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Students possessed by new course

04 Sep 2007

Students possessed by new course If you've always aspired to be the next Fox Mulder, a new Scottish university course might be what you're looking for.

For next month, Glasgow University will be running a 20-week course investigating the paranormal.

The ghostly course will involve a series of lectures entitled An In Depth Study of Psychical Research, launched through the university's Department of Adult and Continuing Education.

Subjects covered will include possession, haunted places and people, apparitions, poltergeist activity, telepathy, mediumship, psychic surgery, paranormal healing and reincarnation.

The course is advertised with the controversial statement "Paranormal phenomena do occur".

Since it costs just £128, many students considering a career in the field might be tempted to find out what it's all about.

Professor Archie Roy, who launched the course, maintained: "Psychical researchers have studied these events for over a century, resulting in evidence as to their authenticity."

However, the National Secular Society has heavily criticised the initiative.

Alistair McBay, Scottish spokesman for the organisation, said: "Courses such as this one give legitimacy to the dangerous supernatural drivel that can lead to tragedies such as the death of Victoria Climbie, who was abused and murdered because people believed she was 'possessed'."

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