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A Level Results Day 2022 – Planning and What to Expect

16 Aug 2022

When and what time are A Level results released?

A Level results day is Thursday 18th August 2022, with results typically being released at 8am with UCAS Track also opening around 8am too.

Preparing for A Level results day

A Level results day can be a roller coaster experience, and at the time of writing this I can remember mine five years ago as a huge mixture of emotions.

A hugely beneficial aspect of results day is being prepared and knowing what to do next, regardless of how the day goes, so you can get the jump on other people and ensure you are not left behind.

Whether your results mean you’re off to university in September, you’re unsure of your next steps or you’re open for an adventure, in this blog we’ll cover:
- Getting prepared for university
- Your options if you didn’t get your first choice (or second choice)
- Underrated alternatives to university
- Gap years

Getting prepared for university

Competition for jobs during the first semester can be hugely competitive, as thousands of students find themself in a new town/city and looking for ways to financially support themselves during freshers, semester one and beyond.

With many university Welcome Weeks just a matter of time away, you’d be surprised how beneficial it is to begin looking for jobs now – even if it is just to scout out what is available.

Some jobs can even take several weeks to hire you once they’ve received your initial application, so who’s saying you can’t apply before you arrive at university – many employers will be happy to wait a while between offering you a job and your start date if you notify them of your plans to move to university.

Even a part time job one day a week can make a world of difference when it comes to stretching your budget that little bit further.

Have a look at the part time opportunities in your new university town/city here, trust me, you’ll thank us later!

First year internships
You may think we’re jumping the gun here, but First Year Internships often open their applications in September and close way before Christmas, so if you know the course you’ll be enrolling onto, it is an amazing opportunity to begin seeing what opportunities are out there.

We can’t stress enough how beneficial getting experience during your time at university is, and securing a First Year Internship will have a huge impact on making you look more attractive to employers when it comes to applying for Summer Internships, Industrial Placements, Graduate Schemes and beyond – so this is really something which you could be rewarded with forever.

Your options if you didn’t get your first choice

Even if you didn’t get your first, or second choice, there are still options available to you and it’s best to ensure you’re in a position to capitalise on that.

Apprenticeships – An underrated alternative to university

Apprenticeships are a school leaver option that often gets overlooked, but you can really set yourself up with a successful and rewarding career if you land one, yet they should really be considered alongside university but sadly don’t get the recognition they deserve.

They are a perfect mix between gaining key experience, skills and qualifications, something which employers are keen to see a balance of in job applications. Not to mention you are earning whilst you learn; so whether it’s new clothes, a car, holiday or moving out, you can fund the lifestyle you’re keen to have.

Likewise, many apprenticeship schemes offer the chance to work towards gaining a degree, which often gives you a gateway to university life as you’ll meet other university students on your course, join sports clubs and societies and study campus a certain number of times a week (or in month blocks) – all whilst getting paid. So you could view this as a better option than university.

These days, there are apprenticeships in nearly anything, including careers you thought you had to go to university for – including marketing, law, banking and finance just to name a few.

Check out our range of school leaver and apprenticeship opportunities here.

We also have a range of podcast episodes focusing on apprenticeships here, so if you’re looking for tips and advice on all things apprenticeships, listen here.

Live your best life with a gap year

Planned or unplanned, gap years are an incredible way to reward yourself for over a decade in education and create lifelong memories.

Whether you’re looking to work here in the UK and save up for university, you’re looking to explore Europe, Asia or America or simply looking to get your head out of a textbook for 12 months, then we have a wide range of gap year opportunities available on our site.

A gap year is also a top way to hit the reset button, and give you time to consider your options for the future. It could give you the time to decide what you want to do next as you can apply for university, an apprenticeship of a full time job next year – there really is no need to rush.

Whatever comes next, this is the beginning of an exciting next chapter in your life. From all of us working at E4S over the past 20+ years, we can confidently say that whilst still important, results day does not define your next steps!

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