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CV and Application Mistakes You Need to Avoid | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022


One of our best episodes to date.

Have you ever wondered what the best things were which you needed to include in your CV to guarantee you a job? Or what are some things to avoid in your applications?

We were joined by two amazing guests on this episode working in recruitment and early years recruitment, Ellie Long from Rolls Royce and Orrianne Wightman from Experian.

Working at two of the UK’s top companies in the automotive/engineering and finance industries and having seen thousands of top CV’s over the last few years, Ellie and Orrianne shared their tips and best practices for exactly what you need to include in your CV to wow any top business.

Together, we explore key topics inducing:
- How to WOW any employer, regardless of if you’re applying for a part time job, apprenticeship, internship or graduate job.
- What skills are crucial to demonstrate on your CV.
- What in your CV/application will get you turned away.
- How to add to your experience section in your CV, even if you have no experience.
- How to prove and back up everything you say in your CV and cover letter.
- And much more!

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