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How to Create an Incredible Job Application | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022


In episode 19, we bring you the highlights of the first 2 seasons to share all our guest’s top job application tips and cover off everything you need to include in your CV and job applications to make sure you stand out and get hired for your dream job.

From amazing guests from Rolls Royce, Experian, Centrica (owner of British Gas), ITV and BMW, we cover off a huge range of tips and tricks in less than 30 minutes, including:
- What to avoid in your CV.
- How to prove your skills and experience with the STAR technique.
- How to stand out in your job application.
- Extra bonus ways to surprise your interviewer.
- Handling your first corporate interviews and overcoming imposter syndrome.
- Answering common interview questions.
- Taking control of interviews.

If you or someone knows you has an upcoming job application, be sure to share this with them!

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