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The impact of Coronavirus on student jobs

24 Mar 2020

The global situation is changing hourly, but Coronavirus has already had a huge impact on the type and volume of student jobs available this year. With bars and restaurants closing and major events cancelled, many employers have frozen recruitment.

Which jobs are most affected?

Catering and hospitality companies have all frozen recruitment as have most of the gap year and summer camp organisations as travel bans come into force. If it’s a graduate role, apprenticeship or internship you’re after, you can ‘follow’ the organisation you’re interested in on our site (visit the company page) to keep up to date with their recruitment plans. At the moment most are still recruiting for September 2020.

What can do you instead?

If you still need to boost your finances there are plenty of options available.

1) Retailers providing essential goods

Although non-essential shops have now closed, there are plenty of retailers actively looking for staff in order to fulfil the huge demands.

2) Online tutoring

You can tutor in almost any subject, including English, maths, music, science or art. Your students could be anywhere in the world and tutoring can be done via a webinar, video call or by pre-recording videos. Pay rates can vary but can be £20-£50 an hour and is flexible to fit around your own studies.

3) Paid surveys

Taking online paid surveys isn’t a conventional job that pays an hourly wage, but is a great way of earning money online.

We’ve researched and analysed some paid online survey work from home opportunities, including doing paid surveys, online market research, focus groups and product testing, where you can either earn money or win prizes (or both!). You won’t earn a fortune, but there are some great rewards.

4) Website testing

There are plenty of website and app owners who need users to test out their sites for usability and bugs. They don’t want their visitors to be confused when confronted with their website because they know that’s one of the main reasons why people hit the back button and look for a more conducive site.

5) Typing and transcription

Transcription jobs are where you are given a piece of audio to listen to and you need to type up what is being said, sometimes word for word, sometimes just the key points. There are many transcription firms that take on lots of audio from clients (such as researchers, doctors, and lawyers) and then send those audio files out to home transcriptionists.

6) Product testing

Product tester jobs are a great way for students to either get things for free – or even earn some rewards and perhaps a little bit of money with next to no work at all.

7) Dog-walking

You can still walk dogs for people who are working – getting fresh air and exercise over the next few months will be important!

Tailster.com is the online marketplace that helps pet owners find the perfect person to take care of their dogs, cats and other small animals.

8) Seasonal farm workers

The current Coronavirus crisis has led to an urgent appeal for up to 70,000 seasonal staff to plough their efforts into working on British farms.

9) NHS jobs

The NHS needs to recruit lots of people to help with the current crisis. You don’t need to be a medical student to help out. Roles such as care assistants, porters, maintenance and catering do not require medical training or experience, so if you want to help the NHS, there should be a role for you.

10) Summer camps

Finally, if you need something to look forward, there are some summer camp roles recruiting for July/August now, so register your interest.

We wish you all the very best for the next few months. Do let us know if you’ve found a great role you can do from home or while social distancing, or if you have any ideas for what to include on the site.

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