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Online User Testing Jobs

Make Money Online Testing Websites
There are loads of website and app owners who need users to test out their sites for usability and bugs. They don't want their visitors to be confused when confronted with their website because they know that's one of the main reasons why people hit the back button and look for a more conducive site.

Okay, many companies use in-house staff to carry out such tasks as these, but there really is no proper substitute for getting people who are not already familiar with a particular website, software, product or app to road test them before they get released to the typical target end user.

And, even when sites have been up and running for a long, long time, their owners and webmasters are constantly seeking to tweak their sites, interfaces and apps to make sure that they are useful, intuitive, bug-free - and usually, most importantly, they want to maximise them for profitability.

And that's where you come in!

Lots of companies are willing to pay decent money to make sure their websites and apps are suitable and usable by the average user, and students and young people are in a great position to help them out.

Intellizoom are currently looking to add to their panel of testers

Intellizoom have a panel of user testers and to maintain the integrity and diversity of the panel are currently looking for people of ALL ages who want to earn some extra money and test websites. The work is incredibly flexible and pays well - so please click to join now!
What Do You Need To Be An Online User Tester?
You don't need a great deal to set yourself up as an online user tester. One of the best parts about this line of work is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

In fact, you could even do it from the side of a swimming pool or with your feet up on sun lounger at a beach resort provided that you have a good broadband internet connection and a microphone for your PC, Mac or laptop!

That makes user testing a superb work from home job ideal for students.
What Does User Testing Work Involve?
Usually, a company will carry out the test by using an online screen recorder. They will set you a number of tasks to carry out on their website and you describe what you are thinking and how you are finding the experience as you go along.

Are the navigation menus as you would expect? Is it difficult to find your way around? Is there anything that would make you wary about clicking on a particular link?

The recording systems will record your voice, your computer screen, your mouse actions and clicks etc, as you work through the tasks the company has given you. When the company watches back the recording from the panels of user testers, it helps them to look over the shoulders of users and see how they view their sites.
How Do I Find User Testing Jobs?
The good news is that YOU don't have to!

There a number of companies which specialise in finding website owners, companies, programmers and developers who need online user testers and they match them up with people who are willing to be paid to run the tests.

We have worked with companies including TestingTime, User Conversion, intellizoom, Userbrain and PingPong - but there are a few more user testing websites that offer similar services such as FiveSecondTest and YouEye.com.
How Much Do Online User Testers Get Paid?
Most online user testers get paid per test rather than receiving a set salary. Typically, you could expect to get paid between £8 and £20 for a user test which might take you around 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

That equates to around £20-£60 per hour if you can find enough of these online user tests to carry out!

Like most other online freelance work, many companies will pay your earnings over to you once you reach a certain minimum threshold - and they will usually pay you via a service such as PayPal. Other companies such as PingPong pay out a short while after each completed user test so that you aren't waiting ages for your cash.

One thing to note, though, is that there may not be a constant supply of tests from any one particular online user testing company. Most agencies use demographic profiling to make sure that the tester they are using matches the typical user that their client is trying to reach. However, if you sign up with multiple online user testing websites then you will increase your chances of being allocated more tests - and thus more money-earning potential!
Online User Testing Skills For Your CV
Another great thing about online user testing is that you can use this sort of work to fill out a few blanks on your CV. Even if you have had no other form of work experience, then a stint at online user testing could decorate your CV with such skills and attributes such as:
  • IT literacy
  • Ability to follow instructions carefully
  • Articulating your thoughts and experiences lucidly
  • Multi-tasking
Get Started Now
So, now that you know what online user testing involves and you know how much money can be paid for working very flexible hours, why not dive right in and get signed up with a reputable online user testing firm such as TestingTime or Intellizoom?

PingPong pays out via PayPal just a week after you complete a task, so you won't be waiting around for ages before you can collect your cash.

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