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Brighton A Powerhouse Of New Jobs Growth

09 Aug 2017

Brighton A Powerhouse Of New Jobs Growth

Brighton is powering new jobs growth in the UK with over 40 per cent more jobs on offer in the seaside resort town than there were available in the same period last year.

Brighton is outgunning the UK average by almost 500 per cent, with overall jobs growth in the UK set at just over 8 per cent.

The figures, from CV-Library, show that Brighton is creating almost double the number of new jobs that London is generating, with the capital only registering an increase of 4.4 per cent on last July.

The top 5 cities for new jobs growth from July 2016 to this July 2017 were:

  1. Brighton - 41.5 per cent increase

  2. Manchester - 18.2 per cent increase

  3. Leeds - 13.6 per cent increase

  4. Edinburgh - 12.4 per cent increase

  5. Birmingham - 12.3 per cent increase

On the other side of the coin, some towns and cities experienced a big increase in competitiveness compared to other cities, with an overall rise in the number of applications made for new vacancies.

Here are those top 10 places in the UK:

  1. Bristol - 6.5 per cent increase

  2. Guildford - 6.3 per cent increase

  3. Southampton - 5.9 per cent increase

  4. Brighton - 4.4 per cent increase

  5. Dundee - 3.3 per cent increase

  6. Leeds - 2.7 per cent increase

  7. London - 2.4 per cent increase

  8. Newcastle - 1.8 per cent increase

  9. Manchester - 1.3 per cent increase

  10. Liverpool - 1.3 per cent increase

The average increase in applications nationwide was 1.1 per cent with much of the competition being driven by an increase in salaries on offer. For example, Bristol, which topped the table for the rise in applications also saw an increase of almost 11 per cent in wages.

Industries and sectors which are boosting new jobs growth include these top five:

  1. Education - 10.5 per cent increase

  2. IT - 9.4 per cent increase

  3. Accounting - 7.6 per cent increase

  4. Retail - 6.9 per cent increase

  5. Engineering - 3.3 per cent increase

Commenting on the new research, Lee Biggins, CV-Library’s Managing Director, said: “It’s extremely positive to see that candidate appetite has picked up over the last month, especially given that application rates were down in June as a result of General Election uncertainty. Bristol in particular is performing really well right now and plenty of other locations in the top ten are thriving hubs for certain industries in the UK.”

“For businesses, this presents an exciting pool of talent to choose from, while candidates should be prepared to pull out all the stops if they want to stand out from the competition.”

“It’s safe to say that money continues to be a key driver for candidates, and the increase in application rates is likely due to pay hikes across many of the nation’s key cities and industries. Businesses are feeling more confident right now and with many having recently received their hiring budgets for the year ahead, now is the time to fight to offer the best possible packages in a bid to attract the top talent,” added Mr Biggins.

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