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Apprenticeships vs. University | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022


The debate between apprenticeships and university is a popular debate among many A-Level and college students as it hugely influences the next few years of their life. Yet, there often seems to be a one-sided discussion towards university.

So what are the benefits of an apprenticeship and why should you consider one?

To mark National Apprenticeship Week we were joined by Ollie Cooper, a former apprentice at the MOD, who shared his experience of doing an apprenticeship.

From talking about apprenticeship topics that aren’t often spoken about, the fun side of apprenticeships, right up to the ins and outs of his daily schedule – we cover it all in a bid to get you up to speed with all the advantages (and some disadvantages) of apprenticeships.

And if you want to hear more about apprenticeships, then also check out our podcast with an Solicitor Apprentice from ITV.

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