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Facilities Management At Events - What Is It?
So, what other types of events jobs are out there that might suit students and young people looking to get some valuable work experience under their belts? As well as event catering jobs and event security jobs, the other option to consider is within the area of facilities management. Facilities management is one of the fastest growing professions in the United Kingdom and encompasses a variety of specialisms and specialist areas

When it comes to events, effective facilities management is vital to the smooth running of the actual event and also to the safety and comfort of those attending. The confidence and trust of the attendees in the event is down to the quality of the facilities management - so, as you can see, facilities management jobs at all levels carry with them a high level of responsibility. Facilities management teams are responsible for health and safety, arrangement of space and the maintenance of that space; and even temporary, entry level facilities management jobs mean you are playing a valuable part of the running of any successful events.

Facilities management jobs in events that might be suitable for students and young people can include cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs. Cleaning jobs in events might not sound that appealing or glamorous at first, but as with other events jobs, working as part of the cleaning team can be a lot of fun. Many events cleaning jobs are entry level jobs and so they can be a good way of earning some extra income while gaining some work experience for students and young people.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of facilities management jobs in events for students and school leavers:

Facilities management jobs in events often have flexible working hours
Events often take place at evenings and weekends and can run over a few hours on a given day or over a few days. Facilities management jobs at events mean flexible working hours which can be great for students and young people looking for work where they are not limited to fixed hours that could interrupt studies or other commitments.

Facilities management jobs at events can be lots of fun
Facilities management jobs and, yes, cleaning jobs at events, can be lots of fun. Cleaning jobs at events mean you are working as part of a team and, depending on the type of cleaning jobs you are doing, you could be dealing with the general public or doing a big clean up once all the attendees have left the event.

Previous experience is not necessarily a prerequisite for getting facilities management jobs such as cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs at events
Some facilities management companies will offer a comprehensive training programme for facilities management jobs, particularly where health and safety is concerned. Events jobs for cleaners for example could involve training in the use of industrial cleaning equipment or working in high places. Likewise with maintenance jobs, specialist machinery and safety equipment training may be provided

Facilities management jobs such as cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs at events are all different
Yes, when it comes to events jobs such as part time cleaning jobs or maintenance jobs, there is not a lot of chance that you will be bored. No two jobs are the same. You could be doing a big clean up with a team of people your age after a summer music festival or you might be making sure everywhere is spic and span for a corporate event at a more intimate venue. And, depending on the type of maintenance you are employed to do, you could be tending gardens one day and changing broken light bulbs the next. If you like the idea of this type of variety in your work, cleaning jobs at events or maintenance jobs could be perfect for you.
What Are The Different Types of Events Where Cleaning Jobs And Facilities Management Jobs Can Be Done?
One off events - One off events could be rock concerts, cup finals, shows for example, or important conferences. Facilities management companies often employ temporary staff to do cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs at these types of events.

Regular events - Regular events jobs where part time cleaning jobs might crop up could be sporting events such as horse race meetings or sports fixtures such as football, rugby and county cricket matches. Maintenance jobs could be anything from mending broken boundary fencing to installing banners.

Sports events - Other sports events might be international cricket matches, well known annual race meetings such as the Grand National, Glorious Goodwood and the Cheltenham Gold Cup. Athletics meets, road races and cycle races; all events such as this require clean ups during and after the event. you could be doing cleaning jobs at some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious events.

Festivals - Events jobs at festivals are going to suit those of you looking for summer jobs because that’s when most of the United Kingdom festivals take place. With the festival calendar ever growing, whether you are looking for maintenance and cleaning jobs in London, Manchester and right up to cleaning jobs in Glasgow, chances are, there could be festivals tak┼čng place close to where you live or where you are studying. If you would like to do summer events jobs at festivals take a look at the E4S dedicated page for more information about festival summer jobs.

Public gatherings - Have you ever thought about who cleans up after public gatherings such as large meetings or demonstrations, for example? Big cities often host many such gatherings so cleaning jobs in Manchester or London for example could involve this type of work. You could be part of the team that restores the meeting area to its former state, ensuring it is once more clean, safe and accessible to the general public.

Exhibition centres and convention centres - Networking events, fashion shows, travel fairs; many events like this rely on the use of exhibition centres and convention centres and so cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs could be available in places such as this.

Hotels, country clubs, conference and hospitality suites- And some hotel cleaning jobs at events might be in a bit more of a housekeeping capacity, generally making sure the space is spick and span for those attending.

What are the main duties for someone doing event cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs?
As mentioned above, all types of facilities management jobs carry with them a good deal of responsibility because health and safety is paramount for both the events staff and those who are attending.
What are the main duties for someone doing event cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs?
As mentioned above, all types of facilities management jobs carry with them a good deal of responsibility because health and safety is paramount for both the events staff and those who are attending.

Event cleaning jobs
Cleaning jobs at events require cleaners to make a venue spotless both before and after the event and also maintain the cleanliness while the event is taking place. Events jobs such as this could see you working indoors, outdoors and sometimes in high places, too. Cleaners are an essential part of any event and positions can be regular, part time cleaning jobs at weekly events or even temporary jobs for a one-off event. Duties for those doing cleaning jobs in events could include:
  • Cleaning - general housekeeping duties such as dusting, vacuuming and cleaning fabrics are all cleaning jobs that could crop up at certain events.
  • Waste disposal - doesn’t sound too appealing does it but there is machinery for jobs like this.
  • Litter collecting and sorting through the litter for recycling.
  • Deep cleans - some facilities management companies offer specialist cleaning services such as deep cleans. Cleaning jobs in events could involve such specialist services either before or afterwards. This could be in the kitchens of a large venue for example where degreasing and steam cleaning is necessary.
  • Graffiti removal - events jobs could see you being part of the team that needs to get rid of any graffiti that could have appeared during the event.
  • High pressure jet steam cleaning.
  • Reactive response cleaning - cleaning jobs in events are not just about cleaning the area once everyone has left the event and gone home. Some cleaning jobs require you to clean up as the event is in progress and reactive response cleaning refers to accidents such as spillages that need to be cleaned up or cordoned off immediately for health and safety reasons.
  • Cleaning and replenishing toilet areas - Some cleaning jobs in events will require to do regular checks on toilet areas to make sure they are clean. Emptying bins, replenishing of toilet paper and soaps and hand towels is also a part of this.
  • Cleaning pavements, entrances and other thoroughfares - Lots of events are attended by many people so events jobs such as cleaning jobs require you to keep areas such as pavements and entrances clean and safe for those attending.
  • Cleaning food service areas.
Those looking for student jobs in events might not like the idea of cleaning jobs because, as a role, cleaning doesn’t really have a particularly glamorous image. However, the role of the cleaner is absolutely essential at events. Cleaning jobs in London, for example, could see you working at world class venues such as Wembley stadium, Twickenham and some of the city’s major football grounds. Evening cleaning jobs could see you working at awards ceremonies, shows or parties.

Some of your roles could mean you are working with those attending the event, patrolling areas where you are picking up litter for example. Your appearance will need to be clean and smart and to a high standard, and don’t forget of course, if this is your duty during a music or sports event, you are going to get to see the event for free and earn money all at the same time.

Also, cleaning jobs in events where you are working alongside the general public, you will need to be able to provide a high level of customer service. How many times have you been to an event in a big stadium for example and you have needed to ask directions about how to find the toilets or the nearest place to buy a drink? While there will be marshalls doing events jobs for this purpose, if someone is a bit unsure of where to go, they are going to stop anyone in a uniform. That person could be you.

So, as well as carrying with them a lot of responsibility - safe and correct use of machinery and cleaning products, high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, meeting certain statutory requirements - cleaning jobs in events can also be varied and fun where you are meeting lots of new people and improving your customer service skills.

Facilities management jobs in maintenance
Maintenance jobs in events that could suit students and young people include:
  • Grounds maintenance jobs and garden maintenance jobs - many venues such as country clubs hold prestigious events where the grounds outside need to be well maintained and tidied before the arrival of the guests.
  • Other entry level jobs in maintenance jobs are likely to be in general handyman roles such as repairing or removing broken equipment while the event is taking place or replacing spent light bulbs.
  • Maintenance jobs in facilities management can also be in the setting up of the event and the clear up afterwards; setting up chairs and tables for guests, for example, or erecting and taking down banners and hoardings.
I like the idea of event cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs. Where can I find them?
Resource Network- Resource network are part of the Compass Group who are the market leader in catering and facilities management support services. The Compass Group staff major events in thousands of venues all over the United Kingdom which means there could be facilities management jobs for events available in a venue close to where you live. Resource network have events cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs at some of the country’s most prestigious venues and events. Whether you are looking for temporary facilities management jobs or you are hoping to build a future career in this sector, Resource Network could be a good place to start.
  • For cleaning jobs in London and around, Resource Network provide staff for events at Twickenham, Chelsea FC and Reading FC.
  • For cleaning jobs in Leicester, you could be covering match days at the King Power Stadium, home to Leicester City FC.
  • Summer jobs in events could see you doing facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs at Edgbaston, England’s second largest cricket ground, home to Warwickshire Cricket Club and also host of many international test matches. Other cleaning jobs in Warwick could be at Warwick Racecourse where, as well as race meetings there is also a demanding events schedule.
Combined Services Provider Originally providing marshalling staff for car parks and the like at major sporting events, Combined Services Provider have now gone on to cover sporting and entertainment venues across the United Kingdom. Their services now also include cleaning and waste management so there could be facilities management jobs available with this company.

If you like the idea of doing events jobs in large venues, take a look at the E4S dedicated page for events jobs in sports stadiums and arenas . You can also read here for more information about jobs in events at racecourses .
Will Events Cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs look good on my CV?
Definitely! The advantage of entry level cleaning jobs in events and other facilities management jobs is that you can demonstrate on your CV that you don’t mind getting hands on and getting stuck in there with your job. Other transferable skills that you can demonstrate from cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs are:
  • Health and safety awareness and maybe even some qualifications from this.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Timekeeping.
  • Decision making.
  • Working both independently and also as part of a team.
  • Working under pressure to get jobs completed on time.
  • Working with specialist equipment.
  • Working with heights.
Can cleaning jobs and facilities management jobs in events lead on to other things?
Cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs in events can lead on to a career in facilities management if you think this type of work suits you. Facilities management is fast growing profession and there are many qualifications you can do to develop your expertise in certain areas. Changes in technology and legislation are occurring all the time so facilities management jobs and careers require team leaders and managers to be on top of those so that staff and event attendees are safe at all times. School leavers can consider apprenticeships while there are also undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications for those looking to go into management.

Of course, facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs are not just at events. Young people doing cleaning jobs might want to take their role further by doing specialist roles such as cleaning listed buildings or being part of the clean up team at crime scenes. Those doing maintenance jobs in events might want to specialise by doing electrical maintenance jobs or roofing for example.

But if it’s the events jobs that really interest you and you would like to take this further, events management jobs could be the career for you. Events management jobs would suit people with good organisational skills and who are good leaders, too.
How much cleaning jobs and other facilities management jobs pay?
For entry level roles students and young people can expect to be paid at least the minimum wage. Obviously, the pay will increase if the cleaning jobs or maintenance jobs are more specialised. It is possible to do apprenticeships in cleaning and also for other more specialised maintenance roles such as electrical maintenance jobs and maintenance engineer jobs.

Facilities management jobs and cleaning jobs in events come in all shapes and sizes and, as with other events jobs you can do, the very nature of them means no two days are going to be the same. Even if you are working at the same venue over a long period, each event will be different from the last, throwing up new challenges all the time. Duties may change and of course, those who attend the events are going to be different, too, meaning you get the chance to work with people from all backgrounds. Part time cleaning jobs and maintenance jobs at events could also be during the evening and even through the night. Evening cleaning jobs can be perfect for students who need to fit their job around studies and other commitments.

If you like the idea of events jobs such as facilities management or even catering jobs or event security jobs, why not take a look at what’s available in the E4S vacancy listings and start applying for your ideal events jobs.

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