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Top 8 Student Jobs for 2021

05 Jan 2021

The UK is back in lockdown in 2021, and like 2020, the meaning of a ‘traditional’ student job is likely to be questioned. The Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down many sectors in the UK, but two of the most hit sectors have been hospitality and retail, with businesses being forced to close their doors during lockdowns. However, resilient as ever, students have rallied to other sectors when job seeking bringing a new trend for student jobs. So, what are the best student jobs for 2021?

Delivery Jobs

With restaurants being closed, there are still cravings to be satisfied. There has been a big increase in the demand for takeaway delivery drivers and riders, as more people eat in, rather than out. In 2020, Just Eat posted 10x more jobs compared to 2019, and that trend may remain on the same trajectory in 2021.

A delivery rider may be the closest you can get to ‘being your own boss’, whilst still being hired. With Just Eat, you are free to choose when you work. Want to work just weekends? No problem. Prefer a lunch time shift? Completely your choice. Full flexibility is given, meaning you can work as little or as much as you want.

Warehouse Jobs

More online shopping means more staff in warehouses are needed. Warehouse jobs can be great for students, they typically offer a range of shifts patterns, meaning you can choose to work around your studies or even up your hours during holidays.

Not only that, but warehouse jobs can pay very well too. Some jobs pay over £13, giving you a huge boost towards saving for a car, holiday or university. Little to no previous experience is needed, with the only typical restriction being the requirement to be over 18.

Online Paid Surveys

Businesses are willing to pay you in return for giving your opinions via online surveys, a great work from home job. It isn’t a conventional job, as you aren’t paid an hourly wage, but you can still earn plenty of cash with paid surveys. Very little is needed to get started, all you need is a laptop/computer or mobile device connected to the internet and you’re good to go. You are free to complete these surveys in your own time, meaning you can ‘work’ them whenever suits you.

We have worked hard to source the best legitimate surveys. YouGov are a great provider of paid online surveys, where you can join a global community completing a wide range of surveys.

Online Tutoring

This is another job that shot up in popularity last year. It may seem intimidating at first, but an online tutor role can be highly rewarding. Not only do you know you are helping to make a difference, but it will look amazing on any CV, giving you an edge over other candidates. Even if you are still at college/sixth form, it will help form an outstanding personal statement when applying for university.

Your earning potential as an online tutor is huge too; depending on your experience and subject, you could earn anywhere between £10 and £50 an hour. Yes, £50. With schools closed, demand for tutors may increase as pupils look to catch on teaching, they’ve lost during the pandemic. Get in there early and get ahead of the curve.

Product Testing Roles

A hugely popular role over the first lockdown and summer, and it’s no surprise why. As the name suggests, you get paid to test products, and who would say no to that? Typically, products will be sent to you and all you need to do is provide feedback on them. In some cases, you are even able to keep the product, so a win-win scenario.

There is a range of products you can test, so it is more than likely you will be able to find something that suits you. Getting started is simple, and the reality of it is you’re getting paid to potentially do very little.


Freelancing has been around for years, but the growth of online platforms for freelancers has helped see an increase in not only the number of freelancers, but the areas you can freelance in. As a freelancer, you will be using your skills to complete tasks for other people; from graphics design, article writing, programming and copywriting. The list is almost endless.

You are able to set your own rates, charging as little or as much as you like. Just be sure what you are charging is competitive.

This can also help to make your CV stand out, showing your desire to utilise and perfect your skills.

Check out our freelance page here for opportunities

In our podcast series, we spoke to Rebecca Banks, Director of Revolution Communications, who took the jump to go freelance early in her career and helped forge a successful career, working in PR and Communications within Formula 1 and events.
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Test Site Operative Jobs

If you’re looking to help join the fight against Coronavirus this year, Constellation have numerous test site operative roles available across the UK. A variety of shifts are on offer, meaning you can be flexible whilst still being able to fit in your studies. This will certainly help differentiate your CV, whilst earning a good hourly wage of £10!

Search for “Constellation” in the Part Time Job tab to see what we have to offer!

Retail Jobs

Essential shops are able to remain open during lockdowns. Even though retail’s popularity has seen a decline over the last 12 months, they are still a good option for students. Tesco started recruiting a month later than last year for their festive roles, yet received double the applications last year, showing competition for retail roles is still fierce, and with good reason too.

Retail roles are able to accommodate students right from college/sixth form, to university students, meaning a high volume of students are seeking the same roles. With these roles being only a handful of jobs, you can do ‘in person’ during a lockdown, they could still be of preference if you wish to get out the house.

Additional Information

The last 12 months have been a challenge for us all, and 2021 starting with a fresh lockdown extends that challenge. Your health, both mental and physical, is important and we are here for you. If the coronavirus pandemic and your studies are having an impact on your mental health, head to the Mind website for information and support.

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