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6 Top Tips for Student Job Seekers in 2022 – How to Be a Successful Candidate

22 Sep 2021

2022 has seen the UK’s economy bounce back from the pandemic, meaning there are now a great range of opportunities, but that means plenty of students are now searching for jobs, whether that be Part Time, Apprenticeships, Internships & Placements or Graduate schemes. Here are 6 top tips for students to help you be successful in your job search.

Start searching early

With many students now heading back to school, college or university and with the summer holidays now behind us, students are now back to job searching for opportunities in their town/city. This means competition is higher than it was during the summer and you’re now up against more applicants – meaning it’s even harder for you to now stand out.

By starting your job search and getting your applications in early, it can help you go up against less competition and increase your chances of getting hired. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door early, is to sign up for job alerts – simply tell us what type of jobs you’re after and where and we do the hard work and send the latest jobs straight to your inbox!

The same also goes for students searching for Apprenticeships, Internships, Placements or Graduate Schemes – looking early can really make all the difference. Many schemes will open and close way before Christmas, so highlights just how important it is to not leave job searching until too late in the year.

Discover the whole range of jobs on offer

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes, we were once students ourselves! You may have only worked in hospitality previously, or you only have your eyes set on a retail job because that’s what you think you’ll enjoy.

But, there are so many jobs out there that you may have never thought of and give you a perfect opportunity to earn money during your studies. We even made a blog in 2019 going over some of the craziest jobs out there. Even without going quite as ‘out the box’ as that, just be sure you aren’t ignoring any jobs which could actually offer you an opportunity.

These jobs are hiring all across the UK

With that being said, there are a great range of jobs that are currently hiring hundreds of students at the moment, meaning the chances of you getting hired increases!

Constellation has numerous hospitality roles across the UK at sporting venues, with many roles requiring no experience!

Burger King is also hiring for Crew Member roles up and down the country!
Marston’s are hiring now!

Search for:
Event jobs
Retail jobs
Bar jobs

Get your CV up to speed

I think if we had a penny for everytime we’ve said this we’d surely be millionaires, but it really is because it can have such an impact on your chances of getting hired and landing yourself a job, be it part time, apprenticeship, internship or graduate scheme.

Although we recommend adjusting your CV for each job to apply for as it ensures it can catch the attention of the hiring manager more than a generic CV can, having a CV ready to go at all times can make preparing to submit an application much easier and quicker.

Have a glance at some of our CV tips, catered for which job you’ll be applying for.
Part time job CV tips
School leader & apprenticeship CV tips
Internship & Placement CV tips
Graduate job CV tips

Make the most of LinkedIn

Alongside your CV, LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, which if used correctly can give you a huge competitive advantage when applying for jobs. LinkedIn is a perfect way to expand on your CV, after all your CV should never be longer than 2 pages, meaning you can fully showcase your full range of skills and experience with LinkedIn.

Check out our previous blog where we go into depth on how to master your LinkedIn profile.

Work for yourself?

No seriously, there are a range of jobs out there that essentially allow you to work for yourself. They put you in the driving seat and allow you to choose when you work, how often and specifically what you want to do.

We have a whole range of work from home jobs on our site, including paid surveys, freelancing, tutoring, user testing and much more – with some jobs offering great pay of up to and over £20 per hour.

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