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IT Apprenticeships Guide

Introduction To IT Apprenticeships
What are IT Apprenticeships? That’s a very good question! And the answer is: well it’s pretty much down to you and the types of Apprenticeships in IT you want to focus on. The world of IT is vast - and the possibilities for IT Apprenticeships match that. Wherever your strengths and interests lie, that’s the direction you could take your future IT career in.

What is certain is that as IT becomes more central to our lives and to the British economy, the government and employers have realised the need to have more and more skilled people to do those IT jobs. IT Apprenticeships have been created so that you can gain the skills and qualifications necessary to plug those gaps. And of course, the beauty of IT Apprenticeships is you will be getting paid to learn - and your qualifications will be nationally recognised.

So, let’s take a look at just some of the possibilities out there which you could consider for IT Apprenticeships.



3 year Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships at IBM are all about picking up new skills and lots of them. It’s three year’s of brilliant training, loads of exposure and the an experience you simply couldn’t get anywhere else.


Offices across the UK

Higher Apprenticeship

Deadline: 15th April

Our BrightStart Higher Apprenticeship is an opportunity for curious, smart people like you to leap into the world of professional services. Earn-while-you-learn, gain a professional qualification and get stuck in, helping to solve some of our clients’ most complex problems right from the start.


London, Leeds, Manchester

4 year Digital Degree Level Apprenticeship

Combine academic study (BSc degree in Digital and Technology Solutions) with practical work experience (rotations across teams, including Technology Enablement, Cyber Security, Forensic Technology, and Technology Solutions). We'll fund your tuition fees and pay you a competetive salary.

Royal Mail

United Kingdom

Technology Apprenticeships

Royal Mail has a number of different technology apprenticeships: Data Analyst, Software Developer, Junior Digital Project Manager and Business Analyst. They are an excellent opportunity to start your career and earn a good salary and professional qualifications.

You will need a minimum of five GCSEs at grade C or above (including Maths and English) and have achieved or expect to achieve two A levels (or equivalent) at Grade C or above.



3 year IT Degree Apprenticeship

Deadline: 27th April

Earn a starting salary of up to £21,500 while studying towards a BSc Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions from Roehampton University. Specialise in either data analytics or software development.

Entry Requirements: three A-levels/five Scottish Highers, or equivalent.



Looking to develop your skills? Travel the world? Make new friends? Whoever you are and whatever you want to do, an Army apprenticeship can help you get there.

As a Top 100 Apprentice Employer, we have over 8,000 apprentices passing their training with us each year, in roles including IT. An IT apprenticeship could lead to working in real-time operations, countering real threats to national security, earning a Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations.



2 Year Technology Apprenticeship

Deadline: 30th April

Learn all about one of the City's most innovative asset management firms. Whichever area of technology you work in you’ll work on complex problems and provide real value to the business. You could be helping to protect us against cyber threats, developing new programmes or ensuring the high-quality of our systems.

Ford Motor Company


IT Degree Apprenticeship

If you are looking to progress to graduate level in your studies and build up work experience at the same time, then choose the Ford Motor Company IT Degree Apprenticeship. A-Level grades BCC are required for the scheme which will incorporate on the job training and work experience with a BSc Honours Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions from the University of Greenwich (Medway campus). Ford pay university tuition fees as well as an annual salary.

How IT Apprenticeships Vary?
IT is central to our daily lives. It is not just one of those careers where you go to work in specialist IT companies and sit at a computer all day long. Sit and think for a minute and you can just imagine the possibilities out there for careers in IT. The choices are endless and, when it comes to Apprenticeship programmes, there will probably be IT Apprenticeships to match those possibilities.

Indeed, when it comes to IT Apprenticeships, UK employers in many sectors have developed programmes where you will also develop highly specialised skills that are particular to the field you are working in. So, if you are interested in all things tech, IT and Tech Apprenticeships should be right up your street. Let’s take a look a some of the different fields you could be working in whilst doing Apprenticeships in IT:
  • IT Apprenticeships in Digital Marketing
  • IT Engineering Apprenticeships
  • Operating Systems
  • IT Security Apprenticeships
  • IT Technician Apprenticeships
  • IT Software Apprenticeships
  • IT Hardware Apprenticeships
  • IT Networking Apprenticeships
Within these IT Apprenticeships you could be doing a variety of tasks and roles such as web development, computer programming, database development, creating and maintaining hardware devices, marketing products...to name but a few. And you could be working in a whole range of sectors from communications to engineering to retail and, of course, with specialist technology companies. Any of these sectors could be offering IT Apprenticeships right now.
What Is Involved With Apprenticeships In IT?
As you might be able to guess from the wide variety of IT Apprenticeships mentioned above, your place of work, the sector you are working in and the type of Apprenticeships in IT you are doing, will determine the type of experience you have and the different skills and qualifications you will be awarded.

Some IT Apprenticeships will take longer than others to complete, some might be completely on the job training, whilst others could require you to do some off the job training at a training centre, college or university. The qualifications you receive on successful completion of IT Apprenticeships will again be related to the field you are working in and could be NVQs, Microsoft qualifications, CIW (web design) qualifications, to list just a few.

For IT Apprenticeships, London and other larger cities are not the only places you could be working. Large international corporations will be offering IT apprenticeships in the UK’s major cities, but, right where you are based, there could be opportunities for apprenticeships in IT at small and medium sized businesses too. Most companies, whatever field they are in, need skilled IT teams.
Intermediate Level IT Apprenticeships
Intermediate IT Apprenticeships are ideal for those of you who are looking to build up some confidence with software or computers in general. Perhaps you are already in employment as a receptionist or administrative assistant, for example, and would like some more formal and structured IT training so you can develop your skills and enhance your career with the company you are working for.

Other pathways could see you doing an IT Technician Apprenticeship, developing your skills in IT Support or Technical Support so that you can maintain laptops, mobile devices or printers. Web and software development or social media are also pathways you could consider.

What Qualifications Will I Gain In Intermediate Level IT Apprenticeships?

Intermediate Level IT Apprenticeships will result in an industry-relevant, nationally recognised qualification such as an NVQ Level 2 or equivalent.

IT Advanced Apprenticeships
IT Advanced Apprenticeships are where you really start to gain a specialist knowledge of your particular area of interest. You could be working at supervisor level whilst also working towards nationally recognised qualifications.

What Qualifications Will I Gain In Advanced Level IT Apprenticeships? Advanced IT Apprenticeships will see you develop your leadership and communication skills as well as your specialist IT skills. Successful completion of Advanced Apprenticeships in IT will see you achieve City & Guilds Diploma IT Professional Level 3 or equivalent. The title of your qualification will depend on your chosen pathway.
Higher IT Apprenticeships
If you have already completed Advanced IT Apprenticeships or you already have A-Level under your belt and are looking for an alternative to studying IT courses at university, then Level 4 IT Higher Apprenticeships could be just what you are looking for.

For IT Higher Apprenticeships, London and other larger cities could see you working at top companies such as Google or IBM, amongst many others. Roles could be supervisory and should be in more senior positions such as project management or programming.

What Qualifications Will I Gain In Higher Level IT Apprenticeships?

All Apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised qualifications and IT Higher Apprenticeships are no different. Depending on your chosen pathway, IT Higher Apprenticeships can lead to qualifications equivalent to NVQ Level 4 or 5. Some pathways may also present you with the opportunity to continue to degree level in IT.
Apply For IT Apprenticeships In The UK
The IT sector is booming and, when it comes to IT Apprenticeships, UK companies are offering more and more opportunities to young people. Whatever your background, as a school leaver, now should be a perfect time to consider IT Apprenticeships because the pathways and subsequent career opportunities are so varied and often lucrative.

Add to that the fact that you will be earning while you learn (in some cases, you can earn more than the minimum Apprenticeship wage), and, well, what have you got to lose?

Apply for the IT Apprenticeships in your part of the UK below now.

Cyberspace Communications Specialist Apprenticeship

Royal Air Force

United Kingdom

£18.6k starting salary, rising to £23.4k after....

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