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10 Top Video Interview Tips

05 Aug 2020

Whether you are applying for your very first job, a weekend job or a graduate role with a multinational corporation, interviews play a crucial role in every application process.

Interviews can be intimidating at the best of times and chances are your next interview may be a video interview as they increase in popularity, replacing traditional face-to-face interviews. They may seem simple, but video interviews can seem just as intimidating to candidates, especially if it is your first one.

Here are 10 top tips on how to master your next video interview.

1. Interview basics

Just because there is a screen between you and the hiring manager, doesn’t mean you should treat a video interview any differently. Read our article on handing job interviews & Interview techniques to make sure you’re up to scratch with the basics of interviews to make sure your ahead of the competition.

2. Check your background

It is a simple thing that many overlook, but one easy mistake to make during a video interview is to not check your background.

Make sure your background is suitable for an interview. Remove anything in the background which someone may find offensive or unprofessional. Try to avoid any distractions, such as people walking behind you or coming into the room during your interview. You want to make sure you are the centre of attention.

3. Check your internet connection

Make sure your internet connection is reliable. A stable internet connection is important for the quality of the video and audio of your video, it can be embarrassing if you or the interviewer are having to repeat responses/questions because your connection is weak. Or even worse, disconnect from the call.

If the internet connection in the room you’re in is weak, consider moving closer to the router to establish a better connection.

4. Check your webcam, microphone and audio

As soon as you are informed that you have secured an interview, make sure you check your computer/laptop/tablet’s audio, microphone and webcam. Decide if you are using the built-in microphone and speakers, or if you will use earphones.

By checking them as soon as you know you have an interview, you give yourself plenty of time to sort out any issues. Never leave this until the last moment, as you may leave yourself very short of time to buy any new equipment, which can harm your chances of having a successful interview.

Also make sure your phone is on silent and the room you’re in doesn’t have loads of noise which the microphone will pick up, such as a loud TV, busy road outside or shouting pedestrians walking by.

5. Wear smart clothing

You may not be meeting the interviewer in person, but first impressions can still go a long way over video. You should remember to treat a video interview like the real interview; wear smart clothing and make sure you look professional. It is small details like that, which others forget, that can make you stand out against other candidates

6. Make sure you have the correct software

There are numerous different video call providers available, such as Zoom , Google Meet and Skype being used for video interviews. Some of these can be used in browsers, whereas some require software to be downloaded to your computer.

Make sure you prepare beforehand by checking what provider the interviewer will be using and download any software if necessary. If they have not informed you, drop them an email. The same goes for setting up an account, make sure you do this well ahead of the interview to avoid rushing around and being unprepared just as the interview is about to begin.

7. Understand the format

Like a regular interview, knowing how the interview will be conducted is crucial. Is it a live interview or recorded interview? Will you be presenting anything or part of a group interview?

Do your research ahead of time and prepare yourself best for the interview.

8. Practice, practice, practice

Get familiar with being on camera by getting a friend or family member to give you a video call and run through some questions a day or so before the interview . On the day, an hour or so prior to the interview, go to the spot you will be conducting your interview in and do a run through of the interview on webcam. This will help calm any nerves and make you familiar with the environment you are in.

9. Have pen and paper at the ready

Being able to make notes can be massively beneficial during an interview. You can write down key information such as starting dates and next steps, which can easily be forgotten after the interview. You may also jot down any questions which you may think of to ask at the end of the interview. Avoid using your phone to take notes, as it may seem like you are not engaged during the interview.

10. Relax and be yourself

Finally, you may have done all of the above but still have the daunting feeling of joining the video call. Remember that you have been given the interview because the interviewer is already interested in you. Make sure you have positive body language and are listening and engaged at all times.

We’d like to wish you all the best in your next interview!

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