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The Complete Guide To Event Security Jobs

Security Jobs Can Be A Good Option For Students
Have you ever thought of looking for a student job working in security? Do you know what responsibilities security staff take on as part of their duties of the job? There are lots of stereotypes attached to working in security, lots of them not too good, which means a lot of students do not even consider the option of temporary evening jobs or weekend work as a member of a security team. Hopefully, this article might change your mind and cause you to have a bit of a rethink so you can add working in security to your list of potential student job options to consider.

Getting yourself a student job as a member of a security team doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a muscle man in a black suit. Nor does it necessarily mean you will be sat in a plastic booth on your own all day, waving lorries through to the distribution depot of a factory or warehouse, bored out of your mind. As with many other professions, we only tend to hear about security personnel jobs when something has either gone wrong or is about to go wrong. The positive sides to security work are seldom reported, so recruiters have a task on their hands in trying to get the right people for their vacancies.

For example, university students and young people (aged over 18) looking to work flexible hours could be the perfect choice for companies that specialise in events security. Firms that specialise in events security are often on the lookout for students because of the nature of the work involved: many events, such as sports or music events or festivals, take place at evenings, weekends - and throughout the summer months and Christmas period. That’s right about the time when your availability lends itself to the job. If you are intrigued by what a student job working as part of a security team at events might entail, then read on...
The Combined Services Provider

Event Security
Which companies might offer event security jobs for students?
Most venues outsource their event security to specialist event security companies, which means you need to apply to those specialist companies for event security work. The good news is that most will train you and can also offer work at a variety of venues throughout the year on a full time or part time basis. Here are some of the best event security companies in the UK:

Combined Services Provider
Combined Services Provider do what they say in their name. They offer a range of services for events such as traffic marshalling and security at venues including Wembley Stadium, the O2, Sandown Park, Newbury Racecourse, Newmarket Racecourse and Epsom Downs racecourse.

G4S is a global provider of security staff. They have full time and part time event secrity and stewarding jobs at a wide range of events across the UK including major fetivals, sports and music events at iconic venues such as Wimbledon, the Grand National, Liverpool Music festival, T in the Park and football stadiums.

Kingfisher Guarding
Kingfisher Guarding recruit for crowd management, traffic management, customer service, and security jobs at concerts and sports events in London and across the UK including summer festivals like Glastonbury, Boomtown and British Summer Time.

Showsec is an award winning crowd management, venue and event security specialist who provide security staff at events, festivals and major venues across the UK (Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Guildford, Isle of Wight, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Stoke) including Wembley Arena, Earls Court and the Download Festival. They have full time and casual event security work for SIA supervisors as well as event stewarding jobs for those without qualifications.

Carlisle Events
Carlisle Events recruit SIA Door Supervisor staff and event stewards to work at entertainment venues, sports grounds and racecourses including Goodwood and Cheltenham.

Pitman’s People
Pitman’s People source staff for all aspects of the events industry, including event security, and are dubbed the ‘preferred supplier to the events industry.’ The company employs many students for both temporary and permanent jobs and they operate a bit like an agency and employer all rolled into one. They provide the training for you, add you to their books and if an event security job comes up in your area (although they are based in London, they advertise events jobs all over the United Kingdom), they can offer you the position. If you like the idea of flexible temporary student jobs such as these apply for any current events jobs they are advertising.

Triforce aim to be recognised for the quality of the staff they provide for event security and therefore offer full training programmes. They have lots of event security vacancies for work at events and festivals in the spring and summer. More information about student events jobs with Triforce can be found here.

Armstrong Security
If you are looking for student jobs in London and would like to do event security on a flexible basis, then another firm that offers that sort of work is Armstrong Security.

Phoenix Group
Students based in Birmingham and elsewhere around the Midlands could find event security jobs with the Phoenix Group. Phoenix Group have the Investors In People Award and also provide valuable SIA approved training for their staff.
Do I Need Any Special Qualifications To Get Event Security Jobs?
There tend to be 2 types of event security jobs:

Event Steward Jobs - stewarding tends to involve crowd management and customer service. Ideally event stewards should hold a level 2 NVQ qualification in Spectator Safety, but most security event staffing companies do not require it and will provide training instead, so nothing formal is required to apply for these roles except good customer service skills. Pay tends to be around £7-£8 per hour for these roles depending on the event.

Event Security Staff - have more of an emphasis on security and protection, and are a great option if you are looking for door supervisor jobs or security guard jobs. They are SIA jobs so an SIA (Security Industry Authority) License is required. Most event security companies want staff with an existing SIA licence, but some will provide training and help to get the licence before sending them out to work. SIA event security jobs pay more – usually between £8-£10 per hour.

SIA Licence
The Security Industry Authority is responsible for regulating the private security industry - and its aim is to set levels across the board so that all security staff, whatever company they work for, hold the same national qualifications, no matter where they are working in the UK. The SIA hope this will improve the public image of all private security companies generally over time.

An event security job will require you to have a Level 2 award in Door Supervision. The SIA License is valid for three years and costs £220 to complete - and, as mentioned above, some employers will make the necessary arrangements for you to get qualified before you begin work. Please note, it is a criminal offence to do some security work in the UK without the SIA Licence.

Students who might have previous experience or other qualifications related to security may be exempt from some or all of the requirements for obtaining an SIA License. Check with potential employers and also do your own due diligence. Check the SIA website for more information about awarding bodies - for example, one of those awarding bodies is City and Guilds who offer Level 2 in Spectator Safety.

Amongst other things, the award prepares you for helping to manage conflict, teaches you how to deal with accidents and emergencies - and how to control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events. Click the SIA link above to see what else the award prepares you for.
Event Security Jobs - What Type Of Events Would I Be Working At?
Student event security jobs could be a really exciting prospect because many of the security firms in the United Kingdom which specialise in events are covering major occasions as well as some smaller events. Sell out shows and sporting occasions can still be within your reach and you’ll be getting paid to be there, too.

So let’s say you get yourself a student job in event security; what types of occasions could you find yourself not only working at as part of the event security but also witnessing for yourself?

Event security jobs could mean you are working at sporting events of all shapes and sizes. Depending on your availability, where you are studying or where you live, this could be cup finals at places such as Wembley Stadium and Arena, Murrayfield, Cardiff Arms Park, Twickenham. Picture your locality right now and think about the sporting events - big and small scale - around there. Event security jobs could well come up in those sports. For example, the United Kingdom once again plays host to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 in Glasgow. The Games will provide many temporary event jobs to students and other people looking to work flexible hours over the summer months in part time event jobs.

Other event security vacancies could materialise in the form of music concerts at venues across the United Kingdom. These could be indoor concerts or summer music festivals such as Glastonbury. As well as student events jobs in security, if you like the idea of working outdoors at music festivals, you can also check out our article on summer festival jobs.

And if sport and music is not your thing, there are lots of other security jobs students can do at events. Networking events and conferences for all types of business sectors are very common these days and they usually need a security presence if they are of a notable size.

Travel conventions and expos are also popular. Political rallies, product launches, movie premieres, award ceremonies, charity and corporate events, weddings, supervising film and television sets and also product launches. These are all the types of occasions event security is required - and, if you’ve got the personality for it, you could have a very rewarding and fun student job.

Yes, it is going to be tough at times, but your training should prepare you for those occasions so that you can enjoy the rest of your role in any of the events jobs you apply for.
What type of duties will I be expected to carry out in event security jobs?
Security Jobs Are Also About Customer Services
As mentioned above, security event jobs are not all about wearing black suits and trying to look mean. These days, private security companies are working hard to improve the image of the role and younger enthusiastic students are a good way to do that. The job carries with it a lot of responsibility because you and your workmates are responsible for making sure the event is safe, secure and enjoyable for everyone who attends - but you also need to be friendly and approachable while carrying out this role. You are representing the event you are covering and setting an example for the encouragement of behaviour where everyone respects each other and the event - a smile can go a long way in event security.

Confidence In Dealing With The Public
There are going to be times when you need to talk someone down in a heated situation - that is just part of your job in security - but you should receive training for that from the firm you are working for.

The rest of your time will generally be spent being open and confident in dealing with the event attendees while you carry out duties such as searching bags, doing general body searches, checking tickets and making sure people know where they are going. Remember, if it’s a happy occasion, people have probably been looking forward to this for a long time and are generally going to be in a great mood. Your job is to try to keep them that way, whilst also making sure they stay safe.

First Aid Where Needed
Event security jobs are about looking out for the welfare of the event attendees - and sometimes you might be the first person on the scene in the unfortunate event that someone needs medical assistance. You might be required to perform basic first aid while you wait for the emergency services to arrive.

Pre And Post Event Services
A lot of work goes into the creation of most events and the actually occasion itself is often just a small part of it. Student jobs in event security mean you could find yourself assisting in the set up before the event even gets under way - and, once the show is over with, the clearing up afterwards. This could involve patrolling areas where valuable equipment needs to left exposed, patrolling perimeter fencing to make sure unauthorised people are not trying to get inside and generally looking out for any unusual activity or sounds.

Other duties you could be called upon to perform are traffic marshalling in and around the event venue, crowd control and liaising with emergency services.
What Type Of Person Is Needed For Event Security Vacancies?
Well, basically, you need to be over 18 and have an aptitude for working with the general public. If you are good at keeping up positive relationships with event attendees while letting them know you are a secure presence, then you could well be the perfect person to take on event jobs in the security field.

These days, event security is mainly about being smart, professional and customer focussed - similar to the requirements of many other jobs where you are dealing with the public. The main difference is, you will have rare occasions where you may have to talk someone down in a heated situation. However, this is often but a small part of your job.

Do you enjoy meeting new people? Student jobs in event security mean you could be working with different teams of people for each event, as well as striking up relationships with the people attending the event - many event security staff cite the happy banter with the general public as a fun part of their job. And of course, you need to love the buzz of events and see being part of the event as a privilege.

Imagine the sense of reward and achievement knowing that you were part of the team that helped a major international event - such as the London Olympics or the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, for example - to run smoothly. And don’t forget, you still get paid for this, too!

Events come in all shapes and sizes and are both indoors and outdoors. Many students relish the idea of working outdoors, especially in summer. If that is you, then you should certainly consider event security jobs or look at some of our other suggestions for outdoor summer jobs.
What are the working hours for event security?
If you are looking for student jobs that give you the option to work flexible hours, event security vacancies could be perfect for you. If you think about it, most events take place in the evenings, at weekends and during the summer holidays. As a result, many events security vacancies are temporary, casual jobs so will suit students who need some extra income. Above all, event security companies require you to be flexible with your hours so you need to decide if this uncertainty around the hours your work is a plus or a minus for you.
Event Security Jobs For Students - What’s Next?
Well that’s down to you. Research the companies highlighted at the beginning of this article to see if they operate in your area and, more importantly, check if they offer you training for the SIA Licence.

If you would like the flexibility to pick and choose which companies you work for, you could always make your own arrangements for getting your SIA License. Get started now and you could soon be part of the event security teams at some of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious events and become the envy of your friends.

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