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Christmas Jobs 2022 – What Are The Options For Students?

19 Nov 2020

Every year, the Christmas break presents student of all ages the perfect opportunity to take a pause from their studies and earn plenty of cash from working a job. Typically, many of these jobs are in retail, as shops hire in order to keep up with the increased festive demand.

So, what jobs are available for you during as we approach Christmas?

Supermarket Jobs

Typically for students, supermarkets such as Tesco and Lidl are the standard go to job no matter what time of year it is. They are great for students, as whether you are at home or in student accommodation, you are never too far from a supermarket, minimising travel costs.

Many supermarkets hire students on temporary contracts over Christmas, ranging from as little as 10 hours a week or over 20-30. Opportunities for overtime are normally always present, so you can be very flexible and still have plenty of time for your studies and free time. On a temporary contract, if you work hard and impress your supervisors/managers, you may be given the chance to move onto a permanent contract as you head into the New Year.

Warehouse Jobs

With the increase of not just Christmas shopping, but also online shopping, many businesses increase their warehouse workforce to cope with demand. Warehouse jobs can be great for students as they can offer a range of shifts, from evenings to weekends. This means you can fit work perfectly around your study hours.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of warehouses and distribution centres around the UK, head to our warehouse section to find where is recruiting near you.

Please note, that for many warehouse jobs, you are required to be 18 and over. So be sure to check the job description before applying.

Delivery Riders / Drivers

With restaurants and pubs closed and looking like they will remain closed over the Christmas period, thousands of people in the UK turn to takeaways to get satisfy their tastebuds. This is where you, as a student, come in.

Food delivery companies such as Just Eat are currently hiring for delivery riders in over 100 major towns and cities across the UK, meaning there is likely to be a job going near you.

Being a delivery rider can be perfect for students. Not only can you have you full control of your schedule, allowing you to choose when your work on a weekly basis, but you may also be paid weekly too! No need to wait a month between paydays!


Many retail shops will be able to open under the tier system from December 2nd. Numerous branches were able to remain open during the November lockdown as they were deemed essential and some of those may still be hiring to keep up with demand.

But for the retail shop opening up who were previously not able to open as they were not essential, will likely see a surge in footfall and demand as people head to the high street eager to Christmas shop and make up for lost time.

This may open the door to hiring opportunities, so be sure to keep a constant look out to snap up opportunists these positions may be competitive. Keep an eye out on our site for positions that may open up over the next week, or let us do the hard work and sign up for job alerts to be among the first to be notified when these positions are up.

Work From Home Jobs

Why not think outside the box. There are numerous ways you can earn money online, meaning you don’t even have to leave the house this winter. This means you can save time and money on travel. You can also work as and when you want, giving you freedom and flexibility.

You will be surprised how much you can earn by doing a work from home job, some can earn you a ‘standard’ student wage of £10 an hour, whilst some can even range from £20-£50 per hour depending on what you do.

We have plenty of work from home opportunities, from freelancing, paid online surveys and product testing; just to name a few. Check out our work from home section on our website here. All you will need to a laptop/computer and an internet connection and you are good to go. There are many dodgy websites out there which are sometimes too good to be true, but we have done the hard work to provide you with the best legitimate work from home opportunities.

Other Christmas Jobs

Whilst we have outlined a few of the jobs you could do this Christmas, there are still so many other jobs available on our site for you to do. Whether you are looking for part time work, have recently left school or are searching for a way to fill your gap year, we have you covered. Take a look through our website to find your next job.

One huge benefit is that all adverts on our site are by employers who want to employ students, so you’re less likely to be turned away due to your age and/or lack of experience!

Look For An Internship, Industrial Placement Or Graduate Roles

After the tough year we have had, you may decide you’re going to put your feet up over Christmas and just relax. You could use this break to begin searching and applying for roles linked to your university course, whether that be an Internship, Industrial Placement or a Graduate Role. Remember, it is best to search for these roles early, as many do in fact close before Christmas. We have plenty of opportunities starting in 2021 specifically for university students, aimed at a huge range of courses.

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