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Don't lie on CV, says expert

20 Jun 2008

Don't lie on CV, says expert Students should make sure they are honest when writing their CVs as telling porkies could land them in hot water, one expert has said.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (Rec) revealed a good employer will check a CV "thoroughly" to ensure what an applicant says on their CV is in fact true.

Students looking for part-time jobs to support themselves during the summer might be interested to hear that telling a lie on the CV is a bad idea and should be avoided as they could get caught out and ruin the chance of landing a job.

Recently, the TV series The Apprentice came under fire from business leaders after Lee McQueen was selected as the winner despite having lied on his CV – claiming he had been at university for two years when in fact he had lasted two months.

Anne Fairweather, Rec's head of policy, said: "We were quite surprised that Lee McQueen still went through [despite] having errors on his CV. That is certainly something we would not be expecting as a recruitment consultant."

People should not even be encouraged to tell "white lies" on their CV, she added.

A recent study released by the Risk Advisory Group found more than half of CVs submitted by job applicants contain inaccuracies and those most likely to lie were in the 36-40 age group.

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