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University Placements: Student experience and skills | Your Career Kit Podcast

05 Aug 2022



An industrial placement is often a key part of many university courses and is an important way for students to gain hands-on experience.

We were joined by two students, Kurtis and Felix, who shared their experiences of placements and internships and answered key questions such as:
- Their placement’s daily structure
- Why they chose to do a placement/internship
- The university placement application process
- The benefits/advantages of doing a university placement/internship

Kurtis secured his placement during lockdown and was working at a local

Working at an SME was hugely beneficial to Kurtis, as he was able to get hands on with the whole team and gain a vast amount of experience in marketing as he embarks on his journey to begin a career in sports marketing once he graduates.

Felix was in a similar situation to Kurtis, landing his placement during the pandemic at world-renowned BMW in an engineering placement. Through his hard work during his placement, he was rewarded with a promotion to BMW Motorsport and spent 6 months in Munich learning the ropes of working in a race team.

Without the experience of working at BMW, Felix’s dreams of working in Formula 1 would have been several steps further away.

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