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How To Get Your Foot In The Door With The Most Reputable Employers Worldwide

31 Jan 2019

Reputable Employer Jobs

We all know that the jobs market is as tough as it’s ever been at the moment.

It’s hard enough to land a top career with even the humblest of humble companies in the current climate, so what chance do you stand of securing a lucrative position with one of the most reputable employers in the global market?

How can you possibly get a foot through the door and start your career off with huge worldwide players and household brands such as Google, Microsoft, Netflix or Bosch?

As a newly released report by the Reputation Institute reveals which companies the world public scores highest in terms of ‘willingness to work for’, we give you some tips on how to best position yourself to succeed in job applications with those recruiting giants who seem to be out of reach for most UK students.

But, first, let’s take a look at which names featured on the latest Reputation Institute’s Employer of Choice ‘RepTrak’ index as the general public’s top choices of perceived employers…

The Top 10 Companies People Would Be Willing To Work For 2018*

  1. Google
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Microsoft
  4. Lego
  5. Bosch
  6. Canon
  7. Intel
  8. 3M
  9. BMW
  10. Netflix

*Click the company name links to go to our recruiter profile for the brands – or their own student careers website.

Those results are based on research which canvassed the opinions of more than 230,000 individuals in the first three months of last year but have only recently been compiled and released.

Commenting on the latest index of reputable employers which assessed almost 150 multi-national companies in total, Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, the Chief Reputation Officer at Reputation Institute, said: “While organisations have traditionally focused on workplace metrics to attract and retain employees, our analysis shows the most important drivers of intent to work for an organisation go beyond that.”

“The employer rulebook is quickly shifting. To be relevant as an employer of choice today, you need to be a progressive company with a moral conscience.”

“To become an employer of choice a company should be innovative, deliver a high quality product experience at a good value, be ethical, environmentally conscious, and positively mindful of societal influence, in addition to having an appealing leadership,” added Mr Hahn-Griffiths.

How To Stand A Chance Of Landing A Job At Google, BMW, Et Al…

So, how can you set yourself up as a real contender for a job at a prestigious ‘employer of choice’ who prides themself on strong values, good ethics and appealing leadership?

The key, of course, is to show these reputable global employers that you’ve really done your homework on their company, and, more importantly that you have some strong work experience under your belt as a student.

Even while you are still at college or university you should be working part time regularly – or full time over the holidays – in relevant roles.

You should also be trying to get yourself on industrial placements or internships in appropriate sectors to show the likes of Google or BMW that you mean business.

With the exception of Netflix, every other company in the top ten list above offer internships for students who are still at university. And, what’s more, they are all paid internships, so you really have no excuse not to apply. Incidentally, you should be able to track down more about each company’s paid internship opportunities – and apply for current vacancies – via the links above.

But it isn’t just internships which can put your CV at the top of the pile with these big reputable employers. Get whatever work experience you can with these guys to set yourself out from the crowd.

For example, here on the e4s website, we’ve listed student brand ambassador roles for Microsoft in the past. And, right at this moment, we are featuring seasonal jobs with Walt Disney in our internship section and online user testing jobs with Google (and many other companies, for that matter).

By taking on roles like those when you are still at college or university, you are giving yourself the very best chance of getting your foot through the door with a leading name in the reputation stakes.

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