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Employees would rather work from home

01 Oct 2008

Employees would rather work from home The traditional office could be under threat as more and more workers consider working from home, it has been reported.

Graduates looking to reduce the cost of getting to and from work in the first job after university may be interested to hear that 46 per cent of office workers said they would prefer to work from home, according to Onrec.com.

Cruise118 questioned 1,000 office workers in its survey and found that 80 per cent would like the opportunity to work from home occasionally, but said they would miss the office camaraderie, the news provider states.

Mal Barritt, director of Cruise118, told the website: "With rising petrol prices, expensive child care and a stressful commute to the office each day, it's no wonder that many people would rather work from home."

"The majority of business is done via email and telephone these days and therefore in most cases staff can work just as effectively from home," he added.

According to Accounting Web, the four home working essentials are a reliable broadband connection, a comfortable desk, a webcam and VoIP phone and an all-in-one printer.

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