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How To Answer 9 Difficult Interview Questions

12 Oct 2022

Difficult interview questions can make entering and leaving an interview a daunting process. You’ll either find yourself dreading going into the room, or frantically questioning yourself over how you answered the interviewers – typically going over different scenarios in your head. But forget that...

Highest Paying Popular Degrees

13 Sep 2022

Whether you’re currently at university or looking to go in the coming years, one thing we always question and are curious about is “How much is this degree going to pay?” as we search for the highest paying degrees. But how about the top...

A Level Results Day 2022 – Planning and What to Expect

16 Aug 2022

When and what time are A Level results released? A Level results day is Thursday 18th August 2022, with results typically being released at 8am with UCAS Track also opening around 8am too. Preparing for A Level results day A Level results day can...

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Apprenticeships vs. University | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE NOW The debate between apprenticeships and university is a popular debate among many A-Level and college students as it hugely influences the next few years of their life. Yet, there often seems to be a one-sided discussion towards university. So...

How to Get a Top Job in Law | Your Career Kit Student Podcast

05 Aug 2022

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE NOW Episode 14 saw us joined by Holly Moore, the UK’s first Solicitor Apprentice, who has been doing her 6 year apprenticeship at ITV. We got to speak to Holly about all things apprenticeships, from why she chose to do...

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