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Retail Jobs for Students
For ‘Part Time Retail Jobs’ Should I Read ‘Shelf-Stackers’? Not at all! Retail jobs are one of the best win/win jobs for students. The hours for student retail jobs are very often on a flexible basis, so many students can find retail employers who will try to fit you in on shifts that sit snugly around you studies. It’s also convenient that retailers are also busiest at some of the same times of the year that students are on holiday. There is always a big recruitment drive by the bigger retailers over Christmas.

There are almost as many types of part time retail jobs as there are retailers - and the job description for retail work could be a lot more varied than you might imagine.

One of most important qualities you will need for a part time retail job is a good customer service manner. If you are going to shy away from customers or be disinclined to help them out then you are probably going to be better off looking for another sort of part time job. The key to being a successful employee in a part time retail job is pretty much just getting along well with people.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of the perks of some retail jobs is that you might find you are entitled to staff discount in-store.

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The Diversity Of The Retail Sector
Most retail jobs are quite obviously found on the high street. Scour this website for student jobs in retail and you will see that you could be working in clothes stores such as Next or Top Man or electrical and computing retailers like Dixons or Currys. You could be selling books or alcohol. Retail is one of the most diverse sectors in which to work.

Just for a few ideas, try to think which of these types of retailers might be hiring in your home or university town:
  • Clothes/Fashion Stores
  • Electronics & Electrical Stores
  • Opticians
  • Bookstore
  • CD/DVD shops
  • Garden Centre
  • Antique Shops
  • Bike shops
  • Off-licenses
Outdoor and Cycle Concepts

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Will A Retail Employer Expect Me To Know The Ropes?
Most employers will be happy to offer training in the trade specific to the particular retail sector you find yourself in. Previous experience in any form of retail job though will always be highly regarded by potential employees so always make sure you highlight any experience you already have (even if it seems almost irrelevant to you.) For example, if you have worked in a bar job then you can tick off many of the qualities and skills that an employer trying to fill a retail job will be looking for.
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Typical Retail Job Tasks:
  • Serving behind the counter
  • Processing payments
  • Suggesting other products which a customer may like
  • Restocking
  • Getting customer feedback
  • Fielding customer compliants
  • Dealing with returns
  • Arranging displays
Part Time Retail Job Skills For Your CV:
  • Customer service skills
  • Marketing abilities
  • An eye for the best-selling products
  • Team work
  • Initiative
Skills Needed To Go Further In Retail
If you are hoping that a part time retail position at college or university might lead onto something a little more then you should try to impress your bosses right from Day One.

Take an interest in the products that the retailer is selling and offer your opinions on which ones are better and why. If your retail employers see that you have a keen eye for what will sell well in their line of business then you will put yourself at the front of the queue when a permanent or more senior role in the company becomes available.
So You’ve Picked Up The Skills! Where Next With Retail?
Retail management is the obvious place where you may end up if you find that you would like to turn a part time retail job into a full time career. Once in retail management you will have more responsibility and influence for product selection and store layout. Your main task as a retail manager will be to maximise the profit of the retailer at the same time as keeping costs down.

Many people who start off working in a part time retail job move across to merchandising jobs, customer services management or become buyers for big companies.
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