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Six Sorts Of Student Jobs You Can Do With Your Mates

31 Jul 2013

You’ve been studying all day, all week, all term – all you want to do in the evenings, at weekends and during the holidays is spend time having a laugh with your mates isn’t it? You don’t want to find an evening job, some...

Shortcuts To Student Job Hunting Success

21 Jun 2013

One thing that we all love as we pass through our day to day business on this planet, no matter what walk of life we are from, is a good old shortcut. Why do things the long way round when there’s usually a much...

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11 Jobs Students Can Do On A Laptop

30 Mar 2013

Whether you live at home, in halls of residence or in a shared student house, chances are that while you are at university studying for your degree or postgraduate qualifications, cash is going to be tight. Many students take on part time work or...

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25 Jan 2013

  Employment4students has been helping students to find jobs for a long time.   A long time….   A really looonnggg time. We first started to help graduates and students find jobs way back in 2000. Do you want to see what we looked...

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