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Become A Ski Instructor With EA Internships

03 Jun 2022

Have you ever wanted to learn how to ski? And maybe earn some decent money from your new skills?

Or maybe you are already proficient at skiing – but you’d love to help other people to learn how to navigate the pistes as well as you can?

If so then it sounds like you need to get yourself on a ski instructor internship with EA Ski & Snowboard.

EA is an intimate group of skiers and snowboarders with roots from across the globe. If you enrol on one of their internship programmes then you could become a certified ski instructor and earn yourself a fully guaranteed (and fully paid) job offer this winter ski season.

You can learn the ropes in more than 25 ski resorts in 5 countries – Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA.

This is one of the simplest ways to get a foothold in the ski industry with a 99 per cent pass rate in exams. On completion, you’ll receive internationally-recognised qualifications from a trusted firm which has been in operation for more than 15 years.

Zac Anderson is a ski instructor course intern who did a season with EA Ski and Snowboard at Lake Louise in Canada. He has skied in some of the most incredible places in the world and says he is truly living the dream.

In a recent interview with EA, Zac gave some insights into what enrolling on a programme with the skiing and snowboarding specialist might be like.

Check out his Q&A session now!

The Interview:

Question: Why did you decide to complete a course with EA Ski and Snowboard?

Answer: Originally, I just wanted to ski as much as I could and the training and work was a bonus. I also knew someone who had done it in the past. But when the training started and passing the Level 1, after getting settled into teaching I learned that I actually really enjoyed the teaching part of it.

Question: What resort did you go to? Why did you choose it?

Answer:. Lake Louise Canada. I chose Lake because of another EA Illimani Caleb Wilks he is from my hometown. He did EA and had done 6 seasons back-to-back (in 2015), and after talking to him about it I thought it sounded awesome, and having someone I knew already at the resort was super helpful when I had any questions or problems.

Question: Why do you think other people should do a ski internship? What is your favourite part of the EA course?

Answer:. The internship is probably the best way to guarantee a way into the ski industry with the job offer. But the main reason is the quality of the training that you get during the course. Still after 12 seasons I am still using the tools and exercises on my clients and myself that I received during my time at Lake Louise. Most memorable moment has to being skiing the chutes in Lake Louise for the first time, I had never skied anything like that ever in my life. Coming from Australia this was on another level for me.

Question: What opportunities have you had since becoming an instructor?

Answer:. I have had some epic opportunities from working all over the world, Canada, Australia, Finland, Switzerland. Shredding some the best mountains and snow you can imagine. But more recently I have had the chance to be a Supervisor, 2 season as Kids coordinator/2IC at Selwyn Snow Resort. In the 2021 season I was Kids Supervisor at in Perisher.

Question: What is your favourite place to ski in the world?

Answer:. Everywhere I have skied has its perks, Whistler has a bit of everything, in Finland the snow is always so good. But my favourite would have to be Saas Fee in Switzerland. Skiing at 3500m on a glacier, in waist deep, dry powder in the Alps… incredible. The views, the terrain, the park it had a bit of everything.

Question: What do you love about being an instructor?

Answer:. I love the fact that everyday has a chance to be different, the snow, the weather, the clients. Always keep you on your toes which is exciting. The best part of the job is working with your client and trying to figure how to improve their skiing or snowboarding, it is rewarding and heart-warming when you see how grateful people can be after you have helped them out.

Question: If you could give others considering the EA course some advice, what would it be?

Answer:. Be fit, take it from experience. You don’t want to spend your spare time working fitness and you want to get as much time on snow as can! Get involved! This is an opportunity of a lifetime. If you value getting a job right off the bat the internship is the best option hands down. If you are considering between the 4-week course or the 11-week course. Go with the 11 weeks! Having Level 2 is huge when applying for other resorts and makes you much more desirable as an employee.

If you are interested in spending a gap year skiing – or want to fast track your career as a ski instructor - see if you qualify for an instructor course today.

You can also check out this short YouTube video below for an even better flavour of what signing up with EA might be like….

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