could do at Christmas parties. As with other events jobs, for Christmas jobs where you are staffing Christmas parties, it’s time to roll up your proverbial sleeves, prepare yourself for some possible long hours, some hard work...and, yes, lots of fun and meeting new people who are going to be both fellow team members and Christmas party guests.

Events jobs at Christmas parties - What types of events jobs could I be doing?
Christmas parties are a time when people let their hair down and really make the most of their time - and, whatever type of events jobs you do, you will be part of a team that is responsible for making sure all the guests are enjoying themselves in a happy and safe environment.

These days, there are lots of different types of Christmas parties where students and young people could find temporary Christmas jobs. London, for example, has hundreds of buildings and venues that events companies make use of to create memorable parties for guests. Christmas temporary jobs could be available at any of those events. Obviously, wherever you are based, it’s possible that parties will need staff to do Christmas jobs; Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool; in fact, just about anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in a major city.

Catering Jobs at Christmas parties
Yes, when doing temporary jobs at Christmas parties, perhaps the most obvious type of work that comes to mind is catering jobs. Chances are, it is entry level jobs that students and young people are going to be looking for and some catering jobs lend themselves perfectly to that.

Waiter and waitressing jobs - Seasonal jobs such as Christmas temporary jobs as a waiter or waitress are very common, and organised Christmas parties almost always have food of some description available. This could be a sit down meal of a few courses, such as a banquet, or it might be serving finger food and canapes to party guests. Waiter and waitressing jobs can see you serving food to small, private Christmas party groups, or also shared parties where lots of companies book into a party for the evening. Other Christmas parties might be large corporate events where you are serving people in the thousands. Sometimes, catering work in a Christmas job can also be greeting guests with a welcome glass of bubbly or a non alcoholic drink and mingling with guests to make sure they are regularly topped up. For more information about catering jobs, working with large groups, you can read our dedicated article on conference and banqueting jobs in events.

Christmas jobs doing bar work - When people go to Christmas parties, a lot of the time, there is going to be alcohol freely available; definitely refreshments. Sometimes, these drinks might be included in the fee people have paid or it might be a bar where you are handling cash. Bar jobs can be anything from preparing simple drinks to preparing cocktails and shots for guests.

Christmas jobs as a barista - It’s not all about alcohol at Christmas parties. Seasonal jobs as a barista can see you serving tea and coffee or other hot drinks to party guests - and, as it’s Christmas, you might also serve them with a mince pie.

Catering jobs as a kitchen assistant - If it is Christmas jobs for students who are studying for a role in the hospitality and catering industry that you are looking for, then maybe working as a kitchen assistant would suit you. This type of events job would suit those looking to get involved in food preparation with maybe a future interest in working as a chef or for getting a feel for conference and banqueting jobs in the kitchen.

Christmas jobs as a kitchen porter - Entry level temporary Christmas jobs could also be as a kitchen porter. The kitchen porter keeps kitchen areas clean, replenishes stock, washes up; and at Christmas parties where sit down meals are a part of the event, your job is especially important, making sure there is enough crockery set up for sometimes thousands of people.

Christmas temp jobs as a party host - Some events jobs at Christmas parties could be as a part host or as part of the team responsible for meeting and greeting guests as they arrive. Especially at large Christmas parties where there are thousands of guests, people need to be greeted with a smile and shown to the correct tables. Party hosts mingle with guests throughout the events to make sure everyone is happy and has everything they need.

If you are interested in doing catering jobs at events in general, and not just a Christmas parties, you can read our E4S dedicated article about events catering jobs . There, you will find more information about entry level jobs that could suit students and young people, the types of events you could be working at and also links to companies who recruit staff to do catering events jobs.

Facilities Management Jobs At Christmas Parties
Temporary Christmas jobs in facilities management could be suitable for students and young people because entry level jobs could arise.

Cleaning jobs at Christmas parties - Cleaning jobs, for instance, could be available at Christmas parties. These could be cleaning jobs where you are part of a team that does a big clean up of the venue after the Christmas party has finished and all the guests have left. Other cleaning jobs could be working during the Christmas party, making sure floors and surfaces are kept clean, litter is picked up and bins empties. Guests want their Christmas party to be perfect, so bathroom areas also need to be kept clean with soaps, toilet paper etcreplenished.

Other temporary Christmas jobs for students and young people who want to work in facilities management roles could be available in setting up function rooms and rooms in other large venues - such as exhibition centres and town halls, for example. As some Christmas parties cater for thousands of people, entry level jobs such as setting up chairs and tables, stages and other equipment to decorate the room, could be available.

Events jobs in the area of facilities management can be available at a whole range of events, as well as Christmas parties. For more information about the possible roles that might be suitable for students and young people, and the types of events and venues you could be working at, be sure to hop on over and check out the E4S article about events jobs in facilities management .

Event Steward Jobs At Christmas Parties
At larger venues where there could be thousands of people attending multiple Christmas parties taking place in different function rooms within a complex, temporary Christmas jobs could be available for students and young people looking to do event security jobs such as steward jobs. Amongst other roles, traffic marshalling, first aid and guiding people to the correct areas could be part of your duties.

Some event security jobs are entry level jobs, while other roles will require a level of expertise such as previous experience or qualifications and licenses. As well as Christmas jobs, other events jobs in security and stewarding could be available at different venues and at various times throughout the year. If these are the types of events jobs you would like to do, then please take a look at our more in depth information about temporary jobs in event security .

I like the idea of events jobs at Christmas parties. Where could I find them?
Christmas Jobs In Catering And Hospitality
Jockey Club Catering- Jockey Club Catering advertise Christmas jobs and other seasonal jobs at Epsom Racecourse. This could be ideal for students and young people who are in the Surrey area and who have their own transport to get to the racecourse.

Delaware North UK - Delaware North UK have catering jobs in events at venues all over the United Kingdom so there could be Christmas jobs working for these guys.

RD Resourcing - For catering jobs all over the United Kingdom, again, RD Resourcing could be worth checking out for temporary Christmas jobs and other seasonal work.

CGC Event Caterers- Students and young people looking for Christmas jobs in the northwest of England or the northeast, might be able to find seasonal catering jobs such as bar work or waiter and waitressing jobs with CGC Event Caterers. These guys provide staff for events at various stadiums and other venues where Christmas party season could be in full swing.

etc. venues- These guys recruit for various events and could have Christmas jobs. London is their focus so students based in the capital could find catering assistant jobs there.

Crown Golf- With golf courses across England, Crown Golf recruit catering staff for various events so Christmas jobs could be available here as people book their Christmas parties and festive family meals.

VMA Hosts- Christmas jobs in London could be available for students looking to do catering jobs over the Christmas party season.

Jam Staffing- Jam Staffing have catering jobs for prestigious events around London . If VIP Christmas parties sounds like your ideal type of Christmas jobs, then anything from bar jobs to hosting could be available with this company.

Lola Event Staffing- Again, if you are looking for Christmas jobs in London, Lola event staffing could have hospitality and catering jobs available for the party season and beyond. Lola Event Staffing actively welcome applications from students.

Berry Recruitment- Wherever you are based in England, Berry Recruitment could have seasonal jobs for students and young people over the festive season.

Wherever you are based in the United Kingdom, there could be Christmas jobs available to suit you. In some cities, for Christmas jobs, London or Manchester for example, there could be companies which specialise in Christmas party organisation who take on seasonal staff. Research your local area to see what’s available.

Seasonal Jobs Such As Facilities Management Jobs And Cleaning Jobs

Christmas parties take place in all sorts of different types of venue - and many of these venues will use facilities management companies to take care of duties such as setting up rooms within correct health and safety boundaries and also cleaning jobs. For these types of Christmas jobs, here are a couple of facilities management companies that offer events jobs throughout the year. Christmas parties could of course be included in this.

Resource Network- A part of the Compass Group, Resource Network are responsible for recruiting staff for the company. Facilities Management jobs and cleaning jobs with the Compass Group could see you working at some of the most prestigious venues in the United Kingdom. With thousands of venues being staffed by Resource Network, there could be Christmas jobs for students and young people in many areas of the nation.

Combined Services Provider - Again, Christmas jobs such as cleaning jobs could be available in many areas of the United Kingdom with these guys. This company also offers events security services, so there could be Christmas roles such as events steward jobs doing traffic marshalling, for example; especially at larger Christmas party venues.

E4S advertise events jobs such as security jobs and steward jobs with many different companies. If this is what you are interested in, then be sure to check out our event security jobs page for other companies who recruit students and young people for events jobs.

What type of venues host Christmas parties?
Christmas parties come in all shapes and sizes and, these days, many types of venue host them. You could find yourself doing Christmas jobs in restaurant function rooms, sport stadiums, exhibition centres, town halls or even iconic buildings that are famous within the town or city where you live. Depending on which company you are working for - whether it is an events staffing agency or you are working directly for the venue - your Christmas jobs could see you doing temporary jobs either all in the same venue or you could be working in different areas.

And, as it is Christmas and and it’s party time, you will be part of the fun. Events jobs working at Christmas parties mean you could be doing catering jobs, bar jobs, cleaning jobs or other work at tribute nights, where there is a meal followed by live entertainment. Some Christmas jobs will be at theme nights where the room is decorated to a particular theme and guests dress accordingly - a James Bond theme night, for example, or a winter wonderland. Other Christmas jobs, especially catering jobs such as bar work or waiter and waitressing jobs, could see you working at hotels, country clubs and restaurants serving lunches to families having a festive get together or work get togethers for smaller companies.

For Christmas temp jobs, London could be the place for events jobs in famous buildings such as the Tower of London, Earls Court, the Wembley complex and a whole variety of the city’s historic and iconic buildings that may be hired for either exclusive or shared Christmas parties.

For Merseyside temporary Christmas jobs, Liverpool is home to world famous racecourse, Aintree - and also the Royal Liver buildings. These are just two of the many venues around the area where seasonal jobs could be available. (If you live or are studying close to a racecourse and are thinking and would like to do other events jobs there as well as Christmas jobs, take a look at our article on events jobs at racecourses .)

For other northwest Christmas jobs, Manchester and surroundings, of course, is packed with possible Christmas party venues such as Tatton Park. For large venues such as this, as well as other events jobs, cleaning jobs could be available for clear ups after the event.

The beauty of looking for seasonal jobs where you are staffing Christmas parties is that, wherever you are based in the United Kingdom, there is a strong chance that functions will be taking place where seasonal jobs could be available. This could be in any type of venue from sporting venues to stadiums to exhibition centres to hotels and country clubs to your local restaurant. Even if there are no Christmas jobs advertised here on E4S that are local to you, it’s still worth visiting your local venues to leave your CV or speak to someone in charge about possible temporary Christmas jobs.

What type of people do events jobs at Christmas parties?
If you are considering seasonal work such as Christmas jobs and you would like to work in events jobs such as staffing Christmas parties, then chances are you are already the type of person employers would be looking for to fill these roles.

Young people and students who work at Christmas parties will need to be cheerful, friendly, outgoing - and confident in dealing with the guests who attend the party. Whatever type of role you are doing, whether it’s catering jobs, cleaning jobs or steward jobs, for example, you are likely to be in contact with party guests. Obviously, some events jobs will see you in more contact with guests than others.

Christmas party events jobs will suit students and young people who are looking to work flexible hours and, as you might expect, a lot of these hours are likely to be in the late evenings, especially for those doing bar jobs, waiter and waitressing jobs and hosting, for instance. Some Christmas get togethers can also be lunches, too, but if you love Christmas and being a part of the festivities, then the flexible (and often long) hours could well be lots of fun as you work to make people’s experiences a memorable one for all the right reasons.

Previous experience for some roles isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for getting Christmas jobs at parties as some roles are entry level jobs. Also, as some positions demand specific requirements from you, there is sometimes training available, depending on the type of company you are working for. This could help you develop your skill set for future roles...

Will events jobs at Christmas parties look good on my CV?
Jobs mean valuable work experience so Christmas jobs working at parties are definitely going to look good on your CV. Whether you are applying for future graduate jobs, apprenticeships, or you are looking to begin a career by other routes, future employers will always be impressed that you have gone out there to work in the build up to Christmas.

Events jobs at Christmas parties mean you need to be on the ball at all times, whatever type of role you are working in. Some of the transferable skills you could add to your CV from doing Christmas jobs at parties are:
  • Developing customer service skills. Many types of events jobs mean you will you be working with the general public in a professional manner and this is an excellent piece of experience to be carry forward with you into your future career.
  • Working well under pressure. When it comes to Christmas parties, guests are expecting everything will run smoothly for their own enjoyment. Events jobs at parties will mean you need to work to get everything ready for set times - even when it might not seem possible - and this looks good for future employers.
  • Working as part of a team. Christmas jobs in events, whether that’s bar jobs, facilities management jobs or other roles, mean you will need to work as part of a team to ensure everything works well. This is a great skill to add to your CV.
  • Working under your own initiative. Likewise, just as effective teamwork is vital in events jobs, working at Christmas parties means you will also need to work under your own initiative.
These are just a few examples of the type of experience you can build up while doing Christmas jobs at Christmas parties. For this type of work and other events jobs you could do, take a look at what’s on offer in the E4S listings to see if there is anything that might suit you. Christmas seasonal jobs are not just all about parties; there are many other types of roles you could do. Search now, and you never know, you could be doing events jobs and earning some extra cash sooner than you think...

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