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Student Podcast – Your Career Kit

27 Feb 2021

Looking for a student podcast?

Ever wondered how you want to get into your dream career, or after top student tips and advice? Your Career Kit is a student podcast that does exactly that.

Our student podcast is focused on bringing you the best advice as we hear from Company Directors & CEOs, HR and Recruitment Managers, Career Advisors and more from top company such as ITV, Rolls Royce, Experian and BMW – we’ve even been lucky enough to speak to an Olympic Finalist.

We also focus on discussing key student topics, such as finances, budgeting, moviivation and study tips.

Where can you listen to the podcast?

We have been sure to make Your Career Kit available far and wide; it is available on 8 platforms, and we have covered most popular places!
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What episodes have we done so far?

Why Your CV Isn’t Getting You Hired

What better way to get top tips and advice, than to get the professionals in? We were joined by Rolls Royce Recruitment Manager Ellie Long, as well as Experian Senior Talent Acquisition partner Orianne Wightman. Having looked at thousands of CV’s over the past few years, they let you know exactly what to include in your application to wow recruiters and make sure you stand out, from CVs and Cover Letters, right up to assessment centres and interviews. You don’t want to miss this one!

The Ultimate CV and Application Guide: Top Tips To Create a Successful CV, Cover Letter, Assessment Centre and More!

We bring you the very best tips for the entire application process and cover the best tips for how to make your CV stand out, how to write a cover letter, being a start candidates in assessment centres and so much more! Our line-up in this episode include guests from ITV, Rolls Royce, Experian, Formula 1 and BMW.

How to Get into A Career in Formula 1 and Motorsport

We have two guests share their amazing career journey’s and gave their top tips and advice on how to get into the competitive world of Formula 1 and Motorsports. It is definitely worth a listen if you aren’t interested Formula 1, but are keen to progress into Sports Marketing or PR and Communications

Student Budgeting and Finance Tips

We teamed up with the University of Reading to share with you a range of top budgeting tips to help your money go further as a university student, as well as understanding Student Finance and all the financial help available to you. Be sure to also read our blog to explore a fantastic range of student budgeting tips.

Winning the Apprentice with Tim Campbell

The first winner of The Apprentice and aide to Lord Sugar, Tim Campbell MBE, joined us on the podcast in what was his second appearance with us on our student podcast. He shares a fantastic range of entrepreneurial, business and job application tips to understand what you need to get that extra edge.

Undergraduate career options: Internships, Placements and Graduate Schemes

Understanding your employment opportunities as an undergraduate can be hugely important as you need to ensure you have the relevant experience for graduation and beyond. Gabriella form Centrica joins us to discuss the application and onboarding process of Internships, Placements and Gradaute Schemes as she shares her top tips to ensure you shine at every stage.

Apprenticeships vs University

An important question to ask yourself, but one that is often overlooked during school; Is an apprenticeship right for you? For National Apprenticeship week, we were joined by former MOD Engineering Management apprentice Ollie Cooper to look at the advantages and disadvantages of an apprenticeship to help you decide what your next career move could be.

How to Get A Top University Placement

We also looked at how to land a good university placement, with two university students: Felix Connelly from UWE Bristol and Kurtis Betteridge from Bournemouth University. If you’re curious about how to apply for a placement, they day in a life of a placement student or why you should do a placement, we have two great episodes for you to listen to.

How To Get An Incredible Job in Law

Episode 14 saw us joined by Holly Moore, the UK’s first Solicitor Apprentice, who has been doing her 6 year apprenticeship at ITV. We got to speak to Holly about all things apprenticeships, from why she chose to do one over university, the application process, her daily structure, apprenticeship support and so much more.

How To Get a Job In Banking and Finance

If you’re interested in how to kickstart a carer in Banking and Finance, join us on this episode as we hear from The Apprentice winner, Tim Campbell, on what it takes to begin a top career in the industry and how he’s working on breaking down the barriers to enter.

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