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Top Summer Jobs 2022

05 Jul 2021

Summer 2022 is here and with the university year over and school and colleges winding down too, what better time to begin thinking about a summer job to help bolster your savings and help you have a fantastic summer.

There are numerous sectors across the UK who are eagerly hiring students – a huge advantage as these businesses WANT to hire students specifically – so you’re going up against fair competition rather than candidates with years more experience than you.

What’s even better about these jobs, there is currently little competition for the roles (with many employers struggling to recruit) and wages are rising too – a true win win scenario for job seekers!

Let’s dive into it and go through some of the best summer jobs for 2022.

Hospitality Jobs

With restaurants having to close throughout much of the pandemic as we remained at home, as we come out of the pandemic the appetite of the UK is once again beginning to pick up as more people are eager to make up for lost time – ditching the home cooking and heading out to restaurants. The result? More roles needing to be filled, which presents the perfect opportunity for students. With both part time and full-time roles on offer, you could choose to earn as much as you can over the summer or balance it out with all your plans this summer!

We have a great range of hospitality jobs here. With locations all across the UK and roles at McDonalds, Costa and WHSmith’s available, Roadchef is a great option for students this summer.

A hugely popular job with students, bar jobs also fall into the same bracket as restaurants, as bars across the UK begin to reopen their doors this July. Get in there quickly, as these jobs are often highly competitive with students!

Event Jobs

The pandemic also brought an abrupt pause to events, from festivals right up to football matches. Now with restrictions easing, job opportunities are opening back up as in the events sector as more and more events get added to the calendar. Working at events is a great way to get a unique view of it and can come with great added benefits, such as flexible shifts, transportation and meals provided.

If you’re also a lover of festivals, it also acts as the perfect way to get amongst the action and listen to some great live music, albeit whilst you work!

Find some amazing event jobs here or check out some roles at a range of sporting venues too.

Retail Jobs

Retail jobs are often the go to job for students, as the high street is typically a simply commute away. Retail is suited for everyone, whether it is your first job during school or a summer job during your break from university. The experience you also gain from a retail job should not be underestimated, especially the confidence boost it can give you. With a high range of shops hiring this summer, securing a retail job could be the perfect way to fund your summer and beyond!

Bicester Village is a great example of the retail jobs on offer, with a range of top brands hiring this summer!

Also check out our full range of retail jobs here.

Summer Camp Jobs

Something I definitely wish I was made more aware of when I was younger, is summer camp jobs. Many of us have fond memories looking back on primary school residential trips, and a summer camp job is potentially the best way to fill your summer with adventure and thrills, all whilst getting paid at the same time!

Here are some of the summer camps hiring this summer!
Ultimate Activity
DAD International Romania

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