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How to Get a Job in Formula 1 and Motorsport | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022



Thousands of students up and down the country dream of getting a job in Formula 1 (F1) or some form of motorsport, but many are stuck on just how to land their dream job.

The path to a job in F1 can be one that is completely unknown, after all, how many people do you know working in motorsport let alone F1? But that is where we are here to help.

Whether you’re after a job as an F1 Engineer, Marketing, Logistics, Hospitality and more, read on to find out more about how two people carved their way into the world of F1 and Motorsports.

We’ve had two amazing guests discussing a career in Formula 1 and Motorsports: Tim Silvey and Rebecca Banks. Tim has a history working in Sports Marketing, Sponsorship and Consulting, with Rebecca specialising in PR and Communications.

Tim Silvey – Episode 5
Fellow podcast host Tim Silvey joined us in our first episode tackling the journey into a career in Formula 1.

The MotorMouth Podcast host opened up on his career tips and stories into working across Sports Marketing, Sponsorship and Consulting – a career that has seen him work on some of F1’s biggest sports deals with teams such as Mercedes and Epson.

Tim has worked across a huge range of motorsport series ranging from Formula 1, Formula E, Formula 3, GT, WTCC and WEC and more – showcasing the amazing range of career opportunities available in the world of motorsport.

Just like Rebecca Banks below, Tim has also seen himself at top of the corporate ladder as he has founded and ran a range of companies working in motorsport with drivers, teams, tracks and event hosts.

Rebecca Banks – Episode 7
Rebecca has over 20 years experience working in PR & Communications within Motorsports and is Director at Revolution Communications. At the time of writing this, Rebecca is currently travelling the globe working at Williams F1.

Throughout the episode, we hear all about Rebecca’s journey to the top of motorsport as she shares her stories and tips to help you get your break in motorsport too. Regardless of whether you want to go into a career in PR & Communications or simply F1 or other motorsport categories, Rebecca’s journey certainly doesn’t fall short of inspirational and motivating.

From what started as a short stint at the famous blue and yellow Subaru World Rally Team, she landed her first F1 job at BAR Honda – which turned into Brawn GP in 2009 and is now Mercedes AMG F1 Team. Since then, Rebecca’s hard work and determination saw her create her own PR & communications company and work with racing drivers and teams all across the world. She’s even gone on to star in the behind the scenes at Monstory Energy x Top Gear race featuring none other than Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block.

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