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Top Student Jobs for 2023 – Help with the cost of living crisis

13 Jan 2023

What are the ‘top student jobs for 2023’ is a question we often get as students across the UK are eager to find new opportunities to earn more money and fund their education and lifestyles.

The cost of living crisis has been affecting students nationwide, particularly university students, and with maintenance loans rising only 2.8% in autumn of 2022 despite peak inflation of 11.1% in the same semester, many are feeling the squeeze.

We have previously teamed up with the University of Reading to look at student budgeting tips to help your money go further at university, but what are some of the other ways to help?

When it comes with jobs, there are two obvious options to help warm more money…
- Work more hours
- Or get a better paying job

What are some top student jobs for 2023?


Tutoring is an incredible opportunity to earn a top salary, whilst technically being your own boss and working from the comfort of your own home. You can utilise your skills and knowledge in your choice of subject, so if you’re confident in Maths, or you’d rather steer clear of numbers and go with English, then you have the flexibility to choose what suits you.

MyTutor pays up to £30 per hour, and the best part? You can pick your own tutoring hours so you can work whenever it suits you.They even help you get started with resources, so you can hit the ground running.

Sublime Science

We understand that work can’t always be fun, but Sublime Science goes against that. At Sublime Science, you can get paid to teach science at parties/events, and discover a truly thrilling and rewarding job. You don’t even need to be that great at science yourself or have previous experience, as full training is provided.

They pay well too. At £30 per hour long event, you’re rewarded nicely. So whether you want to do a couple a month or stack multiple events up at the weekend, then it could be a great way to add to your savings pot and get you through the next semester/summer.


If you’re based in or around London, then Wimbledon have some fantastic opportunities for you. They’re hiring for the iconic Wimbledon Championships this summer and have some amazing roles available to be in the heart of the event. They also have a top returner program, so if you work for them this year, you get top priority to rejoin them next year.

Work from home jobs

Hugely popular over the last few years, with little explanation needed as to why, are work from home jobs.

A work from home job gives you amazing flexibility, all without the need to commute into an office or workplace – plus many pay you well too! They are a great way to earn extra cash on the side, and the extra £50 here and there can really add up.

So what work from home opportunities can you do?

Paid surveys

Fill your spare time and earn cash responding to surveys – you don’t even need a laptop, just your mobile. Whether it’s 15 minutes between lectures, or a Thursday evening stint, it all adds up.

We’ve also worked hard to find the best legitimate paid surveys.

User testing

Get paid to test websites or games and provide feedback on your experience. With some tests taking only 20 minutes to test and paying £8 – £20 per test, you could be earning the equivalent of £20-£60 per hour.


Put your typing skills to the test and transcribe audio files. Speedy typers can earn over £20 per hour and notetakers starting at £14 per hour.

Product testing

Just like user testing, get paid to test and review products in your spare time. The best part? When a product gets sent to you, you often get to keep it – so you may hit the jackpot!


Have a particular set of skills you want to put to the test and make money from? Freelancing is a great way to earn money and be your own boss. Take on new projects from as little as a couple of hours at a time, and slowly build your reputation to start charging big bucks for your work.

New year, new challenge? Residential role takes your fancy?

How about a new job in a new location? We don’t just mean down the road, but somewhere across the country?

Now lockdowns and covid are a thing of the past, travel is easier and there are a great range of employers across the country who pay a great salary/wage all whilst providing accommodation. Employers like Wesser, PGL and Ardmore are hiring for an exciting range of roles and you could be a top fit for them.

Degree apprenticeships

Whether you’re currently doing GCSE’s and thinking ahead to post school/college, A-Levels in sixth form, or even at university, then degree apprenticeships are an incredible opportunity.

The chance to gain a degree, with no debt, to get paid along the way and gain valuable experience and skills to add to your CV is certainly a prospect which no one should shy away from.

And with more degree apprenticeship opportunities available than ever before, what is stopping you from taking the jump? Learn more about degree apprenticeships here.

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